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Innovation and digitisation of products and services Poste Italiane contributes to the constant creation of positive externalities on society, through continuous technological evolution, affecting the reduction of environmental impacts and promoting social inclusion, thanks to the definition of products and services accessible to all customers.

During 2023, Poste Italiane achieved important results in terms of development and value creation for the country and the community, and thanks to its constant commitment to the search for cutting-edge digital solutions and the integration of new business models, it was able to revisit its range of products and services and on opening further communication channels with its customers.


Measures were implemented in the area of payments to streamline existing processes aimed at improving the customer experience by increasing the use of PostePay's products/services increasingly focused on omnichannel. 

The Group continued with the objective of implementing the digital payment services available, through an ecosystem of collection services available for consumer, business or PA customers, usable both with a physical network and through web channels or apps. Still considering digital payments, the Group in the field of acquiring continues the expansion of 'Soft POS' deployment on our proprietary networks and some large merchants. 

In 2023, the 'Pay and Withdraw' service was launched on the Punto LIS affiliate network, which allows the withdrawal of small amounts of cash at the same time as a card purchase transaction. 
Furthermore, as part of the PosteBusiness infrastructure optimisation process, the "My Business" service was integrated for users of the "BancoPosta Business Link" current account intended for Small Business customers, which allows to have a simple and intuitive view of the financial situation, monitoring income, expenditure, cash flows, including forecasts, and the achievement of personalised income and/or expenditure objectives. Furthermore, during 2023, the "Off-Site" Offer was launched, aimed at Small Economic Operators (POE) and Business customers, which involves sales through the presence of the seller at the customer's premises and the use of automated tools for signing of contracts.

Throughout 2023, the digital payment functionalities in the business ecosystem of customers with Postepay Evolution Business and Postepay Debit Business cards were expanded, integrating the payment of slips (both web and app), Postepay top-ups (both web and app) and F24 forms (web). In addition, the promo providing for the refund of the first year's fee for the Postepay Evolution Business card in the event of a simultaneous request for the card and the 'Tandem Mobile POS' or ' Tandem Physical POS' acquiring service was renewed, remaining active for the duration of 2023.
In continuity with previous years, the Group has promoted the use of ATMs, digital channels and apps for carrying out transactions, as an alternative to the counter for cash withdrawal. Aware of the current context, aimed at digital progress, the Company is committed to guaranteeing its customers an offer that encourages the use of electronic money and, at the same time, discourages the use of cash. Postamat ATMs are available seven days a week and in operation 24 hours a day, and most are equipped with high-brightness digital monitors and banknote dispensers protected by modern video surveillance systems and innovative security devices.

