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"We are made of people" is not a slogan, but the reality of Poste Italiane. With 120,000 employees, attention to people can only be a priority.
Our people have the opportunity to gain new experiences by acquiring transversal skills that they can put to use for future challenges, also thanks to our capillarity in the territory and our diversified businesses. 
We offer professional development paths that take into account the talents, expertise and achievements of each individual, providing the opportunity to diversify their career path.

We are committed to creating programmes designed to enhance the best young performers with high potential and high motivation, who will be placed on functional growth paths towards managerial roles. We also provide innovative tools and dedicated platforms for building your own personal development plan, customised to your individual needs.

We invest in the development and growth of the managerial skills of our professionals who have gained diversified experience through customised career paths, also aimed at achieving roles of greater organisational responsibility.


We support people on their career path by developing and expanding skills in relation to the needs of the company and new businesses, developing the necessary skills so that people can reach their full potential, taking into account that each person is responsible for their own growth and can become a generator of value, as we also favour a self-development-oriented approach.