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Diversity that creates value Diversity among people represents a key value for the Group and one of its greatest resources, giving value to the corporate system.

Poste Italiane, in its tradition of being a partner our country, is aware that we can play an important role in affirming the principles of sustainable development businesses. 
To this end, our Group has, in addition to a Code of Ethics, a corpus of company policies and guidelines on the matter of safeguarding and protecting human rights, such as: the Company Policy on the protection and protection of Human Rights; the Diversity Policy of the management and control bodies and the Diversity and Inclusion Policy in support of the value of diversity and inclusive culture in the company. Poste Italiane proposes itself as an economic entity active in safeguarding the well-being of the people who work in the Company and for the Company, and of those who live in the community in which it operates. In the latter, the Group assumes responsibility if greater in safeguarding rights, respecting and disclosing the principles set out in the legislation and the human standards of reference. 
The primary objective for the Group is to encourage the development of a business culture based on the respect and enhancement of diversity which, in all its forms and manifestations and at the different levels of the organization, is considered one of the greatest resources value to the company as a whole. The conscious management of diversity in key included, in addition to creating shared social value, determines a competitive advantage for the entire Group and is in fact an enabling element for the involvement and commitment of people in corporate objectives. Programs for the promotion of diversity and social inclusion are part of a broader context that aims to ensure the enhancement of individual differences and the promotion of balanced organizational models that can stimulate dialogue and bring out the characteristics of each person, favoring the reduction of situations of individual fragility
The Group sees diversity as a value to be protected and encouraged with concrete and pervasive actions in all organizational and management processes, based on respect and the value of people, so that everyone feels included and can give their best. In particular, the Policy Diversity and Inclusion defines the 4 dimensions of diversity for Poste Italiane: 
  • Type 
    The Company values ​​gender balance and overcoming any stereotype, discrimination or prejudice, to create the best conditions in which each person can express at his best. The Poste Italiane Group is committed to a growing strengthening of awareness-raising initiatives at all levels and promotes policies and actions aimed at promoting equal opportunities, life and work time balance, the sharing of family responsibilities and the removal of potential barriers, including those related to sexual orientation. 
  • Generations 
    The Company recognizes and values ​​integrated strategies for the development and management of the needs of different generations who work together in the organization. In this perspective, in consideration of demographic trends and the related impacts on company turnover, the policies aim to facilitate intergenerational dialogue. 
  • Disability 
    Our Group recognizes equal opportunities to all our people regardless of sensory, cognitive and motor disabilities. In this context, it strives to implement promotion of the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities, fully enhancing their talent and skills in the Company, thus contributing to the removal of cultural, sensory and physical barriers. 
  • Interculturality 
    The Company is committed to favoring and systematizing internally the mix of different cultures through the promotion of an intercultural vision open to multilevel comparison, based on organizational and social cooperation. 
To operationally plan the implementation  of the contents of the Policy, inter-functional working groups have been set up for each identified dimension: gender, age, disability and interculturality, with the task of developing a structured plan of initiatives, associated with performance indicators, in line with the strategic objectives.  

