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Mail, Parcel and Distribution Delivery services are an integral part of the history of Poste Italiane.

In the mail and logistics services segment, we have successfully reinterpreted our original mission in a modern light, investing to keep our infrastructure abreast of the times, to meet the changing needs of our customers, and to develop innovative solutions. In particular, we are rolling out a new Joint Delivery Model designed to evolve our delivery services in line with developments in e-commerce.
  • Mail Service. We have been delivering letters to Italian households and enterprises since 1862. Today we are the number-one mail service provider in Italy, awarded exclusively with task of providing Universal Postal Service throughout the country. That task, which includes the delivery of mail and parcels to residents all throughout Italy, was renewed by the authorities for 15 years as of April 2011. For deliveries, we rely on our multichannel distribution platform, which is underpinned by almost 13,000 post offices and over 28,000 delivery personnel.
  • Hi-tech Solutions. To keep up with changes in the market driven by digitisation, we have long invested in our hybrid mail service, which enables digital documents to be “materialized” and delivered in print form to addressees. We are also on the cutting edge of electronic communications and cuber-security, offering solutions designed to guarantee the integrity of digital communications and transactions and their certification.
  • Parcel Service. The spread of e-commerce has driven major growth in the parcel delivery market. This can be seen above all in our Express Courier, Logistics and Parcels business, which has been expanding constantly in terms of volumes and revenues and has now become strategic to our growth. Notably, in June 2018, we forged a new three-year partnership with Amazon (renewable for an additional two years) for the delivery of e-commerce packages through our widespread presence across the country, our express courier SDA and our airline MistralAir 

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