The Group's research and commitment, as well as supporting government initiatives, have also enabled the development of a number of products and services, including: 
  • Postepay Digital,  the first 100% digital and free Postepay prepaid card suitable for online payments, public transport payments, payments via QR code or Google Pay for owners of an Android-enabled smartphone. The Postepay Digital Card, was named 'Product of the Year 2023' in the 'Financial Services' category, due to its innovation and customer satisfaction. It is managed by the Postepay app and allows users to request association of an associated IBAN code to receive or make transfers, credit their salary and pay their utility bills. Starting in 2022, the possibility was introduced for customers to apply for Postepay Digital also through the web. Users who decide to receive the IBAN card version of the card have the opportunity to request delivery of the physical card at home, so that they can withdraw cash from any ATM and pay at establishments affiliated with the Mastercard circuit;
  • The Postepay Debit Card is the payment card associated with the BancoPosta current account for everyday purchases and withdrawals, and also for online purchases.   The card is environmentally friendly, produced with materials made by recovering marine plastic debris from the oceans, with material of biological origin (PLA) or with recycled PVC (rPVC). The Postepay Debit Card participates in the ScontiPoste programme that allows to receive cashback discounts directly on the current account; 
  • The Postepay Evolution card is a rechargeable card with IBAN code that guarantees the use of main banking transactions without requiring a current account. The card, which is accepted by physical and online points of sale operating on the Mastercard circuit, allows money transfers via bank transfers/postagiro, utility payments and the crediting of salary or pension. By adding the card to the Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets, it can be used in cardless mode via your smartphone or smartwatch, in contactless mode, simply by bringing it close to the POS. The Postepay Evolution also offers the possibility of sending money to wallets and accounts, 24 hours a day, via the Postepay app and website to more than 200 countries thanks to its partnership with Western Union. For the target group of freelancers with a VAT number and sole proprietorships, the 'business' version (Postepay Evolution Business) is available. In continuation of the previous year, the possibility of extending the digital functionalities of the Postepay Evolution to the digital channel of the Postepay Evolution Business (App PosteBusiness, was confirmed, and the conversion of the card fleet to low environmental impact materials continued. From 2023 onwards, it is also possible, via the Postepay App, to request 'Postepay Connect', which includes a Postepay Evolution card and a PosteMobile SIM with a dedicated phone rate and allows access to exclusive services; 
  • Postepay Impresa, simplifies a company's management of payments for occasional services, salaries, contributions and various fees for its employees;
  • Postepay Green, an eco-sustainable prepaid card, made with organic materials with low environmental impact (made up of 82% polylactic acid of biological origin), reserved for young people between 10 and 17 years old. The prepaid card allows children to make quick and secure payments, and parents to quickly make top-ups through the “pocket money” system and to control transactions (parental control). The services described can be used via both web and app channels; 
  • The IoStudio Postepay card is the Student Card created by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and distributed to high school students. The card declares student status in Italy and abroad and in addition to guaranteeing benefits and advantages in establishments affiliated with the MIUR, it allows membership of ScontiPoste. The card has the same functionality as the Postepay card and features high security standards, preventing payments to merchants in product categories prohibited to minors such as gambling, adult services and liquor sales. Since September 2023, the Postepay Borsa di Studio Card has also been made available in cooperation with MIM (Ministry of Education and Merit), which enables the crediting of funds allocated by the Ministry for scholarships for secondary school students;
  • The card dedicata a Te, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, is a prepaid payment card on which a 'one-off' contribution of €382.50 is pre-loaded, for the purchase of basic foodstuffs only, to which a further bonus of €77 is subsequently added, for the purchase of fuel or a season ticket for local public transport;
  • The app withdrawal service, provided by LISPAY for all Poste Italiane Group cards, introduces the possibility of making a withdrawal using the Postepay app for customers with debit card relationships linked to a postal current account. These services are accessible from LIS network points of sale operating with Postepay acquiring, in line with the Poste Italiane Group omnichannel strategy. 


Furthermore, during 2023, innovation-related projects focused on Data and Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and IoT by supporting innovation in the following areas through use-cases: Data driven company; hyper customisation and inclusiveness of the customer experience and service model; new business models of digital platforms and services; evolution and innovation; operations; logistics; green transformation and innovation in education. 

In the area of transport, the physical acquiring service was launched according to the Payment Facilitator model with FNMPay on Trenord merchants, which will continue with the expansion of the virtual service.  

The payment solutions that were introduced in previous years and maintained in 2023 include: 
  • Apple Pay, enables contactless payments with Postepay debit or prepaid cards from enabled iOS devices;
  • Google Pay (Gpay), allows you to pay contactless and online directly from your Google Pay-enabled Android smartphone; 
  • PostePay Code, through the Postepay App and the BancoPosta App you can pay, at Post Offices or in affiliated shops, by simply framing the QR code with the Postepay App, the BancoPosta App or from the camera of your smartphone and authorising the payment via PosteID; 
  • Cardless withdrawal, Postepay card holders can withdraw at Postamat ATMs without having to insert their card, thanks to the cardless mode that involves scanning the QR code shown on the ATM screen; Starting in September, the new cardless withdrawal service was introduced in the BancoPosta and Postepay apps, which will allow Postepay debit card holders to withdraw cash without using their physical card by going to one of the affiliated tobacconists in the PUNTOLIS network;
  • Postepay Open, allows users to top up their Postepay prepaid card with accounts of third-party banks (Payment Initiation Service - PIS) and to be able to view the balance and movement list of the selected current account directly in the Postepay app (Account Information Service - AIS). 


Poste Italiane is a constantly evolving reality that shows a special regard for innovation, representing Italian excellence in this field. As proof of the Group's commitment in this regard, the University of Pavia, on the occasion of the presentation of a multidimensional survey carried out by the newly-established ITIR (Institute for Transformative Innovation Research), included Poste Italiane among the 10 Italian companies with the highest rate of transformative innovation, a concept that expresses the ability of companies to renew business models, initiate a digital transformation and pursue an ecological and social transition.According to the report, the companies at the top of this ranking, which also include Poste Italiane along with important companies operating in the financial, insurance, food, but also banking, communication, construction, sustainable energy and fashion sectors, have shown greater agility in facing new global challenges, such as digitalisation and sustainability. 