Some experiences undertaken by the company

To promote inclusion as a cultural path capable of generating social value, a cycle of managerial training meetings dedicated to "unconscious bias" has been launched to effectively manage cognitive distortions based on cultural prejudices and stereotypes. The path, which involved managers operating in central and territorial functions, aims to create shared knowledge and awareness through which participants will be called to become ambassadors, in their own reality, of an inclusive approach enhancing diversity through example and daily actions. In order to raise awareness at all organizational levels, online courses were organized for the entire staff on the issues of prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and mental automatisms that can affect choices, thinking about how to identify, dismantle and reduce them.
In a context of cultural awareness on the importance of the presence of women in business and to support active parenting, the "MAAM" initiative continues in 2020, a digital program aimed at strengthening the skills related to the experience of parenthood, also useful upon returning to work. Registration with MAAM is aimed at both women on maternity leave and new parents (mothers and fathers) of children aged 0 to 3, as well as their managers. About 700 mothers and fathers took part in the program in 2020, with an increase in male participation equal to + 15% compared to 2019. The initiative is supported by an online community that allows mothers and fathers to discuss parenting and on the MAAM path in a protected and stimulating environment, integrating the various experiences through a relational system of over 5,500 participants from various companies, facilitating the process of learning, training and development of skills. Finally, to enhance the consolidated skills, useful for an effective return to work, the Multiply program allows an exchange on a voluntary basis, between the manager and the employee for the enhancement of skills. MAAM therefore aims to contribute to spreading, at all levels, a model of organizational culture oriented towards the inclusion of women in working environment and to encourage active parenting for both parents. The program will also continue in 2021, under the name of "Lifeed" and will be usable by all devices.
Poste Italiane intends to promote exchange of skills between different generations. In line with this vision, two editions of the "FishBowl generation" program were created, an innovative format that aimed to develop a listening path on guiding values, languages, prevailing behaviors and relationship styles adopted in professional contexts by colleagues with different age, for the emergence of practices and methods useful for fostering the alliance between the different generations. About 120 employees participated during the two editions. The analysis obtained an initial representative recognition of the behaviors and practices of reference to be reinforced and disseminated in work contexts, to encourage proximity and active relationships between the different generations in the Company. In addition, the online training course "Management of Emotions" was provided, open to all employees, whose goal is to undertake a path of awareness on the impact of emotions and actions in an intergenerational key, to address obstacles and activate useful resources. to promote exchange between people of different generations.
With the aim of enhancing diversity and social inclusion, the Company has developed a trial initiative aimed at hiring deaf personnel fluent in Italian sign language, to work at special counters for deaf customers in Post Offices in large cities. Poste Italiane also provides for the use of Italian Sign Language interpreters to translate the most relevant messages and news items on digital communication channels into sign language, and to support training activities or management interviews with deaf colleagues. With this inclusive view, in 2020, the Group continued its efforts to remove architectural barriers from its offices in municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, in order to make them more easily accessible to all.
As part of the caring initiatives aimed at employees with situations of fragility, an inter-company research project was launched in collaboration with Fondazione Lavoroperlapersona, with the aim of promoting the social and work inclusion of all employees suffering from serious illnesses and to support the company in identifying actions aimed at enabling these workers to continue to carry out their work activities in the best possible way. The objective of the research was to undertake a listening process to identify the main cultural, organisational and managerial implications related to a condition of vulnerability and to detect the sensitivity on the issue of all the people working in the Company. In the first phase of the programme, analysis focus groups were set up, coordinated by the Foundation’s researchers, involving a panel of colleagues with a serious illness, their bosses and Human Resources representatives. The perceptions and experiences of the entire company population were then collected through voluntary and anonymous surveys. This initiative, which follows on from trials of the PosteHelp project launched in the regions of Lombardy, Lazio, Campania and Sicily, will make it possible to plan and develop responses in line with the real needs of the business population. In addition, a course on Fragility Management has been planned, open to all personnel, in order to have a shared vision of the subject at company level. The programme offers video clips on the main issues concerning disabilities and fragility that are experienced in the family, such as the management of time and space, life balance and moments of pause.
“La tua opinione conta” is the listening digital tool (available on the intranet and app “Noi di Poste”) that Poste Italiane  created in 2019 and updated every year in order to monitor the appreciation and committment of its employees
 The tool will soon be extended to the retired employees of Poste Italiane.
In-house surveys help Poste Italiane to monitor professional topics (e.g. smart working or mobility), dig up personal interests (e.g. sport or  family services) and obtain insights about wellness and well-being.
In particular, as part of the process of listening to its staff, Poste Italiane has launched a survey called “V.A.L.O.R.E. Activities of listening to the staff of Poste Italiane”
Vita (Life), Azione (Action), Lavoro (Work), Opinione (Opinion), Realizzazione (Execution), Esperienza (Experience)
V.A.L.O.R.E. aimed at analysing the perception of the working environment, the promotion of improvement processes and the level of involvement of employees
The survey involved a large number of Poste Italiane Group employees working in the financial and digital sectors, broken down by age, gender and geographical area. The survey focused on 6 pillars (Integrity and transparency, Leveraging of people, Support for the territory and the country, Customer experience, Decarbonisation of buildings and logistics, Sustainable finance) related to the 20 relevant issues. The respondents expressed their level of agreement with a series of statements related to the areas of interest, using a scale of assessment from 1 to 5 (from “I agree strongly” to “I do not agree at all”).

