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management of
resources in a
circular economy
96% of electricity
derived from
renewable sources
Green fleet Commitment
to protect the
environment and the
Innovative solutions
to promote the transition
to a low-carbon
Environmental protection is a priority that Poste Italiane Group has established in its Code of Ethics, in which it recognises the importance of safeguarding the environment as a primary asset, undertakes to promote rational use of resources within its structures, and focuses on seeking innovative solutions to ensure a reduction in the direct and indirect environmental impacts generated by its activities.
The Company’s objective is to spread an environmental protection culture, whilst systematically drawing up sectoral action plans regarding the efficient management of energy resources, water resources and waste, from a circular economy perspective, in order to reduce its ecological footprint.

2018 Environmental Data Overview 
  • Internal Group energy consumption. The total energy consumption of the Group was 3,799,619 GJ, of which 1,742,370 GJ from renewable sources. The consumption has decreased by 17.3% over the last three years (2016-2018).
  • Total Direct GHG emissions – Scope 1. Poste Italiane generated 134,540 tCO2e of direct GHG emissions, registering a reduction of 26.6% of its direct impact, between 2016 and 2018.
  • Total Indirect GHG emissions - Scope 2. The Group generated 9,266 tCO2e of indirect GHG emissions, with a reduction of 20% over the last triennium.
  • Total other indirect GHG emissions – Scope 3. The total production of indirect emissions that are not included in Scope 2, as they occurred from sources not owned or controlled by the Group, is 133,323 tCO2e, a total decrease of 20.6% since 2016.
  • Total waste produced. The quantity of total waste produced by Poste Italiane is 28,545,6 t, an increase of about 30% over the last three years. 
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