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Poste Italiane’s sustainability path Over the last three years, Poste Italiane has undertaken an important sustainability path aimed at promoting the distinctive elements of its corporate strategy, transforming market challenges into opportunities for the creation of shared value and contributing to the development of the company’s reputation.

The value of reputation and the Sustainability Indices in which Poste Italiane is present

For Poste Italiane, sustainability is an integral component of its activities, processes and strategy and represents a fundamental driver in the Group's strategic and financial decisions. In this regard, over the years, Poste Italiane has embarked on an important process of consolidating its sustainability strategy aimed at creating shared value for its stakeholders and developing its reputation. At the same time, the Group is committed to disseminating a corporate culture oriented towards sustainability issues, which are put into practice through the implementation of three main guidelines - Reporting, Strategy and Governance. Its commitment has made it possible to achieve major evolutionary transformations in a short period of time and win numerous prestigious national and international goals and awards. 

Poste Italiane’s sustainability path
Aware that value creation is increasingly based on intangible capital, Poste Italiane sees reputation as a fundamental asset that can guide the choices of its stakeholders. A company’s good reputation does not only enhance trust but also increases its competitiveness. During the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most difficult periods in Italian history, the Group confirmed its traditional vocation of community proximity by pursuing a series of exceptional initiatives and initiating many others. For example, the Group continued its early payment of pensions with shifts in alphabetical order, enhancing its electronic channels to facilitate remote pension payments, took action on its agreement with the Carabinieri for the home delivery of pensions for those over 75 years of age and continued working with Institutions to distribute masks to the population. As evidence of its commitment and the efficiency of its strategic choices, over the past few years, the Group has received numerous awards and acknowledgements, which have contributed to enhancing its image and reputation.
Top Employer Italia 2022
Top Employer Italia
Poste Italiane is Top Employer Italia 2022, for the third consecutive year. The prestigious award was given to Poste Italiane by the Top Employers Institute, the global certification body for excellence in HR practices.
Poste Italiane climbs the Brand Finance Global 500
Global 500
Poste Italiane climbs the Brand Finance Global 500, the classification that ranks the 500
brands with the greatest financial value worldwide. In 2022, Poste Italiane was ranked
266th, a jump of 51 spots, with an increase in value of $7.8 billion (nearly €7 billion), or +26%, and a 2.5% increase in brand strength in terms of influence, attractiveness and
1st in the world’s Top 100 insurances
brand finance
For the second consecutive year, Poste Italiane earned the top spot for brand strength in “Insurance 100”, the global ranking of the insurance sector compiled by Brand Finance, a leader in the economic valuation of brands. Poste Italiane won first place in the global comparison of insurance sector brands with a score of 86.2 (an increase from the previous year) and the corresponding rating of AAA based on the Brand Strength Index (BSI), developed by Brand Finance to analyse image and reputation efficiency, management and investments that impact the brand, customer proximity, employee satisfaction and economic return.
Postepay Digital is product of the year
In 2021, “Postepay Digital” won “2021 Elected Product of the Year” in the “smart payment services” category as the first fully digital card, which is easily requested through the Postepay App. This award is an important acknowledgement of the innovative capacity of Poste Italiane, which has been able to create market-leading products that are central to customers’ lives.
Postepay Digital wins the 2021
Interactive Key Award

