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In 2003, Poste Italiane adopted a Code of Ethics, setting out the fundamental principles that underpin the Group's culture, behaviour, and approach to business.
The Code of Ethics applies to directors, supervisory bodies, management, employees, and anyone who works directly or indirectly with them in pursuit of Poste Italiane’s goals, temporarily or otherwise. It defines the guiding principles and rules of conduct that the recipients must follow in their professional roles and in managing relationships with shareholders, colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners, as well as public institutions, political organisations, trade unions and all the company’s stakeholders.

Together with the 231 Model, the Code of Ethics integrates the overall crime prevention system and is a reference for all specific policies and regulatory instruments governing activities potentially exposed to the risk of offences.
Over the years, the document has changed, with the goal of updating and broadening the principles and rules of conduct.
The current version — approved by the Board of Directors in November 2023 reaffirms and expands the basic principles that guide Poste Italiane’s culture, behaviour, and way of doing business.
Impartiality and Fairness, Integrity and Legality, Transparency and Completeness, Privacy, Quality, Diligence and Professionalism, Respecting and Valuing People, Innovation, Sustainable Growth, Protecting the Environment, and Supporting Communities are Poste Italiane’s core values and the foundation for the Code of Ethics. They must be shared and applied by all stakeholders as the basis for a relationship of mutual trust.

Poste Italiane is a unique company in Italy in terms of history, size, widespread presence in the territory, recognition and trust on the part of citizens.
We are an integral part of the economic, social and productive system of the country. Our activities generate significant impacts throughout the territory, also with a view to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, with which we align our choices and our development.

Due to the size and importance of our activities, we are aware that we play a primary and relevant role for the market, economic development and the well-being of the community and the people who work or collaborate with us.
We believe that our ability to change and innovate, always keeping our values firm and updating them is the decisive factor in our success that has allowed us to be a touchstone for Italy and Italians from the beginning.

Model 231

The principles that guide our organisation in the management of the company activities.


The main rules of organisation of the Poste Italiane Group.