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Poste Italiane is now ranked among the Top 100 in the global classification for gender equality published b Equileap 44.4% of the Board of Directors of the Parent Company is composed of women 46,4% of female incidence among middle and senior women managers in 2021  Participation of more than 700 employees in the Lifeed project in 2021 

The Company maintains a high level of attention to its own strategy for a correct valorisation of the different needs expressed by people. The exclusive promotion of diversity is an enabling factor for the involvement and engagement of people to achieve corporate objectives. In addition, increasing awareness in the management of diversity creates a competitive advantage for the Company and shared social value.

Projects to support diversity and promote social inclusion are part of a wider design, with the aim of ensuring the promotion of differences in individuals and in balanced organisational models that guarantee dialogue and the emergence of personal characteristics, while also reducing situations of individual fragility. The purpose of this process is to develop and evolve the way in which diversity issues are dealt with, moving from an approach aimed at protecting and integrating diversity to a proactive strategy to overcome any barriers and resolve the factors that may prevent people from being included in the labour market. 

In 2021 the Company continued to carry out orientation programmes with Valore D, intended to encourage school-aged children to follow their dreams, without being conditioned by their gender, through dialogue with internal role models, to actively combat stereotypes held by the younger generations. 

Poste Italiane, in fact, invests daily in the creation of an inclusive work environment that is indicative of a corporate culture based on respect for and protection of the female figure in the Company, in order to guarantee all its employees equal opportunities in career paths and counter the gender gap in this sense. As a demonstration of the Company's sensibility to this issue, the Group actively supports the presence of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) positions, typically held by male figures due to their scientific nature, becoming, such a case, a strong expression of the gender gap. As evidence of this, the Company has achieved the target set for the year 2021, in fact including 21 percent of its female workforce in STEM positions, compared to the target set at 20.5 percent. Incentivizing and developing a corporate culture based on respect for and appreciation of diversity also constitutes the prerequisite for being able to develop remuneration systems functional to enhance the skills of each individual, which can guarantee optimal work performance, thus contributing to the creation of lasting shared value. In this regard, Poste Italiane recorded in 2021 a Mean Gender Pay Gap of -0.7% and a Median Gender Pay Gap of 0%.

In this regard, in 2022 the Company entered the Top 100 global gender equality rankings compiled by Equileap. In particular, the Poste Italiane Group was rated as one of the 19 groups worldwide that have overcome the gender pay gap, as well as among the 5 Italian companies that made it into the global ranking and first in the financial sector.

The great attention that Poste Italiane pays to equal opportunities and the development of women in the Company has in fact led the Group to be recognised as one of the best employers of women in Italy. This was confirmed by the research “Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2021” carried out by Istituto Tedesco Qualità ITQF in collaboration with the Media Partner La Repubblica Affari&Finanza. The 200 best employers for women in Italy have been identified by listening to the web in an innovative way and using artificial intelligence. In particular, the results of this study are the outcome of an extensive analysis for which 45 topics were considered, including women, equal opportunities and employment.

Poste Italiane has subscribed to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, the initiative promoted by UN Women and the Global Compact in support of gender equality worldwide as further confirmation of its commitment to supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Diversity and inclusion Data Overview
Diversity and inclusion
Objectives Indicator (KPI) Target Baseline 2021
Reinforce female presence in managerial succession plans,
which are functional to increasing the presence of women in
positions of greater responsibility in the Group
  • % of succession candidacies held by women
  • 45% by 2024
2021 New
Invest in the internal development of skills and STEM roles
and in the promotion of cultural models of reference with
a plural and gender equality approach, including through
male and female role models
  • No. of awareness campaigns
  • No. of editions as part of initiatives for young generations
  • % role models
  • 2 by 2023
  • 10 by 2023
  • +50% by 2023
2021 New
Increase women’s involvement in the mentoring
  • % of female mentees
  • % of female mentors
  • + 65% by 2022
  • + 35% by 2022
2021 New
Increase women’s involvement in coaching programmes
  • % of female coachees
  • +65% by 2022
2021 New
Implement structured listening programmes through
surveys and communities aimed at detecting the needs of
the different generations
  • No. of surveys conducted
  • 2 by 2022
  • 2
Strengthen caring measures towards colleagues with
chronic diseases and/or serious pathologies through
corporate awareness plans and the availability of services
aimed at inclusion
  • % of the detected target reached by the caring measures identified
  • 40% by 2022
  • 21%
Extend the subtitling service to all videos made and
published on the Intranet
  • % of videos published on digital channels with subtitles
  • 100% by 2021
  • 100%
Creation of awareness campaigns and actions on the
topics of employment inclusion and rights of LGBTQ+
  • No. of awareness campaigns and/or welfare measures for social parenting support
  • 2 by 2023
2021 New
Specific employer branding on Diversity & Inclusion, in
synergy with universities
  • No. of universities involved
  • 4 by 2022
  • 2
Define training and communication campaigns aimed at
overcoming stereotypes and prejudices (unconscious bias)
  • No. of communication and awareness plans implemented
  • 2 by 2022 
  • 3
Carry out training and awareness actions on the protection
of human rights
  • % of the company workforce
  • 60% by 2022
  • 51.6%
Define listening and communication campaigns to develop
corporate awareness and culture on the issues of Diversity
& Inclusion
  • No. of integrated communication campaigns (internal/external)
  • No. of surveys carried out on the Intranet
  • 3 by 2021
  • 5 by 2021
  • 3
  • 5
Support on the company intranet for Diversity & Inclusion
topics and related commitment from the Group
  • No. of dedicated editorial plans (e.g. new “D&I” Feature)
  • No. of serial podcasts with progressive publication aimed at all employees
  • 2 by 2022
  • 1 by 2022
2021 New
Put in place pervasive implementation actions of the Diversity
& Inclusion strategy through envisioning workshops,
meetings and thematic events for integrated awareness in
processes and work relationships
  • No. of initiatives (workshops, D&I meetings, thematic events)
  • 28 by 2024


Contribute to strengthening measures and processes
intended to promote active parental support, such as actions
to counter the falling birth rate and promoting greater
balance in the distribution of care workloads
  • Formalised active parental support policy
  • No. of projects carried out
  • Formalisation of the active parental support policy by 2023
  • 2 by 2023
2021 New
Create an ad hoc Community on diversity and inclusion to
spread a growing sensitivity and awareness of the value of
diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organisation
  • % of company population involved
  • 100% by 2022
  • The design of the  Community model is in line with the pre-defined target
Promotion of an intercultural vision within the Company for
the development of inclusive solutions through the creation
of participatory processes underlined by the joint presence of
diverse employee cultures
  • No. of regional activities towhich the pilot project has been extended
  • 2 by 2023
2021 New
Define an editorial plan of content in support of female
employment and leadership focused on Goal 5 of the
Agenda 2030, which is also aligned with related international
events and initiatives
  • No. of integrated and multichannel editorial plans
  • 1 by 2022
2021 New
Equal Salary Certification
  • Certification
  • Achievement of certification by 2022
  • The instrumental activities for achieving the certification are in line with the predefined target
Build on the corporate volunteering project for employees
by developing a new platform for engagement, and
defining social programmes integrated with the company
sustainability strategy
  • No. of engagement and training plans
  • No. of social programmes
  • 1 by 2024
  • 3 by 2024
2021 New
Openness to community welfare in synergy with local
communities, providing company welfare services in support
of vulnerable employees and citizens
  • No. of initiatives/services activated
  • 2 by 2024
2021 New