The majority of Poste Italiane's employees involved in the survey expressed very positive opinions in terms of the Company’s sentiment and reputation. In the analysis, 76% of employees (76% of women and 77% of men) stated that they felt that they were active and participated in the company.
Poste Italiane is considered an ethical company, which is growing and is the market leader in Italy, open to innovation and able to look to the future.
The Company’s good reputation in Italy is evident to the respondents. Poste Italiane is, according to those who drive it every day with their work, decisive in the growth of the country, and its presence improves the quality of life of people. How does it do this? Through the decisive contribution of its employees.
In fact, it is clear that a strong sense of responsibility has been growing among the respondents: almost all respondents are aware that the company’s results also depend on the quality with which the tasks entrusted to them are carried out, and that the reputation and image of Poste Italiane depend on their work.
The pillar that obtains the highest ratings is that of customer experience. Poste Italiane is seen as strongly motivated to aim for modernisation and innovation. It is a feeling deeply rooted within the Company that the process of digitialising products and services has been launched successfully.
Customer focus reaches levels of excellence: employees consider that the Company lives on the enthusiasm of its employees and on the service given to its customers, is attentive to the quality of services and products offered, guarantees the privacy of its customers, employees are careful to listen to customers and respect process standards to offer high-quality services.
Finally, there are very high ratings for the pillar that measures how active Poste Italiane is in the growth of the community: support for the territory and the country. Poste Italiane is seen by its employees as a key asset for the country: it contributes to Italy’s growth, modernity and, through its actions, supports digital development. Also for this reason, almost all the respondents say they are proud to work for Poste Italiane and would fully recommend working there to those who are looking for work.

Moreover, as a consequence of this survey, Poste Italiane identified work-life balance as a source of well-being for its employees. With this in mind, the Group has strengthened its focus on the social and family aspect of workers, in order to support the role of parents, with an integrated action that has provided guidance for young people and support for families.

As part of the actions taken to support spatial and temporal flexibility of service and the strengthening of welfare tools that make it possible to reconcile personal and family needs with professional ones, remote working experimentation was extended to additional organisational areas, increasing employee engagement and making work processes more efficient, consistent with the Digital Transformation and Change Management programmes undertaken by the Company.

Composition and breakdown of Poste Italiane SpA’s Board of Directors by gender and age*

  2019 2020 2021
  Men Women Total Men Women Total Men Women Total
Board of Directors 5 4 9 5 4 9 5 4 9
< 30 years old - - - - - - - - -
30 - 50 years old - 2 2 - 1 1 - - -
> 50 years old 5 2 7 5 3 8 5 4 9
Board of Directors (%) 55.6 44.4 100 55.6 44.4 100 55.6 44.4 100
< 30 years old - - - - - - - - -
30 - 50 years old - 50 22.2 - 25 11 - - -
> 50 years old 100 50 77.8 100 75 88.9 100 100 100

* The figures refer to the headcount.

Classification of employee by category, gender and age group*

  2019 2020 2021
  Men Women Total Men Women Total Men Women Total
Executives 515 160 675 519 159 678 481 146 627
< 30 years old (%) - - - 0,2 - 0,2 - - -
30 - 50 years old (%) 38 39 39 35 40 36 36 42 38
> 50 years old (%) 62 61 61 65 60 64 64 58 62
Middle managers 7,816 6,897 14,713 7,763 6,945 14,708 7,822 7,034 14,856
< 30 years old (%) 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,2 0,2 0,3 0,2 0,2
30 - 50 years old (%) 41 42 42 45 44 44 49 47 48
> 50 years old (%) 58 58 58 55 56 55 51 53 52
Operational staff 50,059 60,998 111,057 48,982 59,215 108,197 47,111 56,375 103,486
< 30 years old (%) 9 5 7 11 6 8 12 6 9
30 - 50 years old (%) 44 46 45 46 46 46 48 46 47
> 50 years old (%) 46 49 48 42 48 46 40 47 44
Total 58,390 68,055 126,445 57,264 66,319 123,583 55,414 63,555 118,969

* The figures are shown in Full Time Equivalent (FTE) terms for both permanent and flexible personnel.

Number of personnel bother diversity indicators
  2019 2020 2021
  Men Women Total Men Women Total Men Women Total
Personnel with disabilities 3,669 2,312 5,981 3,383 2,202 5,585 3,123 2,171 5,294

Diversity of workforce by gender
Women in the workfore by category (%)* 2019 2020 2021
Management positions 30 31.9 31.5
Top management** 20.2 17.3 17.9
Junior Management*** 31.6 33.6 33.4
Revenue-generating functions**** 32.4 32 31.3
STEM positions***** 18 20 21

* Percentages regard the presence of women in formally designated organisational roles within Poste Italiane and Group Companies.
** Includes first and second level personnel within Poste Italiane, the chief executive officers and general managers of the main Group companies and personnel reporting directly
to them.
*** Includes managers other than Top Management.
**** Includes organisational roles within the Post Office Network (MP) and Business and Public Administration functions (MIPA).
***** Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These may include for example, the following professions: computer programmer, web developer, statistician, logistician,
engineer, physicist, scientist.