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Environmental impacts of logistics The Poste Italiane Group, recognises its responsibility to play a distinctive role in creating sustainable value for the communities in which it operates, where the environmental dimension is of primary importance.

Due to its widespread presence throughout the country, Poste Italiane plays a major role in the creation of value and in terms of the potential contribution it can make in reducing environmental impacts. In this light, the Group gives these issues weight within its sustainability strategy.
As in the previous year, in 2021 the Company’s commitment to reducing environmental impacts through its company fleet continued. To that end, 4,580 electric, methane and LPG vehicles are already in use in the fleet. 

In the context of the project to renew the fleet used to deliver mail, safety parameters have been increased through the introduction of three and four-wheeled vehicles to replace two-wheeled vehicles, to improve safety in the transport and delivery of packages. Additionally, green vehicles have been introduced, with more attention paid to ecological mobility, increasing the use of electric vehicles. Poste Italiane has also added vehicles which are larger and better suited to delivering packages, with new details for better organisation of loads.

The commitment to improving the environmental performance of the Group’s fleet contributes to significantly reducing greenhouse as emissions. For this reason, Poste Italiane has begun a full renovation of its fleet of vehicles, increasing the green component through the introduction of electric and hybrid cars and scooters, in line with ESG objectives to reduce emissions by 40%. Additionally, the Company is moving forward with a project to install over 4,000 recharging stations, reaching a total of over 5,000, as well as creating zero emission delivery areas using 100% electric fleets. The results of this policy are clear, given that Poste Italiane has gone from 11% green vehicles in 2016 to 15% in 2021, with the goal of replacing the entire fleet with low emission vehicles by 2024. The new green fleet will lead to a reduction in CO2 equal to around 80,000 trees.

In line with the objective of preferring the efficient use of renewable sources and rationalisation of fossil fuel energy use, starting in 2018 Poste Italiane began to promote a new green evolution plan for its company fleet, as well as the Joint Delivery plan, two key strategies that have brought benefits in terms of environmental sustainability.
With regards to the green fleet project, in 2021 the Group completed the acquisition of its fleet of 952 electric tricycles, 289 of which were purchased during the year.

Additionally, 350 electric quadricycles were introduced, with installation of recharge stations, as well as 3800 thermal tricycles. The green fleet thus reaches 15.4% of the total fleet of Poste Italiane: there are about 2,800 bifuel non-electric cars and vans and about 2,000 low-emission motorcycles. These projects are in line with the objective of reaching 27,800 by 2024.

The Company has also begun procurement tenders to update the 19,730 vehicles of various types utilised through rental contracts, of which 58% electric or hybrid: 4,159 electric vehicles (2,355 cars, 501 vans and 1,303 tricycles/quadricycles), 7,245 electric hybrid or methane vehicles (6,756 cars and 489 small vans) and 8,326 low emission vehicles (2,560 cars and 5,766 vans).
Enhancing the reduction in CO2 emissions is one of the primary objectives in the joint venture agreement signed between Poste Italiane and Sennder, a European leader in digitalisation of package transport. The partnership with Sennder promotes transport efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of logistics, in line with the Group’s strategic decision to promote a sustainability culture throughout the entire value chain.

As in the previous year, during 2021 the Group promoted Poste Delivery Now, the new range of solutions intended for ecommerce workers developed by Poste Italiane in cooperation with Milkman, to meet the needs for ever more rapid and personalised deliveries.

Through Poste Delivery Now e-shoppers can easily check the progress of their order and the envisaged delivery date, to select the date and time of delivery, change the address, set opening times (of shops or concierge services for example), reschedule the delivery time up to five minutes beforehand, check photographic proof of delivery and review their delivery

The agreement signed between Poste Italiane and the start-up Milkman was part of other initiatives intended to increase the level of home delivery service and make it suitable to the needs of the end consumer.