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Financial inclusion Poste Italiane undertakes to promote the right to access and inclusion by developing products and services that respond to social needs

Due the difficulties which were rendered even more pronounced following the Covid-19 health emergency, in 2021 Poste Italiane strengthened its commitment to people who, due to personal or physical conditions, cannot directly access products and services which are fundamental and necessary for economic sustenance and social well-being. The Group’s widespread network played a fundamental role, as it allows Poste Italiane to remain close to the community, as it always has been.

For this reason, Poste Italiane undertakes to promote the right to access and inclusion by developing products and services that respond to social needs, including those of people living in internal and peripheral areas or deprived and disadvantaged areas, as well as the promotion and planning of financial education initiatives, especially regarding savings, investment, payments, social security and insurance.
During 2021, as in 2020, in order to support the community in financial terms, Poste Italiane received thousands of requests to suspend BancoPosta mortgages and instalments on BancoPosta loans for small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed individuals with VAT numbers. In particular, in agreement with the lending banks, BancoPosta loan holders have been given the possibility of using the Solidarity Fund managed by Consap, for first home mortgages, up to a
maximum of 18 months with a contribution covering 50% of the interest accrued during the suspension period while, for those that do not meet the requirements of the Fund, the possibility of suspending the mortgage for a maximum of 12 months has been provided.

Additionally, the Group continued its programme to relaunch postal savings, accompanied by improvements in the quality and efficiency of the services offered to customers, including the implementation of the digital channel. Specifically, online transactions on BancoPosta’s current accounts for the purchase of Interest-bearing Postal Certificates on a 24-hour, 7- day-a-week basis were maintained, and interest-bearing postal certificates continued to be offered, which meet the different needs of Poste Italiane’s customers, most of whom can also be subscribed to via the online channel. 
In the face of the epidemiological developments caused by Covid-19 and in order to make it easier for Poste Italiane’s customers to manage postal savings products remotely, the two subscription and offer methods continued to be offered:
  • Telephone sales, through which customers can subscribe or redeem Interest-bearing Postal Certificates remotely through their consultant;
  • Postal Savings Suggestions, through which customers can receive a subscription proposal in their reserved area for Supersmart Certificates and Offer, also agreed with the support of their consultant.

Poste Italiane has always been committed to assisting and supporting the various population groups that live within the communities in which it works. For this reason, the Group is constantly working to find innovative solutions to reduce the
digital divide and improve financial inclusion, with special care taken with the most fragile and at risk categories. Specifically, relative to financial inclusion, in order to pursue its own goals while simultaneously adjusting to the continued emergency situation, the Group has proposed financial training opportunities in “mini” format, to allow citizens to be educated and garner information so they can be knowledgeable decisions.
Additionally, in relation to activities on financial, insurance and social security education organised during 2021, the Group issued two “basic” training courses in cooperation with the Corporate University, which planned 54 events, and with the Post Office Network, which arranged 57. These initiatives involved employees, clients and individual citizens for a total of 49,000 beneficiaries.
To help bring young people closer to the financial world, the multi-year initiative “il Risparmio che fa scuola” continued. The programme is promoted by Poste Italiane and Cassa depositi e prestiti, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and offers a unique and original didactic course at no cost. The Group wants to support education for these future citizens, helping them to reflect on their savings habits (economic, environmental, energy and food), through both an individual and collective lens.