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Innovation and digitisation of products and services Poste Italiane contributes to the constant creation of positive externalities on society, through continuous technological evolution, affecting the reduction of environmental impacts and promoting social inclusion, thanks to the definition of products and services accessible to all customers.

The constant commitment to the search for innovative digital solutions and the ability to integrate new business models has enabled the Group to achieve important results for the development of its business and for the creation, through the review of its products and services, of shared value for society and the country. 


With a view to payments, Poste Italiane has undertaken a series of initiatives that place customers in a central position, directing all its efforts towards the continuous improvement of the experience of using the services made available and accessing the offer in an increasingly omni-channel logic.

In 2022, in continuity with previous years, the Company implemented the digital payment services available, through an ecosystem of collection services available to consumer, business and PA customers, which can be used either through the physical network or through web or app channels. Thanks to the new PDA, Poste Italiane's operators are able to handle cash-on-delivery mail and parcels and, through Tap on Phone (“SoftPOS”) technology, authorise contactless payments through PostePay's “Pay with code” functionality. Furthermore, in 2022, “SoftPOS” saw the enabling of a “posless” electronic payment acceptance service on proprietary devices of large merchants.

In addition, during 2022, the Group introduced a new “MPOS Postepay” offer by restyling the device and its packaging, with a view to environmental sustainability, using sustainable materials and improving sales and activation processes.
As far as current accounts dedicated to Business and Public Administration are concerned, “BancoPosta Business Link”, a current account for Small Business customers, introduced in the previous year and provided with a modular offer accessible online, was awarded at the MF Banking Awards with the Innovation Award in the category “Accounts and payments for business customers”.
Furthermore, the Company promoted the use of ATMs as opposed to staffed tellers for withdrawing cash and the use of all digital channels and apps to carry out various transactions. Against a backdrop of great digital evolution, the Group endeavours to provide an offering that is increasingly oriented towards electronic money, while simultaneously combating the use of cash. In this regard, the research and efforts made by the Company, also in support of the initiatives promoted by the Government, have enabled the development of a number of additional new products and services:
  • Postepay Digital, the first 100% digital Postepay prepaid card, suitable for online payments, transport fares, QR code payments in participating businesses or Google Pay for owners of an authorised Android smartphone. It is managed in the Postepay App and allows customers to request an IBAN to be associated with the card in order to make or receive bank transfers, receive salary payments or set up utility bill direct debits. The version equipped with an IBAN allows users to request a “physical” copy of the card, delivered completely free of charge to one’s home, in order to withdraw cash from all ATMs and pay in all stores which use the Mastercard circuit.
  • Postepay PA, the prepaid card dedicated entirely to the Public Administration, which since its launch, has made it possible to manage the funds and contributions to be paid out to citizens. The card is equipped with an IBAN which can be viewed on the Postepay and Bancoposta apps and on the website, thanks to which the card can handle SEPA transfers and transfers between postal accounts.
  • Postepay Green, a biodegradable prepaid card, made from materials of organic origin with a lower environmental impact, reserved for young people aged 10 to 17. The prepaid card allows young customers to make payments safely and quickly, and parents to monitor transactions (parental control) and quickly top up the card through the “pocket money” system. These services can be used from both web and app channels.
  • Postepay Code, the new service that allows merchants to manage payments with the PostePay App via QR code, representing a simple and secure collection solution for local professionals, tradespeople and small businesses. Payment by Code, which is also available within the Post Office network, has recently been added with a promotion that allows customers to receive cashback on every transaction they make. This promotion has been extended to 31 March 2022 and it allows users to receive €3 cashback for every transaction made with Postepay Code of at least €10 in participating retail outlets, up to a maximum of €15 per day. In addition, the Company offers an online sales process to enable self-service purchases of the Code service, as well as the method that involves generating lists of users interested in the service (leads) at Post Offices, who are subsequently contracted through sales representatives or the contact centre. Finally, in October 2021, with a view to optimising and broadening the sales channels, the Group introduced the Code WEB feature in its Large Customers offering, with the aim of standardising the user experience of the payment by Code service, whether online or instore. The new feature allows customers to pay online by capturing the QR code on the website of affiliated merchants.
  • The Postepay Evolution card is a rechargeable card with IBAN for customers who, in addition to the traditional features of a Postepay Standard card, need to make use of the main banking transactions without being tied to a current account. This card enables customers to transfer funds via bank transfer or towards another postal account, set up utility bill direct debits and receive salary or pension payments. The card is accepted in the many retail outlets, whether physical or online, which use the Mastercard circuit. The same card is available in a business version (Postepay Evolution Business), with services designed for the needs of self-employed professionals with VAT number or registered as sole traders. This card offers the possibility of sending money 24/7, through a partnership with Western Union, not only via Postepay App, but also from the web channel to over 200 countries. In 2022, the digital functionality was also introduced on the Business channel of Postepay Evolution and the conversion of Postepay Evolution to environmentally friendly materials was planned;
  • The IoStudio Postepay card is a Student Card, developed by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and distributed to secondary school students. The card can be used to prove one’s status as a student in Italy and abroad, allowing access to discounts and advantages in businesses affiliated with the Ministry for Education as well as the ScontiPoste discount scheme. The Student Card includes the payment features of a Postepay card and stands out for its high security standards, blocking payments in sectors such as gambling, adult services and liquor sales. 


