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Poste Italiane’s sustainability path Over the last three years, Poste Italiane has undertaken an important sustainability path aimed at promoting the distinctive elements of its corporate strategy, transforming market challenges into opportunities for the creation of shared value and contributing to the development of the company’s reputation.

The value of reputation and the Sustainability Indices in which Poste Italiane is present

For Poste Italiane, sustainability is an integral component of its activities, processes and strategy and represents a fundamental driver in the Group's strategic and financial decisions. In this regard, over the years, Poste Italiane has embarked on an important process of consolidating its sustainability strategy aimed at creating shared value for its stakeholders and developing its reputation. At the same time, the Group is committed to disseminating a corporate culture oriented towards sustainability issues, which are put into practice through the implementation of three main guidelines - Reporting, Strategy and Governance. All this has allowed in a short time to lead to important evolutionary transformations and the achievement of numerous national and international goals and awards. 

Poste Italiane’s sustainability path
Aware that the value generated by a company is increasingly based on intangible capital, Poste Italiane sees reputation as a fundamental asset that can guide the choices of its stakeholders. The good rating that a company earns, in fact, increases the trust in it by raising its competitiveness. Even more so during the health emergency, in the most difficult period of the country's democratic history, the Company confirmed its traditional vocation of being close to the territory with a series of exceptional measures, such as the early payment of pensions with shifts in alphabetical order, the agreement with the Carabinieri for the home delivery of pensions to the over 75s and the collaboration with the institutions in the distribution of masks to the population. Monitoring by RepTrak, a platform that measures corporate reputation, in April 2020, found that the Group had made significant progress through improvements in the quality of its services and its focus on ESG issues.

Another important index of the reputation achieved by Poste Italiane is represented by the many awards and recognitions achieved in recent years, which further strengthen its image and confirm the effectiveness of the strategic choices made.
Top Manager Reputation 
Reputation Science
In 2020, the CEO of Poste Italiane, Matteo Del Fante, was confirmed in the “Top 15” of the Top Manager Reputation ranking, drawn up by the Reputation Science Permanent Observatory on the online reputation of the top management of companies operating in Italy. The CEO took seventh place in the ranking.
Top Employer Italia 2021
Top Employer Italia

Poste Italiane is Top Employer Italia 2021, for the second consecutive year. The prestigious award was given to Poste Italiane by the Top Employers Institute, the global certification body for excellence in HR practices.
Best performance in the 500 TopBrand Finance
Global 500

