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Financial inclusion Poste Italiane undertakes to promote the right to access and inclusion by developing products and services that respond to social needs

By taking advantage of its proximity to local communities and the network’s nationwide reach, the Company has always provided support to traditionally excluded sectors of the population who, due to specific personal or physical conditions, have no direct access to the basic products and services required for their economic livelihoods and social wellbeing. For this reason, Poste Italiane undertakes to promote the right to access and inclusion by developing products and services that respond to social needs, including those of people living in internal and peripheral areas or deprived and disadvantaged areas, as well as the promotion and planning of financial education initiatives, especially regarding savings, investment, payments, social security and insurance.

The Group has developed specific initiatives dedicated to traditionally excluded sectors of the population, aimed at promoting social inclusion and cultural integration. 
  • Post offices with Italian Sign Language staff and ATMs for blind and visually impaired people. The Company also provides for the use of Italian Sign Language interpreters to translate the most relevant messages and news items on digital communication channels into sign language, and to support training activities or management interviews with deaf colleagues. Finally, with a view to inclusion, all ATMs installed nationwide are equipped with keyboards for blind and visually impaired people. ATMs include a guidance system with a series of contrasting graphic maps that can be activated from the screen, and the use of complete voice guidance using headphones that can be inserted into a special jack.
  • Initiatives for foreign citizens. With a view to extending its range of services to foreign citizens and at the same time promoting the socio-economic inclusion of foreign communities in Italy, Poste Italiane has set up multi-ethnic post offices nationwide. Post offices dedicated to foreign citizens - multi-ethnic or mono-ethnic depending on local requirements - are located in areas with a high concentration of foreign citizens or in busy areas, such as near railway stations. More than 3,4 million customers were served in the 27 multi-ethnic post offices that currently active during the year. In addition, in line with previous years, more than 5,5 million transactions were carried out in 2019.
  • The financial inclusion of senior citizens. During 2019, there was the inauguration of the Silver Economy Programme designed for senior citizens, with the aim of managing all the Group’s actions dedicated to this important segment of the population in a single synergistic framework. the programme aims improving the knowledge of financial and digital tools in a specific segment of the population, that of Seniors. The training of silver customers and citizens is conducted by financial and digital experts of Poste Italiane. 
  • Financial literacy: “Il Risparmio che fa scuola” (savings education project) is one of the most successful initiatives implemented by the Company in the field of financial education in recent years, which is part of the “National Strategy for Financial Education”. The initiative was developed with the aim of spreading a savings culture in schools and educating young people to save. The project of “Il Risparmio che fa scuola” promotes Economic Citizenship by focusing on the issue of multidimensional savings as a key value and tool to promote progress and support individual development and of the entire community as well.