PostePay is the largest player in the industry with 29 million cards and more than two billion transactions by 2022: more than one and a half million Italians have chosen Postepay cards to make their first e-commerce payments.
Successful initiatives that have been introduced in previous years and continued in 2022 include:
  • Apple Pay, enables contactless payments with Postepay debit or prepaid cards from enabled iOS devices;
  • Cardless withdrawal, Postepay card holders can withdraw at Postamat ATMs without having to insert their card, thanks to the cardless mode that involves scanning the QR code shown on the ATM screen;
  • Postepay Open, allows users to top up their Postepay prepaid card with accounts of third-party banks (Payment Initiation Service - PIS) and to be able to view the balance and movement list of the selected current account directly in the Postepay app (Account Information Service - AIS);
  • Postepay Business, dedicated to retail customers, allows them to take advantage of the services of the Postepay ecosystem as well as those typical of a traditional debit card. Card operations can be customised via the PosteBusiness app, on the dedicated web portal and at ATM Postamat. Additionally, the card allows authorisation of e-commerce purchases directly from the app.


With regard to collections, Poste Italiane’s role within the PagoPA system is well established, with the extension of the range of services offered to central and local government bodies via digital channels (web and app).
From May 2020, PostePay SpA, in addition to BancoPosta, has also been accredited directly as a payment service provider on the PagoPA system making it possible to make payments via the PagoPA service on all digital channels, at Post Offices and through the Portals of the Creditor Entities, including for payment notices with respect to bank current accounts.
The launch of the Digital Moneybox is an important development in the digital savings landscape, accessible on the BancoPosta and PostePay apps. The Digital Moneybox is a digital service, completely free of charge, which leverages the digital management of the Smart book, the BancoPosta account and/ or the Postepay Evolution prepaid card, allowing customers to set aside funds and achieve spending and/or savings micro-goals. 


In line with the communication services strategy of previous years, which aims to bring advanced internet connectivity solutions to individuals and companies, Poste Italiane, through PostePay S.p.A., has maintained its agreements with two national operators, Open Fiber and TIM.