Poste Italiane is ranked 39th in the Global 500, advancing 12 places on the previous year. The analysis, conducted by Brand Finance, identifies the strongest brands in influencing consumer choices and also takes into account marketing management and returns in business performance.
1t in the world’s Top 100 insurances companies
brand finance
In 2020, Poste Italiane ranked first in the world ranking for brand reputation drawn up by Brand Finance for the insurance sector. The Brand Strength Index (BSI) indicator – which measures the effectiveness of image and reputation, analyses management and investments that influence the brand, customer proximity, employee satisfaction and economic return – assigns Poste Italiane the overall top spot, with a score of 85.5 and a corresponding rating of AAA.
SMAU Innovation Award
Poste Italiane has been awarded in the financial and logistics sector for having identified, through an extensive process of scouting and analysis of companies and start-ups in Italy and abroad, some realities in which to invest, to integrate and develop its services.
Punto Poste da Te, Salvadanaiodigitale and PosteMobile CreamiWeBack products of the year
“Punto Poste Da Te”, “Salvadanaio digitale” and “PosteMobile Creami WeBack” are the Poste Italiane solutions that have won the “Elected Product of the Year” award, an important recognition of Poste Italiane’s ability for innovation, which has been able to create market-leading products that are central to customers’ lives.
Leader in media communication
Eikone Fortune
Poste Italiane was awarded the special prize “Bic-Best in Media Communication” in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) section, an integrated system for measuring the quality of media communication created by Eikon Strategic Consulting and Fortune Italia, for the communication effort during the health emergency
Silver Class for communication
Eikone Fortune
In light of the “trust” research conducted by Lundquist, Poste Italiane was recognised as an example of excellence for communication to stakeholders during the Covid-19 pandemic and for the information platforms and TG Poste, obtaining the “Silver Class” badge.
4th position
Europe 500
As part of the 19th Italian edition of the “Webranking” research, conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with Comprend, on the quality and transparency of companies’ digital communication activities, Poste Italiane is placed in fourth position, advancing five steps compared to the 2019 ranking for the insurance sector, obtaining the “5 stars”. In particular, the 2020 edition assessed the reaction of companies to the crisis, the importance of direct dialogue with stakeholders and the analysis of the impact on business and the future of the company
Top 10 Socially Devoted
Poste Italiane was once again included in the Top 10 Italian companies in the services sector, drawn up by Social Bakers, a media marketing company that each year compiles a ranking of the best companies based on the degree of interaction with customers on social media, in particular: response times, percentage of posts that receive a response, number of responses given and the degree of satisfaction perceived by users.
Poste Italiane at the top for young people
top giovani
Poste Italiane ranked first in the “Logistic & Supply Chain” sector and among the top 10 in the “Business” segment, within the classical Most Attractive Employers Italy, drawn up annually by Universum Global, a Swedish company leader in employer branding, which took into consideration the assessments of 11,736 young professionals and saw the participation of 145 companies. With reference to professional figures, Poste Italiane ranked third for “Law Young Professional” and 21st for “Professional Stem”.
Certificate of Excellence
top giovani
In 2020, Poste Italiane received the Certificate of Excellence from Universal Postal Union (UPU) for the results achieved in the sustainable development strategy and the reduction of polluting emissions. In particular, the UPU certification was given to reward Poste Italiane’s ability to provide complete and accurate data regarding the Company’s direct emissions.
Report Oscar
oscar bilancio
Poste Italiane was awarded the Report Oscar for standing out within the “Large FTSE MIB Companies” category, presenting an Integrated Report with a high degree of maturity in terms of disclosure, quality of information and clarity of presentation. A factor that has contributed to winning the award is having prepared an online Integrated Report, in which the Group’s strategy is explained clearly and concisely through videos and highlights. The tool allows Poste Italiane to make its report available to all categories of stakeholders
Award “2020 CSR Coup de Coeur”
In 2020, Poste Italiane received the “2020 CSR Coup de Coeur” award in the employee category from PostEurop, for its commitment in promoting employment inclusion programmes for women victims of violence.
Best fund in Italy
award 2020
FondoPoste was awarded as the best fund in Italy in 2020. The award was presented by IPE – Investment & Pensions Europe – an independent company and publisher of Europe’s leading publication for institutional investors and pension fund managers for 20 years.
First Place in the Financial Innovation – Italian Award
financial innovation
BancoPosta won first place in the “savings” category at the “Financial Innovation - Italian Award” promoted by the Italian Financial Innovation Association, thanks to the “Salvadanaio Digitale” (Digital Money Box) feature.
Awarded “Poste Vivere Protetti” by Poste Assicura
Insurance Award
The Poste Vita Company was awarded in the “Value Companies” category at the Insurance Awards by Milano Finanza, for achieving the best premiums in the life insurance sector and for the largest investments made in 2019. 
Premiato il prodotto "Poste VivereProtetti" di Poste Assicura
Poste Vivere
In 2021, the Poste Vivere Protetti product of the Poste Assicura Group company was recognised with the “2021 Celent Model Insurer Award for Customer Experience Transformation” for its ability to offer customers a multi-channel offer that bundles all coverages in a single policy.
Poste Italiane Group among the best empoyers for Women
pi donne
Following the analysis conducted by the German Quality Institute ITQF in collaboration with the media partner La Repubblica Affari&Finanza, Poste Italiane Group has been awarded “Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2021”, ranking as one of the 200 best employers for women in Italy.
In 2020, Poste Italiane confirmed its presence in important sustainability indices that represent useful parameters both for communicating the company's results to stakeholders and for assessing and improving the Group's internal performance. On the one hand, in fact, sustainability indices are studied by shareholders and stakeholders in general, to compare the company's performance with regard to ESG issues compared to companies on the market; on the other hand, they are analysed internally by company management to develop sustainable investment plans for the Group.

Sustainability indices in which Poste Italiane is present

Dow Jones  
In 2020, Poste Italiane confirmed its presence in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) and the more selective Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index.
FTSE4good Poste Italiane has been included for the second year running in the prestigious FTSE4Good sustainability indices. The FTSE4Good Europe and FTSE4Good Developed indices include companies that stand out for their transparent management and application of ESG criteria. The Company particularly distinguished itself in the categories: Human Rights & Community; Labour Standards; Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption.

The company was placed in the “Leadership” band with an A- rating in the annual classification drawn up by CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), distinguishing itself for its ability to report on emissions and initiatives introduced to reduce its environmental impact and to adopt appropriate strategic planning and management solutions for climate-related risks and opportunities, with reference to the entire value chain.
Poste Italiane is confirmed in third place at European level in the assessment of its ESG performance in the “Transports and Logistics” sector and ranks 47th worldwide. The valuation reaffirms Poste Italiane’s positioning in the Euronext Vigeo-Eiris World 120 index and the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 and Europe 120 regional indices.
For the second year running, Poste Italiane is included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI), the world’s leading gender equality index. The Company entered the top five by scoring significantly higher than the average score of companies evaluated in the GEI, which considers 380 companies in 11 manufacturing sectors with a combined market capitalisation of $14 trillion based in 44 countries and regions. 
In 2020 Poste Italiane entered the top five of the gender equality ranking of companies belonging to the FTSE MIB index of the Milan Stock Exchange, drawn up by Equileap. The Group was particularly recognised for its commitment to supporting paternity and maternity aspects and was rewarded for the transparency and quality of the information made public.
sustainability award
Poste Italiane confirms its presence in the Sustainability Yearbook 2021, published by S&P Global, which assesses the sustainability performance of leading global companies. The Group was awarded Silver Class status for its excellent sustainability performance. The Company is the only Italian company in the financial and insurance sector to have obtained this recognition.
Integrated Governance Index
Also in 2020, Poste Italiane entered the Integrated Governance Index, ranking first in the general top ten and in the top five in ESG matters.
ISS Quality Poste Italiane Group confirmed its rating of 1, considered to be the highest possible, in the Environment and Social areas, assigned by Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS).
Poste Italiane has been awarded an “A” rating by MSCI, one of the leading agencies assessing performance related to ESG sustainability. The Group was awarded for its progress in the area of labour management, responsible management of its investments, its policies on privacy and information security and its climate strategy.