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The network’s strength is professionalism and training is an extraordinary tool which promotes development and accelerates change, especially when it concerns all roles in synergy.
Financial training is crucial for growth and for attaining the business objectives. Poste Italiane has planned, to support the 2024 Sustain & Innovate business plan, the provision of 20 million hours of training over 5 years, and of these 6.5 million are targeted at our financial personnel. The programmes in this area are designed to address and capitalise on a business ecosystem composed of advanced customers, complex markets, technological innovation, specific regulations.
A specific course of more than 600 hours is dedicated to the onboarding of our sales specialists, targeted at in-depth knowledge of financial and insurance products, the reference legislation and all the tools and processes implemented to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers.
All front-end personnel are involved in long-term programmes, structured into basic, role-specific and development technical training, targeted at enhancing knowledge and all-round personal enrichment. 
Training at all levels, managerial and operating, not just as a way to transfer know-how but, in particular, to develop strategic skills and professional levels of excellence.