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Financial Services Our financial services feature a wide range of current accounts, mortgage loans, consumer loans and savings instruments.

BancoPosta is one of Italy’s biggest financial service providers, a major player that is constantly expanding its range of services for households. It is mainly engaged in:
  • the active management of the banking book, consisting of public and private customer deposits and relative lending activities;
  • promotion and management of the postal savings instruments issued by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (bonds and savings books); 
  • transaction banking services (payments and collections), such as postal payment slips, F24 tax forms, national and international postal money orders, Moneygram and Eurogiro services;
  • promotion and distribution, through its own distribution platform, of financial products issued by third parties or other group companies, such as:
                      - asset management products (units of open-ended mutual funds established by BancoPosta Fondi SGR)
                      - asset administration products
                      - Poste Vita and Poste Assicura insurance policies
                      - third-party financing products and credit cards.

  • As concerns asset management, BancoPosta Fondi SGR manages open-ended mutual investment funds, delivering significant returns over the years. It is also specialised in the management of Eurozone sovereign bonds and corporate bonds. Asset management is a business we are targeting to drive our future growth, with a view to offering simple, clear and well-structured products, building on the relationship of trust we have with our customers. To this end, Poste Italiane has forged partnership agreements with ANIMA Holding over 2017–2018. Under the Deliver 2022 Plan, BancoPosta Fondi SGR has become a competency centre for the management of all group financial investments.
FY 2020 Total Revenues from Financial Services (€m)  4.945
Collection and payment services 904
Distribution of third-party products 191
Asset management 97
Postal savings deposits 1,851
Net interest income 1,537
Net capital gains 365

Data source: Annual Report 2020