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Insoore Optimisation of claims management processes

Insoore is an insurtech company that reinvented the document collection and claims management processes, increasing speed, fairness, and digitization. This involves developing technology infrastructures and a community. Offering modular and configurable services, allows for integration with different customer workflows.
Launched in 2017 by startup Whoosnap, a company founded by Enrico Scianaro, Vito Arconzo and Gerardo Gorga that has its headquarters in Rome, it proposes an alternative claims management model to the traditional one, which allows insurance companies and fleet management companies to digitise and accelerate processes, managing to reduce time and costs.

The aim of the trial with Poste Italiane is to optimise the claims management process in the property sector, starting with the inspection component.
The professional of the Poste Italiane surveyor network will have the Insoore app available to carry out the survey on the property. Thanks to a guided path inside the app, designed to obtain video-photographic documentation useful for expert purposes, the Poste Italiane professional will be facilitated, both in terms of speed and efficiency, in carrying out the inspection.

The documentation obtained will be immediately available on Insoore's internal dashboard, to which Poste Italiane's expert network will have a dedicated access, so that they can consult and work on the file in record time. The primary objective of all this will be to provide the insured party with a better customer experience.