The advertising campaign conducted for the commercial launch of Postepay Digital won
the Interactive Key Award in the Display Advertising category. This award, one of the most prestigious at the Italian level, is dedicated to “all digital” advertising on Web/Mobile channels and recognises companies that distinguished themselves with creative and innovative communication projects during the year.
Leader in media communication
Eikone Fortune
After winning the “Bic-Best in Media Communication” Special Prize in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) category in 2020, in 2021, Poste Italiane is confirmed among one of 21 companies recognised for the impact of their corporate communication with the BIC, the certification created by Fortune Italia and Eikon Strategic Consulting. Poste Italiane won in the “Corporate” category with Tg Poste, which reports on the Company daily and its increasingly central role in support of the country.
3rd place
Europe 500
As part of the 20th Italian edition of the “Webranking” research, conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with Comprend, on the quality and transparency of companies’ digital communication activities, Poste Italiane earned third place, advancing to the podium for the first time and jumping 261 spots in 5 years. The Group was also first among companies in the insurance sector, winning “5 stars”, and won second place in the Investor Relations category and in the carrier category.
Poste Italiane at the top for young
   top giovani
Poste Italiane was ranked as one of the most attractive companies for students in the job market in Italy in the “Most Attractive Employer 2021 – Students” classifications. In studies conducted by Universum Global, a leading Swedish company in employer branding, the Group is in 20th place in the “Business” segment, 10th place in the legal disciplines category and 18th place in the “Humanities/Liberal Arts/Education students” ranking.
Oscar di Bilancio
oscar bilancio
Poste Italiane was awarded the Oscar di Bilancio 2021 Special Prize for “Integrated
Reporting”, which recognises companies for their efficiency and transparency in
integrating business communication with performance reporting in terms of
environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies. The award follows the Oscar di
Bilancio victory in 2020 in the “Corporate” category recognising Poste Italiane as the most virtuous company in terms of quality and transparency of financial communication and for its relationships with stakeholders.
First Place in the Financial Innovation – Italian Award
financial innovation
In 2021, BancoPosta was awarded first place in the “Investment Advisory” category at the “Financial Innovation – Italian Awards” sponsored by the Italian association, Financial Innovation, for the “Consulting 4.0” project. The award, which is based on the principles of independence, objectivity and ethics and is open to all financial institutions, is an observatory and annual recognition designed to promote the role of innovation in the banking, insurance and financial sector.
European Funds Trophy 2021 to
BancoPosta Fondi SGR
award 2020
BancoPosta Fondi SGR won the European Funds Trophy 2021 award as “Best Italian
Asset Management Company” for categories 4 to 7 funds with FUNDCLASS rating. The
award, which is now in its 15th edition, is an award of European mutual funds that is
assigned every year by FUNDCLASS, a Parisian quantitative technical analysis company
that analyses nearly 80,000 investment funds marketed in Europe, and by a group of
European news organisations based on the quality of the management of the funds over
a period of at least four years.
Awarded “Poste Vivere Protetti” by
Poste Assicura
Poste Vivere   
In 2021, the Poste Vivere Protetti product of the Poste Assicura Group company was
recognised with the “2021 Celent Model Insurer Award for Customer Experience
Transformation” for its ability to offer customers a multi-channel offer that bundles all
coverages in a single policy.
Poste Italiane Group among the best employers for Women
pi donne
Following the analysis conducted by the German Quality Institute ITQF in collaboration
with the media partner La Repubblica Affari&Finanza, Poste Italiane Group has been
awarded “Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2021”, ranking as one of the 200 best
employers for women in Italy.
First in the Comscore rankings
In 2021, Poste Italiane was ranked first in the Italian ranking produced by Comscore for
recording the largest number of unique monthly users (33 million in the month of January) who access the financial servers through the Group’s website and app. Also in 2021, Comscore recognised Poste Italiane’s Ufficio Postale App and Poste ID, ranking them number one in the list of Top 10 apps most used by Italians.
Linkedin - Best Talent
Acquisition Team 
Poste Italiane was judged “Best Talent Acquisition Team – above 20,000 employees on
LinkedIn” in the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2021 due to its adoption of innovative solutions
in the search for high-potential resources. Poste was also among the finalists in the
“Diversity Champion – above 20,000 employees on LinkedIn” category for distinguishing
itself by initiating and inspiring meaningful conversations on topics of diversity and
NoidiPoste awarded b
Intranet Italia Champions
Poste Italiane was recognised as part of “Intranet Italia Champions”, the annual event
sponsored and organised by Intranet Management and Ariadne Digital that is dedicated
to the most innovative initiatives and features introduced through corporate intranets. The Company’s NoidiPoste App was recognised in the “Online Applications and Services”
category for its implementation of a series of mobile services and processes, creating a
unique point of contact between the Company and its employees.
Poste Italiane recognised at the
Touchpoint Awards 2021
NoidiPoste won the prize for best project in the mobile marketing category at Touchpoint Awards Engagement. The award, organised by Oltre La Media Group, publisher of Touchpoint, goes to the best communication projects in categories ranging from internal communication to employer branding, from events to social media campaigns. In addition, at the Touchpoint Awards Strategy 2021, Poste Italiane was once again awarded for the Poste Delivery launch campaign in the category of “The Best New Brand”.
Poste Italiane recognised at the
ASCAI Media Awards 2021
Poste Italiane was recognised for its “Digital multichannel strategy”, the highest honour at the ASCAI Media Awards, sponsored by the Associazione dei Comunicatori d’Impresa
and open to all companies that intend to make their communication tools known. Another two awards went to the NoidiPoste app, which took first place in the “social
media/customer media” category and to TG Poste, the company newscast, in the “web TV” category.
NoidiPoste recognised at the Digital
Communication Awards
For 2021, the NoidiPoste app was ranked second in the Internal Channel (Intranet, Digital Workplace & App) category, confirming its ability to innovate and respond to multiple requirements from the corporate population. There were more than 400 candidates for around 30 categories, ranging from brand research to innovation. The Digital Communication Awards, launched in 2011 by the Quadriga University of Applied
In 2021, Poste Italiane reaffirmed its presence in important sustainability indices that constitute valid parameters both in terms of communicating the company’s results to stakeholders and in terms of assessing and potentially improving the Group’s internal performance.
These indices are used as reference tools by shareholders and stakeholders to compare corporate performance in relation to ESG themes with other market players. In addition, corporate management analyses the indices internally with a view to developing sustainable investment plans for the Group.

