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Financial inclusion Poste Italiane undertakes to promote the right to access and inclusion by developing products and services that respond to social needs

In 2020, following the difficulties exacerbated by the Covid-19 health emergency, Poste Italiane wanted to strengthen its commitment to people who, due to specific personal or physical conditions, do not have direct access to the fundamental products and services needed for their economic livelihood and social well-being, and this was made possible thanks to the widespread network that has always brought it close to the community. 

For this reason, Poste Italiane undertakes to promote the right to access and inclusion by developing products and services that respond to social needs, including those of people living in internal and peripheral areas or deprived and disadvantaged areas, as well as the promotion and planning of financial education initiatives, especially regarding savings, investment, payments, social security and insurance.
During 2020, in order to support the community in financial terms, Poste Italiane received thousands of requests to suspend BancoPosta mortgages and instalments on BancoPosta loans for small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed individuals with VAT numbers.
During the period, the Group continued its programme to relaunch postal savings, accompanied by improvements in the quality and efficiency of the services offered to customers, including through the development of the digital channel. Specifically, online transactions on BancoPosta’s current accounts for the purchase of Interest-bearing Postal Certificates on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis have been extended, and the range of products on offer has been expanded with the launch of new Interest-bearing Postal Certificates that meet the different needs of Poste Italiane’s customers, most of whom can also be subscribed to via the online channel. 
In response to the Covid-19 emergency and in order to make it easier for Poste Italiane’s customers to manage postal savings products remotely, two new subscription or offer methods have been activated:
  • Telephone sales, through which customers can subscribe or redeem Interest-bearing Postal Certificates remotely through their consultant;
  • Postal Savings Suggestions, through which customers can receive a subscription proposal in their reserved area for Supersmart Certificates and Offer, also agreed with the support of their consultant. 

In order to strengthen the Company’s proximity to the various customer groups, the Group is constantly seeking innovative solutions for the products and services it offers. With a view to making its products fully accessible to all categories, and in line with the principles of culture and education, in 2020 Poste Italiane committed to reducing the digital divide by offering digital training courses. Given the impossibility of delivering in-person courses due to the health emergency, the Group offered online training “pills” and CyberSecQuiz to allow users to test their knowledge of IT security. 
In the same way, financial training briefs have been proposed to allow citizens to educate
and inform themselves, so as to be able to make informed choices. In continuity with initiatives aimed at promoting financial inclusion, Poste Italiane participated in the fifth edition of “Il Salone dei Pagamenti”, held online at the beginning of November 2020. The event was a useful opportunity to provide the Company’s point of view on the digital gap issue, illustrating the Group’s ongoing commitment to digital payments and encouraging the digitisation of the Public Administration. 
With regard to bringing young people closer to the financial world, in continuity with 2019, the initiative “il Risparmio che fa scuola” (A textbook way of saving) continued, a programme aimed at students that focuses on the theme of multidimensional savings as a value and tool for progress and personal development. The topics proposed for 2020, as well as those for 2019, were developed on three thematic areas covered with a workshop, multi-disciplinary and multimedia approach: saving on a personal level; sharing; quality of life on a global level.