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Incorporation of ESG criteria within insurance policies By implementing effective risk prevention processes, the insurance segment can help to protect society.

The increasing scale of environmental and social issues and the macro-trends that have emerged in recent years have led to an urgent need to ensure adequate coverage of environmental, social and governance risks as well, drawing the attention of the insurance industry and the essential role it plays in this area. In fact, through correct and effective implementation of risk management processes also by sector operators, the insurance industry can contribute to the mitigation of risks for the community and the sustainable development of society.
In light of these considerations, the path of ESG integration in the financial business was also initiated with reference to insurance activities and Poste Vita, on the basis of this awareness, decided to define a robust approach formalised within its “Responsible Insurance Policy”. This Policy describes the principles, objectives and processes underlying the Company's approach to managing risks and opportunities related to ESG factors within traditional insurance processes.

The early adoption of an ESG integration approach in the financial business has enabled Poste Vita to anticipate developments in the relevant market scenarios by introducing innovative insurance products with social and environmental impacts

Since 2019, the Poste Vita Group has been a signatory to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) promoted by the United Nations, affirming its formal commitment to the inclusion of sustainability criteria relevant to the insurance sector in its decision-making processes. This commitment is also highlighted through collaboration paths with customers and partners aimed at raising awareness in this area and the promotion of synergies with bodies and institutions with the aim of favouring widespread and cohesive action on ESG issues. 

One area that has engaged Poste Vita and Poste Assicura companies, and which will continue to be developed with a view to ongoing evolution, concerned the integration of further considerations in relation to sustainability risks into the risk management framework and the Actuarial Function. The aim is to ensure alignment with national and EU regulatory requirements and market best practices, with a particular focus on climate change risks.

Insurance products with social and environmental benefit

The Poste Vita Insurance Group, consistent with its corporate objectives, defines and markets its products pursuing the objectives of enhancing the social role of insurance protection and inclusiveness facilitating economic affordability. For this reason, the Group develops insurance solutions that, on the one hand, encourage the adoption of sustainable and responsible behaviour by its policyholders and, on the other, are functional to the mitigation of ESG risks. 

During the development phase of its offering, the Group is committed to including more vulnerable social groups that need greater attention, such as younger and older people. Specifically, in the area of individual pension plans, Poste Vita offers special complementary forms, accessible also to the younger generations, who find themselves having to fill a substantial pension gap, reducing the difference between the expected basic compulsory pension and what is needed to guarantee a decent standard of living.