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Policy Diversity and Inclusion The commitment of the Poste Italiane Group on Diversity and Inclusion policies

On 20 February 2020, the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane approved the Company Policy on Diversity and Inclusion.
The Poste Italiane Group is committed to supporting the values of diversity and inclusion through the adoption of corporate, organisational and management processes based on respect for people’s rights and freedom. To this end, the path taken aims to develop the ways in which diversity issues are addressed, moving from an approach designed to safeguard and integrate diversity, to a proactive strategy to overcome cultural stereotypes and to identify and address those factors that prevent inclusion in the workplace.
The company operates impartially and does not tolerate any form of direct or indirect, multiple and interrelated discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, disability, medical condition, ethnic origin, nationality, political opinions, social category or religious faith. It also promotes conditions that enable the elimination of cultural, organisational and material barriers that limit people’s full participation and full potential within the organisation.
The Poste Italiane Group safeguards the value of its staff and promotes the protection of their psychophysical, moral and cultural integrity through working conditions that respect individual dignity and rules of conduct.
Within this framework, this document aims to set out a clear approach in terms of mission, strategies and active practices in order to foster a collaborative, inclusive working environment receptive to contributions from all employees and contractors in order to increase the confidence of staff, customers and civil society in general. The aim is to promote diversity in all its forms to make the most of its opportunities and to create value within the workplace, while also gaining a competitive business advantage.


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