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Equal Salary certification obtained for pay equity policy ISO 30415 certification obtained for “HRM – Diversity & Inclusion” 46% of female middle and senior managers in 2022  New Support for Active Parenting Policy approved 

The Diversity & Inclusion programmes, in line with the provisions of the Company Policy, are monitored using indicators developed annually in collaboration with the Group's Sustainable Development, Risk and Compliance function in the Corporate Affairs area, in line with the evolutionary guidelines of the corporate sustainability plan.

Poste Italiane maintains, in continuity with the previous year, its Diversity & Inclusion Plan, drawn up following an active participation process which envisaged the establishment of cross-functional working groups made up of professionals and middle-managers who operated according to a bottom-up logic, elaborating project proposals that have been evaluated on the basis of two variables, the qualitative-quantitative impact on the company population and the speed of implementation. The Plan is aimed at generating significant change processes that bring added value to people, organisational behaviour, leadership styles and relationships within the Group. Through the implementation of targeted projects and initiatives, as well as communication and awareness-raising campaigns, the Group promotes engagement, listening and trust, the creation of inclusive working environments, and in general, the improvement of the corporate organisation through the enhancement of differences.

The Company's commitment to promoting an inclusive culture is a cultural journey that can enrich the experience of staff throughout their working careers, with both individual and collective benefits. To this end, the company works constantly and systematically, implementing synergistic actions to develop analysis models and indicators consistent with people management processes. This system allows management to evaluate scenarios, objectives and metrics in a transparent and visible manner both within the organisation and for external stakeholders.

During 2022, the first 8 innovation workshops were also conducted for territorial operational heads, who, with the methodology of polarity thinking, concretely tackled the issues related to one of the four aspects that make up the Diversity & Inclusion Policy, putting themselves into play concretely and drawing up their own personal action plan.

A wide range of initiatives promoted by the company translate the principles of inclusion and equal opportunities into action. Fundamental to this was the drafting of the "Framework agreement on harassment and violence in the workplace", with which the Group aims to maintain a working environment in which respect and dignity are guaranteed for each person. Poste Italiane also cooperates with the two main advocacy organisations operating at national level, the Anti-Violence Network "D.i.Re" (Donne in Rete) and the voluntary association "Telefono Rosa", and finances a fund for the economic and working autonomy of women victims of violence, providing many of them with training opportunities, job placement and in some cases accommodation. The principle of equal career development opportunities is applied by ensuring that personnel selection is carried out on the basis of professionalism and skills in accordance with the company's needs, regardless of personal characteristics such as age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs.

There are also many good Company practices supporting maternity and paternity. In cooperation with "Valore D", an association of companies promoting diversity, talent and female leadership, Poste Italiane has committed to managerial training to promote the professional growth of its female employees. Poste Italiane promotes activities to raise awareness of gender-based violence through awareness-raising initiatives and constantly monitors the impact of such activities on the territory, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding entered into with the Ministry of Equal Opportunities- To this end, institutional messages of awareness-raising on these issues are visible
on the screens of Postamat ATMs. In addition, the counter monitors also provide useful information such as the freephone number 1522 and the app for preventing and combating violence, including stalking and mistreatment.

Diversity and inclusion Data Overview
Bloomberg Gender - Equality Index (GEI)

