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InPoste system A path to facilitate the insertion of new hires

Those who start working with the Poste Italiane take part in the “InPoste system”, which is a path that accompanies new hires during their first months at the Company.

This initiative targets new hires in the entire Poste Italiane Group with the purpose of:

  • promoting knowledge and understanding of the Group, its organisational culture and its businesses;
  • facilitating an effective, efficient and timely start with the company;
  • creating a shared language.

It is an innovative and digital induction system that also relies on an online knowledge sharing platform through which tutors and new hires share action plans and documents as well as plan meetings.

The InPoste system aims to make the new hired feel like one of us from the very first day, providing all the information needed to become oriented in the day-to-day organisation and understand the context.

One of the important aspects of the InPoste system is the tutoring, which guarantees a personalised path. With the help of the action plan, new hires are given the possibility to learn about the company through visits to the strategic structures that identify Poste Italiane, meetings with management and activities targeted towards understanding the context.


The system is divided into three phases, starting from the first day at the company and lasts six months. It is divided into a series of steps that are focused on:

  • Hospitality
  • Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • Feedback