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Tech in Touch Tech in Touch is Poste Italiane's tech creative program.

Detail - Tech in Touch

A unique opportunity to get in touch with Poste Italiane and develop your idea.

Objective: to develop new paths with the aim of promoting the entrepreneurial attitude of the participating startups and an incubation logic with Poste Italiane's priority access to emerging solutions.

The program was aimed at startups and entrepreneurs with the aim of identifying innovative and disruptive solutions in response to the business issues presented by Poste Italiane by offering an entrepreneurial training course to the winning team and also allows them to:
  1. Finding innovative and feasible solutions in a short time.
  2. Validate side-projects started in the company also thanks to the collaboration with the teams.
Poste Tech in Touch, in reality, is much more: in addition to the days of ideation, the program was in fact designed to represent a path of acceleration and coaching, to support the winning team and to evaluate the potential of one's own idea in turning into a startup.

The six-week incubation process, which will lead the winning working group to perfect their idea, will allow them to refine the proposal and launch a prototype to be presented to an audience of top managers of Poste Italiane.

The closing event was held on 8 April and closes the path started at the end of 2020 with the organization of two challenge events between November and early January 2021, in which more than 100 startuppers participated, organized in 20 teams selected by a multidisciplinary jury that involved various corporate functions and Group companies.

The areas of the two challenges launched were the following:
  • Develop a single and omnichannel access point to Customer Service - digital and telephone - to offer a simple, innovative and increasingly tailored assistance experience for each Poste Italiane customer.
  • Develop an everyday app in the Postepay world to create constant interaction throughout the day through an ever-present, useful and fast App capable of fully responding to many daily needs.

At the end of the project, the two winning proposals:
  • CiaoPoste, the multi-channel solution for real-time customer assistance with voice interaction on Poste Italiane's apps and also through Smart speakers.
  • Posteplay is the proposed evolution of the Postepay App into an everyday app that rewards sustainable and virtuous behavior.