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Ethical Code

In April 2018, Poste Italiane defined its new Ethical Code, with a view to updating and extending the principles and rules of conduct to be followed in its relations with all of its stakeholders, with particular regard to its suppliers, partners, market, and shareholders.

“The new Ethical Code of Poste Italiane implements and promotes a number of fundamental principles which inspire its culture, behaviours, and the mode of conduct of its business. Legality, impartiality, fairness, respect for and enhancement of the value of individuals, transparency, confidentiality, as well as quality, diligence, and professionalism are the pillars that underpin our work”, said Matteo Del Fante, CEO.

The Ethical Code of Poste Italiane sets out the general criteria of conduct that the Company recognises and embraces in the performance of its activities and in its relations with its stakeholders, and focuses on specific provisions to prevent conflicts of interest, corruption, money laundering, terrorism, as well as to protect health and safety, the environment, and privacy.

 “The new Ethical Code adds to the recent initiatives that Poste Italiane has taken by launching its “Open and Transparent Contracts” and “Whistleblowing” portals.
The values of transparency, legality, and ethics in our behaviours are not only distinctive features of the way in which we conduct our business, but they also reaffirm our constant commitment within the country’s social and economic context”, said Giuseppe Lasco, Head of Corporate Affairs.


Model 231

The principles that guide our organisation in the management of the company activities.

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