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Rediscovered values More than
1,000 employees
involved in corporate
Over 1,000 “mobile”
consultants to provide
services in remote
Promoting the
inclusion of small
“Il Risparmio che
fa Scuola”
Supporting the needs of the community is the foundation of the Group’s values and corporate mission. The Company has always accompanied the local communities where it is present on a daily basis towards modernisation and digitisation processes, thereby promoting the wellbeing of citizens and socio-economic development.
Poste Italiane systematically promotes activity programmes nationwide relating to social inclusion issues that have a positive impact and bring benefits to the community through its extensive network of post offices and through the engagement of corporate volunteers and/or the financing of specific EU projects via donations and sponsorships.

2019 Community data overview




Support for local communities and the Country as a whole

Objectives Timing Indicator (KPI) Target Implementation status 2019
Increase the Group's support for sociocultural initiatives that benefit the community By 2019 % of investments in the community to promote sociocultural initiatives +60%


Objective achieved

Provide basic services, including in Small Municipalities without a Post Office By 2019 No. of Small Municipalities without a Post Office to be equipped with ATMs and postal services via the network of tobacconists and home delivery by postmen and women 254


Objective achieved

Increase the number of Post Offices in Small Municipalities with free Wi-Fi customers By 2020 No. of Post Offices equipped with free Wi-Fi +5,007


Objective achieved

Allow Companyowned spaces in "disadvantaged" areas to be used for social activities By 2020 No. of company-owned buildings granted to communities 8 properties


Objective achieved

Eliminate architectural barriers in Post Offices By 2020 % of architectural barriers -80%


Objective achieved

Certify the financial advisory service and the skills of people operating in accordance with the ISO 22222 standard By 2022 % of ISO 22222 certified financial advisors 100%

Time program started

Deadline for achieving the objective has not yet expired

Continue financial education and inclusion projects By 2022 No. of financial education events 20


Objective achieved

Financial, Postal and Digital Education Programs in Small Municipalities By 2020 No. of events 193 New
Free payment and POS services for Small Municipalities By 2020 No. of POS 250 New
Increase the Group's support for initiatives in the "wellbeing and social inclusion" category By 2020 % of wellbeing and social inclusion investments +10% New