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Vita (Life), Azione (Action), Lavoro (Work), Opinione (Opinion), Realizzazione (Execution), Esperienza (Experience).

As part of the process of listening to its staff, Poste Italiane has launched a survey called “V.A.L.O.R.E. Activities of listening to the staff of Poste Italiane”, aimed at analysing the perception of the working environment, the promotion of improvement processes and the level of involvement of employees

The survey involved a large number of Poste Italiane Group employees working in the financial and digital sectors, broken down by age, gender and geographical area. The survey focused on 6 pillars (Integrity and transparency, Leveraging of people, Support for the territory and the country, Customer experience, Decarbonisation of buildings and logistics, Sustainable finance) related to the 20 relevant issues. The respondents expressed their level of agreement with a series of statements related to the areas of interest, using a scale of assessment from 1 to 5 (from “I agree strongly” to “I do not agree at all”).


The majority of Poste Italiane's employees involved in the survey expressed very positive opinions in terms of the Company’s sentiment and reputation. In the analysis, 76% of employees (76% of women and 77% of men) stated that they felt that they were active and participated in the company.
Poste Italiane is considered an ethical company, which is growing and is the market leader in Italy, open to innovation and able to look to the future.
The Company’s good reputation in Italy is evident to the respondents. Poste Italiane is, according to those who drive it every day with their work, decisive in the growth of the country, and its presence improves the quality of life of people. How does it do this? Through the decisive contribution of its employees.
In fact, it is clear that a strong sense of responsibility has been growing among the respondents: almost all respondents are aware that the company’s results also depend on the quality with which the tasks entrusted to them are carried out, and that the reputation and image of Poste Italiane depend on their work.



The pillar that obtains the highest ratings is that of customer experience. Poste Italiane is seen as strongly motivated to aim for modernisation and innovation. It is a feeling deeply rooted within the Company that the process of digitialising products and services has been launched successfully.
Customer focus reaches levels of excellence: employees consider that the Company lives on the enthusiasm of its employees and on the service given to its customers, is attentive to the quality of services and products offered, guarantees the privacy of its customers, employees are careful to listen to customers and respect process standards to offer high-quality services.
Finally, there are very high ratings for the pillar that measures how active Poste Italiane is in the growth of the community: support for the territory and the country. Poste Italiane is seen by its employees as a key asset for the country: it contributes to Italy’s growth, modernity and, through its actions, supports digital development. Also for this reason, almost all the respondents say they are proud to work for Poste Italiane and would fully recommend working there to those who are looking for work.