With regard to the collections sector, Poste Italiane's role is stable in the PagoPA system, also thanks to the extension of the offer of services dedicated to the Central and Local Public Administration (PAC) in digital channels (web and apps). 

In 2023, the development and deployment of payment solutions to the public administration continued, allowing for greater digitalisation of the process and a reduction in paper payment receipts. In the payment experience at physical channels, the offer includes the possibility of dematerialised (paperless) payments and in this direction, projects aimed at digitalised invoice alerts are also being implemented. The pilot project has already been launched within the Poste Italiane Group. 

As early as 2020, PostePay SpA, in addition to BancoPosta, is also accredited as a payment service provider on the PagoPA system, allowing customers to carry out these operations on all digital channels, in post offices and through the portals of creditor bodies, also for payment notices from bank current accounts. In addition, in continuity with previous years, in compliance with the Ministerial Decree of the MEF of 30 April 2021, Poste Italiane has kept active the solution 'Incassi Piattaforma per le Amministrazioni dello Stato' (Collection Platform for State Administrations), which allows to manage payments related to the practices of State Public Administrations. 

A further innovative solution active in the field of digital savings is represented by Poste Italiane's Digital Money Box (Salvadanaio Digitale), a free digital service that allows customers to set aside specific sums and reach micro-spending and/or saving goals, through the management of their Smart passbook, BancoPosta account and/or Postepay Evolution prepaid card. The service provides the possibility of creating up to 5 savings targets at the same time for a maximum total amount of €5,000. The customer chooses the sum to be accumulated, the date of attainment (from 1 to 24 months) and the relevant category (e.g. travel, leisure) with the option of customisation. Through the sharing functionality, it is also possible to ask family and friends for a contribution to the achievement of the objective. 


In line with the communication services strategy of previous years, which aims to bring advanced internet connectivity solutions to individuals and companies, Poste Italiane, through PostePay SpA, has maintained its agreements with two national operators, Open Fiber and TIM. Open Fibre is a provider of direct internet access and connectivity services to customers through the use of fibre (FTTH) and fibre blended copper (FTTC and FTTE) access technologies. The second agreement, on the other hand, refers to Internet access and connectivity services, but only with FTTH technologies. The partnership with Open Fiber will ensure broad coverage in cities and small towns, while the agreement with TIM envisages the deployment of the FTTH network in more than 1,600 municipalities nationwide by 2025. The dual initiative expands the portfolio of offers aimed at the consumer and business market with new ultrabroadband fibre-optic services, and aims to reduce the digital divide in Italy.