Sustainability indices in which Poste Italiane is present

Dow Jones  
In 2021, Poste Italiane confirmed its presence for the third year running in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) and the more selective Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index.
FTSE4good Poste Italiane was included for the third year running in the prestigious FTSE4Good sustainability indices. The FTSE4Good Europe and FTSE4Good Developed indices include companies that stand out for their transparent management and application of ESG criteria. The Company distinguished itself in particular in the following categories: Human Rights & Community; Labour Standards; Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption.
For the second consecutive year, the company was placed in the “Leadership” band with an A- rating in the annual classification drawn up by CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), distinguishing itself for its ability to report on emissions and initiatives introduced to reduce its environmental impact and to adopt appropriate strategic planning and management solutions for climate-related risks and opportunities, with reference to the entire value chain.
Poste Italiane is confirmed in third place at European level in the assessment of its ESG performance in the “Transports and Logistics” sector and ranks 47th worldwide. The valuation reaffirms Poste Italiane’s positioning in the Euronext Vigeo-Eiris World 120 index and the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 and Europe 120 regional indices.
Since October 2021, Poste Italiane has been present in the new index of Euronext MIB
ESG, ranking among the top best performing companies. The MIB ESG represents the first
blue-chip index for Italy that is dedicated to Sustainability, combining economic
performance elements with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values.
In February 2022, the Company received an ESG Risk Rating of 12.9 (Low Risk) from Sustainalytics, classifying second at the Universe level in the Air Freight and Logistics subindustry.
In 2021, Poste Italiane was recognised by Sustainalytics as a top ESG performer out of a panel of more than 4,000 companies evaluated at the global level, obtaining the 2022 Industry Top-Rated Badge. The Group is one of the 18 entities at the global level to have obtained this recognition in the Transportation industry.
For the third year running, Poste Italiane was confirmed in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI), the world’s leading gender equality index. The Company improved its performance from 2020, once again obtaining a score well above the average score of rated companies on the GEI, which includes 418 companies, belonging to 11 production sectors with a combined market capitalisation of USD 16 trillion and headquarters in 45 countries and regions.
In 2022, the Group entered the Top 100 global gender equality ranking produced by Equileap. In particular, Poste Italiane is among 19 groups at the international level that have overcome the gender pay gap as well as 5 Italian companies that have been included in the global ranking and the first in the financial sector.
sustainability award Poste Italiane confirms its presence in the 2022 edition of the Sustainability Yearbook of S&P Global, which assesses the sustainability performance of leading global companies. Out of 7,500 evaluated companies, the Group was among the 10% selected for the Sustainability Yearbook.
ISS Quality Poste Italiane Group confirmed its rating of 1, considered to be the highest possible, in the Environment and Social areas, assigned by Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS).
MSCI Poste Italiane confirmed its “A” rating by MSCI, one of the leading ESG Sustainability performance rating agencies, for major progress achieved in the social sphere.