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Zero Post Offices closed in 2023 384 Italian municipalities involved in initiatives and interventions to benefit the territory  Launched corporate enterprise volunteering in collaboration with Third Sector entities in the territory Hired more than 6,700 young people and recent graduates Financial and digital education and inclusion
projects for citizens, customers and businesses
Supporting the needs of the community is the foundation of the Group’s values and corporate mission. The Company has always accompanied the local communities where it is present on a daily basis towards modernisation and digitisation processes, thereby promoting the wellbeing of citizens and socio-economic development.
Poste Italiane systematically promotes activity programmes nationwide relating to social inclusion issues that have a positive impact and bring benefits to the community through its extensive network of post offices and through the engagement of corporate volunteers and/or the financing of specific EU projects via donations and sponsorships. In this regard, in 2023 the Group  made cash contributions totaling € 3,975.84

Creating value for the country

Objectives Indicator (KPI) Target Baseline Implementation status 2023
Polis Project* • Creation of “One-Stop Shops” for 6,933 Post Offices located in small municipalities
• Creation of a national network of 250 co-working spaces
2026 2022 • 1,190 Post Offices in municipalities with less than 15,000 inhabitants
• 31 co-working spaces built
Strengthen Poste Italiane's local presence with  initiatives and
projects to benefit increasingly large and broad local areas
• % increase in the number of Italian municipalities involved in initiatives supported by Poste Italiane
• 10% by 2023
2020 • +163%
Support the implementation of
the Polis Project through specific
training activities
• No. of training pills for the entire population
• No. of specialised courses for the population of POs involved in the project**
• 1 by 2023
• 3 by 2023
2022 • 1 online course for the entire population
• 3 specialized courses for the MP population
Increase knowledge of financial education topics • One editorial plan on financial education topics and a focus on young people (high school students) with initiatives aimed at the children of employees, including younger children • 1 by 2023 2022 1 editorial plan with 12 news items published on the intranet and apps, and 6 podcasts produced for the intranet and apps
Increase knowledge of financial education activities • No. of events held • 30 by 2024
• 90 by 2028
2022 • 24
Increase knowledge of new delivery and logistics models and
digital issues
• No. of events held
• No. of webinars conducted with sign language translator and subtitles
• No. of videopodcasts made with sign language translator and subtitles
• 30 by 2024
• 6 by 2024
• 10 by 2024
2022 • 22 thematic events held
• 6 webinars conducted with LIS translator and subtitles
• 3 videopodcasts made with LIS translator and subtitles
Increase the number of sports and social initiatives supported by Poste Italiane in the southern regions and islands • % initiatives supported in the sport and social sphere in southern regions and islands out of total initiatives • ≥ 20% by 2024 2023 NEW

*The target date is February 29, 2024.
** The number of training activities is dependent on the number of services delivered.