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The Corporate University engages and supports the entire company population in the process of digital transformation, both by guiding the adoption of new work tools and collaborative platforms, and by embracing all the opportunities offered by technological innovation: open learning, adaptive learning, distance learning and on-demand use of training content. These are the new frontiers of increasingly more personalised training and based on individual responsibility and on the professional interests of employees.

Training, as regards the most innovative part, is actually structured into learning experiences that offer people control and choice with respect to what to learn or deepen their knowledge of, through interactive, free and engaging digital channels. Solutions able to optimise time resources and people’s attention, in line with their skills, roles and growth aspirations.
Two Corporate University projects have this objective:

Doc.: The chatbot for digital learning
Doc., is the digital instructor for contextual training, it is a chatbot that, by taking advantage of an artificial intelligence model, converses in natural language and responds to the requests of employees in charge of specific work processes by showing images and short video tutorials. Created in Posta Comunicazione e Logistica to support employees with internal processing and postmen who use the Track&Trace system for the processing of tracked postal items.

Doc. is a digital learning environment that enables people, through a question-answer conversational type of interaction, to find the training snippets they need (a description, a tutorial, a system image), using them independently when they need to. Hence, this spawns a new type of training called contextual training, or activated while a given type of work activity is being carried out which requires detailed information. Doc. is a constantly evolving tool, whose knowledge is continuously enriched.

New training paradigm
A multimedia content platform which Poste personnel can access freely and train on independently, by choosing training courses based on specific requirements.

The Open Learning Area, gateway to video content, podcasts, lessons, and e-books, is a solution that is available to the entire population of the Poste Italiane Group. People are always at the centre of an ecosystem that is modelled on their needs, helping them to achieve the best of their potential.  

A new training paradigm is being trialled with a sample catchment area: the people at the centre of an ecosystem that is modelled on their needs, by helping them to best realise their potential. OLA will be the gateway to a constantly updated digital library enriched by new contributions with free, multilingual content.

Training is increasingly becoming a strategic business tool, able to promptly and effectively respond to the need for the continuous updating of people, directly responsible for their development.