Diversity and inclusion
Objectives Indicator (KPI) Target Baseline 2022
Strengthen the presence of women in management succession plans instrumental to increasing the presence of women in
positions of greater responsibility in the Group
  • % of female succession candidates 
  • 45% by 2024
  • 36.4%
Invest in the internal development of skills and STEM roles
and in the promotion of cultural models of reference with
a plural and gender equality approach, including through
male and female role models
  • No. of awareness campaigns
  • No. of editions as part of initiatives for young generations
  • % role models
  • 2 by 2023
  • 10 by 2023
  • +50% by 2023
  • 1
  • 18
  • +110%
Increasing the involvement of women in the mentoring
  • % of female mentees
  • % of female mentors
  • + 65% by 2022
  • + 35% by 2022
  • 72%
  • 47%
Promote intergenerational matching between mentor and mentee within the mentoring programme
  • % matching of mixed-generation pairs 
  • 40% by 2024 
2022 New
Increase the involvement of women in coaching programmes
  • % of female coachees
  • +65% by 2022
  • +159%
Strengthen caring measures towards colleagues with
chronic diseases and/or serious pathologies through
corporate awareness plans and the availability of services
aimed at inclusion
  • % of the detected target reached by the caring measures identified
  • 40% by 2022
  • 85%
Extend caring and listening measures for colleagues with chronic and/or serious illnesses or who are in vulnerable and fragile situations, to accompany their inclusive return and support their mental well-being
  • % of the detected target reached by the caring measures identified
  • 40% by 2024
2022 New
Implementation of campaigns  and awareness-raising actions on the
topics of employment inclusion and rights of LGBTQ+
  • No. of awareness campaigns and/or welfare measures for social parenting support
  • 2 by 2023
  • 1
Specific employer branding on Diversity & Inclusion, in
synergy with universities
  • No. of universities involved
  • 4 by 2022
  • 6
Carry out training and awareness actions on the protection
of human rights
  • % of the company workforce
  • 60% by 2022 
  • 77.4%
Support on the company intranet for Diversity & Inclusion
topics and related commitment from the Group
  • No. of dedicated editorial plans (e.g. new “D&I” Feature)
  • No. of serial podcasts with progressive publication aimed at all employees
  • 2 by 2022
  • 1 by 2022
  • 74 published news items
  • One pocket series “in other words” created with the first three releases 
Take pervasive actions to implement the Diversity
& Inclusion strategy through envisioning workshops,
meetings and thematic events for integrated awareness in
processes and work relationships
  • No. of initiatives (workshops, D&I meetings, thematic events)
  • 28 by 2024
  • 17
Contribute to strengthening measures and processes
intended to promote active parental support, such as actions
to counter the falling birth rate and promoting greater
balance in the distribution of care workloads
  • Active  Parenting Policy formalised
  • No. of interventions carried out
  • Active Parenting Policy formalised by 2023
  • 2 by 2023
  • Publication of the Active Parenting Policy 
  • 1
Create an ad hoc Community on diversity and inclusion to
spread a growing sensitivity and awareness of the value of
diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organisation
  • % of company population involved
  • 100% by 2022
  • A community with 40 supporters was created 
Promote the creation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) among employees with common interests on diversity and inclusion issues to set up open exchange and discussion groups within the dedicated community
  • No. of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • 2 by 2024
2022 New
Promotion of an intercultural vision within the Company for
the development of inclusive solutions through the creation of participatory processes underlined by the joint presence of diverse employee cultures
  • No. of regional cases  to which the pilot project has been extended
  • 2 by 2023
  • Launch of the nationwide pilot project
Set up an editorial  content plan to  women’s employment and leadership focused on Goal 5 of the
Agenda 2030, which is also aligned with related international
events and initiatives
  • No. of integrated and multichannel editorial plans
  • 1 by 2022
  • One editorial plan with eight published news items 
Equal Salary Certification
  • Certification
  • Obtaining certification by 2022
  • Obtained
Strengthen the Employee Corporate Volunteering project by developing a new engagement platform, and 
defining social programmes integrated with the company
sustainability strategy
  • No. of engagement and training plans
  • No. of social programmes with social value 
  • 1 by 2024
  • 3 by 2024
  • One engagement plan
Openness to community welfare in synergy with local
communities, providing company welfare services in support
of vulnerable employees and citizens
  • No. of initiatives/services activated
  • 2 by 2024
  • Planning commenced for redevelopment by company properly 
Increase the implementation of initiatives that use inclusive formats to facilitate accessibility for people with disabilities or special educational needs
  • No. of educational formats for Group employees
  • 1 by 2024
2022 New