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Poste Italiane and Invitalia conclude agreement to transfer the entire equity package of Banca del Mezzogiorno-Medio Credito Centrale to Invitalia

Rome, 7 Aug 2017 08:01

With reference to the press release dated 9 February 2017, you are informed that, after receiving the necessary authorisations from the Ministry of Economic Development, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Italy, Poste Italiane SpA (Poste Italiane) and Invitalia S.p.A. – the National Agency for the Attraction of Investment and Business Development – today finalised the transfer to Invitalia of the entire equity package of Banca del Mezzogiorno-MedioCredito Centrale held by Poste Italiane. The transaction was completed in line with the contractual terms previously communicated.

* * *
The operation qualifies as a related party transaction (in that Poste Italiane and Invitalia are subject to common control by the Ministry of Economy and Finance), of minor importance and, in accordance with the law and applicable regulations, was approved by the Board of Directors of Poste, after hearing favourable opinions from the Related Parties and Connected Parties Committee within it.

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