During 2022, Poste Italiane also established itself as a major operator in the telecommunications sector, not only thanks to its partnerships with Open Fiber and TIM, but also by implementing further initiatives:
  • Postepay Connect Back, a mobile service with an exclusive cashback feature. Customers who sign up to the offer receive a monthly cashback discount for the Giga of their tariff plan not used up, credited directly to their Postepay Evolution card and usable for any type of expenditure;
  • PosteMobile Casa WEB, the home internet connection solution based on 4G wireless technology. The service can be purchased exclusively online and installation does not require the intervention of a technician, guaranteeing unlimited data traffic with high performance (speeds of up to 300 Mbps) and a free Wi-Fi modem included on loan;
  • PosteCasa Ultraveloce, the new “data only” offer, which can be activated online thanks to a “full digital” process, which enables users to surf from home at the speed of fibre up to 1Gbps without limits. The offer was launched by PostePay, thanks to which Poste Italiane has been able to makes its début on the super-fast fiber optic internet connection market, through ultra broadband technology. The offer moreover includes a second mobile connection, allowing customers to use the internet instantly, without limits, with a view to a implementing a ‘fast provisioning’ and ‘full connectivity’ customer experience. Furthermore, a Wi-Fi modem and USB dongle are supplied to customers on a free lease. In order to sign up for the PosteCasa Ultraveloce fiber optic internet connection service, all customers need do is visit their nearest Post Office or request activation directly on the website.
  • Mobile Tarif Offer, which offers mass market promotions featuring a high mobile data allowance, which can be requested in store or online, available to all customers with no strings attached.
  • Mobile phone services in the Postepay app, thanks to which PosteMobile SIM holders can access and view their current tariff, options, offers and bonuses. Moreover, an overview of telephone traffic and past top-ups is also provided. In order to access these features, customers must register on and log in via the app using the same credentials created on the website, or use the quick access method by accessing the app while using the PosteMobile data network. Compared to 2021, there has been an increase of 18% in downloads from the PostePay App, while downloads from the PosteID App raised by 25%.


The Company, also in 2022, made use of an area fleet that proved to be a strategic asset to be able to meet the demanding market demand. In fact, thanks to its air connections, Poste Italiane has made it possible to deliver parcels within 24 hours throughout Italy, including the islands. The Company's aircraft fleet consists of six vehicles in total: five Boeing 737-400 Cargo and one ATR 72-500 Cargo. Domestically, it operates permanently at 8 airports.

In the delivery area, the Group continued its growth strategy in the logistics segment related to e-commerce purchases by strengthening the potential of its partnership with Amazon. PuntoPoste, Poste Italiane's network for the collection of online purchases and the delivery of any returns, is part of this strategy. It complements the 12,800 Post Offices and consists of around 15,000 alternative collection points including tobacconists, bars, stationers, newsagents, shops and KiPoints, as well as 320 lockers and 80 enabled Carrefour supermarkets. The choice by customers to pick up or send a parcel at one of these points is what is now called “green behaviour”, a more responsible and sustainable behaviour as the logistical process behind the use of the service helps to reduce CO2 emissions. This stems from the fact that Poste Italiane, instead of using numerous vehicles to deliver to customers' multiple domiciles, can concentrate collection at a single collection point, thus reducing the number of passages and vehicle movements of the company fleet.

Furthermore, the agreement signed with the partner Italiana Petroli (IP) provides for an increase in pick-up points dedicated to purchases online, to the dispatch of pre-stamped parcels and returns from the main e-commerce sites that adhere to the PuntoPoste Network.

Additionally, in 2022 the Group continued its cooperation with Zalando, offering the possibility of using the PuntoPoste network for returns management and outward shipments. In continuity with previous years, the Scegli Tu (You Choose) service remained active, providing flexibility in the delivery of a shipment to the recipient, allowing it to be managed and customised even when in transit.

With regard to the solutions offered to businesses, in 2022, the “Poste Delivery Business” offer was enriched with a new feature that will allow sellers, users of Second-Hand platforms, to send from proximity points also in paperless mode, i.e., without the need to print a label.

As part of its offerings for consumer customers, in continuation of previous years, the company allows online parcels of up to 30 kg to be sent quickly and easily in Italy and abroad thanks to the “Poste Delivery Web” service. In continuity with previous years, in 2022, Poste Italiane promoted “Poste Delivery Now”, the set of value-added services offered by the Group in collaboration with Milkman that enables e-commerce operators to offer their customers a simple and interactive shopping experience, thanks to the possibility of choosing the exact moment at which to receive the order.

The home delivery service for medicines also continued to be extended to large cities and medium-small municipalities, which can take place in instant (within 90 minutes of purchase), scheduled (at the desired time) or next day (day after purchase) modes. The service is active in over 170 municipalities. In order to complete the transition to a broad-based logistics model, in 2022, Poste Italiane acquired a majority stake in Plurima, a leader in hospital logistics, and signed a partnership with Redcare, a leading company in the online sale of para-pharmaceuticals.