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Insurance Services We are a major player in the Italian insurance market, offering a wide range of life insurance policies, investment and savings products and casualty insurance policies.

We operate in the insurance business through PosteVita, a leading life insurance company in Italy, now active in the casualty insurance segment. Poste Vita additionally offers investment and savings products, promoted through our distribution platform.
  • Life Insurance. Poste Vita, established in 1999, leads the Italian life insurance market by size and prestige. It ranks number-one as an individual insurer and number-three as an insurance group in the Italian life insurance market, as well as number-three as an insurance group in the overall market (life and casualty insurance) in Italy.
  • Casualty Insurance. Through Poste Assicura, a subsidiary of Poste Vita established in 2010, we offer various lines of insurance, including Accident and Health, Third-Party and General Liability, Fire, Other Property Loss, Assistance, Legal Protection and Financial Loss. Recently we have launched initiatives aimed at meeting the new needs expressed by our customers in the areas of protection, welfare and healthcare by offering increasingly modular health and prevention products. Casualty insurance is a business we are aiming to grow. With that aim, 2019 saw the refinement of the product range through the restyling of the “Accidents” and “Senior Accidents” offer and the launch of the new “Poste Salute” product.
FY 2019 Total Revenues from Insurance Services (€m)  1.669
Life 1.511
P&C 158

Insurance Services

Poste Protezione

Poste Protezione Casa

Poste Protezione Casa

An advertisement for the home insurance policy Poste Protezione Casa.

Poste Protezione Salute

Posta Protezione Salute

An advertisement for the health insurance policy Poste Protezione Salute.