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Innovation and digitisation of processes

The digital transformation undertaken by Poste Italiane in recent years has involved not only its own offer, but also the distribution model which, through an omnichannel strategy, allows the Company the possibility to provide services in step with the changed needs of its customers.

Digital channels, and more generally remote channels, support the physical channel, Poste Italiane’s historical asset, every day in the management of customer relations. In 2022, Poste Italiane’s omnichannel interaction platform reached more than 20 million interactions per day.



The pandemic encouraged the acceleration of the transition to the new operating model, enabling the Company to respond quickly to changes in the market by leveraging its digital platforms, that exploit the opportunities arising from technological innovation to create new personalised products and services and by opening up additional channels of communication with its customers.

The Group’s integrated multi-channel platform provides for the monitoring of customers and the provision of services through 3 channels:
  • the proprietary physical network: this consists of the Post Offices, the sales force for business customers and the logistics network for mail and parcel delivery;
  • a digital infrastructure and remote contact points: made up of all the Group’s digital properties and the contact centre, capable of serving the entire national population;
  • the third-party physical network: consisting of approximately 58 thousand points, the result of commercial partnership agreements for the marketing of Group products and services managed also through the recent acquisition of the company LIS. For further details, please refer to the section ‘Group structure’.

Average daily interactions
Digital Properties
The Group has implemented a programme of “digital transformation” of all its service and offer models in order to guarantee its customers full digital contact experiences. This programme was significantly accelerated in 2021, in view of the effects of the current health emergency, in order to make the Group’s products available to customers in conditions of absolute safety.

Digital Markets 
With reference to the Digital market, almost 51 million people in Italy are on-line and almost 44 million are present and active on social channels. 97.5% of Italians continue to use a smartphone and 67.2% a desktop or laptop computer (the latter down 11% compared to 2021), while the growth of smartwatches (used by 33.2% of the population, up 18% compared to 2021) and smart homes (used by 20.5% of Italians, up 18% compared to 2021) continues. As far as e-commerce is concerned, the number of people in Italy who made at least one on-line purchase increased by 4.7% in 2022 compared to 2021 in the world of consumer goods. 

In 2022, the incidence of daily interactions on new channels (digital and third-party networks) increased from 64% in 2021 to 68%.

The share of digital and third-party network transactions in total transactions also increased from 33% in 2021 to 36% in 2022.

Average daily interactions


Interaction traffic on digital channels continued to grow from 6.7 million average daily interactions in 2021 to 9.3 million average daily interactions in 2022. During the year, the number of apps grew from 3.04 million to 4.52 million daily visitors. The average number of transactions carried out on digital channels is approximately 12.5 million per month (+22% compared to 2021) with a transacted value of approximately €3.27 billion per month (+23% compared to 2021).

Poste Italiane is confirmed as the first SPID Digital Identity Manager, with a market share of around 77% and a customer base of around 25.7 million Identities Digital public databases issued, of which 23.8 million active, compared to approximately 3.4 million new activations in the year.

Digital Identities


In order to guarantee the highest quality of service and to propose new “digital citizenship” tools to users, giving value to the privileged partnership with institutions and supporting the evolution of the Public Digital Identity System, Poste Italiane has made available the new SPID digital identity solution for underage citizens and is working on the launch of SPID digital identity solutions for access to on-line services dedicated to professionals and businesses, with specific paid offers.

To support the Group’s digital transformation, a technology engine based on hybrid cloud, open API and exponential technologies10 has been implemented and applied to all the Group’s activities and infrastructures. The Group has implemented a programme of “digital transformation” of all its service and offer models in order to guarantee its customers full digital contact experiences. This programme has accelerated significantly since 2021, in view of the effects of the current health emergency, in order to make the Group’s products fully accessible to customers in completely safe conditions.

During the period, the Group worked to strengthen the digital sales channel, expanding the range of products and services that can be purchased directly through the digital properties.

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* iOS and Android users who have downloaded the app.
** The number of visitors represents the count of the individual cookies (browsers) that visited the site during the observation period. The same user who visits the
site using different browsers and/or different devices (PC/mobile) is counted several times.

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