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Reduce climate changing emissions National and international initiatives to reduce climate changing emissions.

On the matter of safeguarding air quality and reducing phenomena linked to climate change, Poste Italiane considers it essential to undertake to guarantee efficient and rational use of energy resources to improve its performances and reduce climate changing emissions linked to activities directly managed by the Group.

During 2017 the Company actively participated in a series of international activities regarding environmental responsibility which were annually broken down into projects developed by the main international organisations of the sector. In particular: the Universal Postal Union (UPU), International Post Corporation (IPC, a cooperative formed of the largest postal companies at global level) the Association of European public postal Operators (PostEurop) and the Committee for Social Dialogue of the European Commission.


Upu – universal postal union 

In 2016 the International Bureau of the UPU launched the OSCAR (Online Solution for Carbon Analysis and Reporting) project, a simplified procedure for reporting pollutant emissions produced by activities of designated operators from the 192 members countries of the Union, applying principles set out by the GreenHouse Gas Inventory Standard for the postal sector. The Group’s active membership in the project, since its launch, has allowed monitoring, on an annual basis, of its emissions which contributes to reducing CO2 emissions at global level. In 2017 Poste Italiane was placed in the medium-high group for performance in terms of environmental sustainability, contributing the target reduction of about 18 thousand tonnes of CO2 from direct emissions compared to the previous year.


In relation to the activities of PostEurop, there is a Committee dedicated to Social Corporate Responsibility with the objective of supporting and promoting the fulfilment of the commitments of its members regarding social and ethical problems. In 2017 the Poste Italiane Group participated in the annual edition of the “The Postal Sector, leading the way in Corporate Social Responsibility” publication with the following internal projects:
  • Health Plan, dedicated to primary and secondary welfare of employees, by means of providing free welfare visits, as well as organising a series of seminars to promote a correct lifestyle;
  • PosteOrienta, dedicated to the children of employees, with the purpose of helping them and supporting them in the choice of school subjects by means of a series of meetings and dedicated portal;
  • Changing Room, for employees choosing to cycle to work from home, supporting urban mobility at low environmental impact.


Cds (european social dialogue committee for the postal sector) 

A participatory collaboration was guaranteed by Poste Italiane during 2017 within the work groups active in the European Social Dialogue Committee for the postal sector (CDS), in particular: “Evolution of the postal sector and “Training, Health and Safety”. The Chairmanship of such group was assigned to Poste Italiane.

The first work group, aiming to analyse the impact of market deregulation on the corporate organisation, social legislation, universal service and more in general, on the analysis of the evolution in the postal sector in terms of products and services, finalised, by means of a publication, the results of the “Mobilising Social partners in the European postal sector” study funded by the European Commission for analysing the role of social parties in the reorganisation of postal companies. At the end of this study a joint statement was signed between Trade Union Organisations and the European Social Dialogue Committee for the postal sector.

The work group also presented a new project to the European Commission, entitled “Trend research for the European postal sector in 2030” which received approval for funding.

Under the direct coordination of Poste Italiane, the second work group was dedicated to the implementation of the study, approved and funded by the European Commission, “Promoting Social Dialogue in the postal sector in an enlarged Europe”. As well as addressing the circulation of awareness of the CDS and the European Social Dialogue as a place of reference for industrial relations at corporate level, carries out an analysis of the impact of digitalisation on the new services of the sector, such as e-commerce, and on training programmes provided by postal companies. The project envisages the realisation of three international seminars and a final conference in Brussels. During the course of 2017 the work group was dedicated to both the structuring and presentation of the project and the organisation of the first of three regional seminars planned to be held in Prague. The closure of the project is envisaged by 2019.

Philatelic postmark for the g7 environment 

The Bologna Branch, during the “G7 Environment” which took place from 11 to 12 June 2017, readied a special philatelic postmark. The previous year a stamp had celebrated the 30 years of the Ministry of the Environment.

International Comparison

As testimony of the constant commitment of Poste Italiane and its continuous comparison to international sector leaders, the Company carried out a benchmark analysis focused on the main actions and initiatives traceable to a Green Strategy process, brought about or planned by some of the most important European and international postal operators. The environmental commitment of such subjects can include multiple actions under various levels of implementation in a more or less integrated context with the industrial development Plans of the postal groups included in the analysis.

The postal operators selected for this benchmark were all active subjects in the “Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System” (EMMS) programme of the International Post Corporation (IPC), in the hypothesis that such programme would attract more active postal organisations on the matter of sustainability and Green Economy. Poste Italiane also adheres to such initiative, thereby, together with the other operators, it has assumed the same commitments to reducing emissions.

Apart from the IPC documents, research was conducted, beginning with the information provided by the single postal operators by means of sector documents prepared by the organisations (for example environmental reports, sustainability reports) and by information made available through web channels based on the availability of updated data for the most recent year. The comparison between the information of an environmental nature supplied by the various operators allowed the identification, first of all of the most recurrent initiatives and then pointed out the best practices for providing concrete evidence of the possible initiatives for each area of analysis.

Starting with the information thus collected for each sector, a summary table was drawn up which lists the initiatives proving to be of greatest interest with a view to Green Strategy.

The analysis revolves around the following topics: waste; efficiency of the resources and circular economy; mobility and logistics; energy saving and renewables; certifications; suppliers, Value Chains and Green Public Procurement (GPP); green postal products; green financial products; environmental strategies and objectives.

Lastly a comparison was made regarding the comprehensive commitment of each operator which illustrated whether or not green actions were present in the various sectors and highlighted the reported best practices.

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