During 2023, Poste Italiane also established itself as a major operator in the telecommunications sector, not only thanks to its partnerships with Open Fiber and TIM, but also for having confirmed and/or implemented initiatives for home and mobile telephony:
  • Postepay Connect Back, a service offering an exclusive cashback function. Subscribers of the offer receive a monthly cashback discount that is credited directly to Postepay Evolution, equal to the unused Giga of the tariff plan. Cashback can be used without time constraints and for any type of expenditure;
  • PosteMobile Casa WEB, offers 4G wireless internet connection for the home. The service can be purchased online as installation does not require the presence of a technician, and offers unlimited high-performance traffic (speed up to 300 Mbps), with a Wi-Fi modem included on free loan;
  • PosteCasa Ultraveloce, the data-only offer with which Poste Italiane entered the broadband market that allows users to surf from home at fibre speed (1 Gbps) without limits. The service, which can be subscribed to online in a full-digital process, includes a second unlimited connection on a 4G network to offer customers a fast provisioning and full connectivity experience. In addition to the provision of a Wi-Fi modem and a USB stick on loan for free, subscribers to the offer can also activate the 'voice' component for unlimited calls from home to all national fixed and mobile numbers. The PosteCasa Ultraveloce Start product, which can be subscribed to at post offices and provides only a fibre data connection, leaving the customer the flexibility to choose a second connection on the mobile network with a 4G USB stick. PostePay customers with SPID can access a simplified process to apply online for fibre connectivity;
  • Mobile Tarif Offer, offers mass market promotions, which can be activated from the physical or online channel, which include a high amount of giga and are reserved for all customers;
  • Mobile phone services in the Postepay app,  with which PosteMobile SIM card holders, after registering on the website, can monitor traffic details and make top-ups directly from the app. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to check their telephone rate plan, bonuses and active promotions, as well as available options.
Through the expansion of Poste Pay's digital offering, the Poste taliane Group positions itself as a reference institutional player for the digitalisation and development of the country, especially in the areas defined as "market failure areas". In 2023, in continuity with previous years, the trend in digital app downloads is positive, accompanied by a steady growth in transactions carried out via consumer digital channels (websites and apps). The year 2023 was an important year for the 'Poste Energia' offer, which reached over 500,000 electricity and gas subscriptions.
Poste Energia is an electricity and gas offer, a pay-as-you-go offer, which can be activated for one or both supplies exclusively in all post offices, on the web channel and on the Postepay and Banco Posta apps, based on three pillars such as predictability (thanks to the Fixed Rate bill and the possibility of defining payment dates for all bills) transparency (there are no security deposits or exit penalties), and proximity to people and the environment, thanks to the approximately 12,000 Post Offices in the territory and to the supply of electricity from 100% Italian renewable sources (certified through GSE Guarantees of Origin). CO2 emissions, related to the consumption of the gas sold, are offset through the purchase of carbon credits that finance international projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. In fact, Poste Italiane is committed to combating CO2 emissions by supporting - with its partner Lifegate - international projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and improving people's lives in different areas of the planet.


The postal market is currently going through a phase of profound changes, largely attributable to digitalisation, which affects the volumes of letters and parcels in circulation in different ways. The continuing structural decline in traditional mail volumes, replaced by digital forms of communication (e-substitution), is accompanied by an increase in the volume of parcels sent. 

Also in the first nine months of the year, the Group continued with the process of reorganising its transport, sorting, delivery activities and improving the customer experience, in line with the long-term objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan, such as increasing efficiency, flexibility and quality in order to seize the opportunities arising from the development of e-commerce. 

PuntoPoste, Poste Italiane's network for the collection of online purchases and the delivery of any returns, is part of this strategy. It complements the about 12,800 Post Offices and consists of around 15,700 alternative collection points including tobacconists, bars, stationers, newsagents, shops and KiPoints, lockers and enabled Carrefour supermarkets. The choice by customers to pick up or send a parcel at one of these points is what is now called “green behaviour”, a more responsible and sustainable behaviour as the logistical process behind the use of the service helps to reduce CO2 emissions. This stems from the fact that Poste Italiane, instead of using numerous vehicles to deliver to customers' multiple domiciles, can concentrate collection at a single collection point, thus reducing the number of passages and vehicle movements of the company fleet. 

In addition, the agreement with DHL eCommerce will make it possible to increase the number of pick-up points dedicated to online purchases, the dispatch of pre-franked parcels and returns from the main e-commerce sites that adhere to the PuntoPoste Network thanks to the installation of automatic lockers available H24 7/7, nationwide. 

Additionally, in 2023 the Group continued its cooperation with Zalando, offering the possibility of using the PuntoPoste network for returns management and outward shipments. In continuity with previous years, the Scegli Tu (You Choose) service remained active, providing flexibility in the delivery of a shipment to the recipient, allowing it to be managed and customised even when in transit. 

With reference, on the other hand, to the partnership with Amazon, renewed in 2021 for a further three years, Poste Italiane maintains the objective of satisfying the growing demand of customers throughout Italy through an offer of innovative services for deliveries and returns In this regard, operators running an e-commerce site are enabled to activate the 'Reverse Paperless' function of Poste Delivery Business, which not only makes the return service easier for the e-shopper without the need to print the shipping label, but is also advantageous for the retailer as it allows them to increase their sales volume. The new box- and label-free return service (boxless) was also released in 2023, which represents a further evolution of the offer and improvement of the eshopper experience. In fact, the person making the return does not have to worry about anything: it is Poste Italiane that takes care of the preparation and printing of the waybill. The Service is currently available to Amazon customers, but will soon be released to all merchants through the Poste Delivery Business offer.