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Occupational health and safety Protecting our employees’ health and safety in the workplace is of utmost importance for Poste Italiane.

The Poste Italiane Group considers the protection of health and safety at work a fundamental value, which all people must be inspired by in carrying out their daily activities. The Company, in addition to having identified organisational responsibilities and having specific policies to ensure adequate supervision of all aspects of occupational health and safety, is constantly committed to taking all necessary measures to reduce accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. Moreover, through prevention policies and programmes and information and awareness campaigns, it promotes people's psychophysical well-being.


The integrated policy and the Group health and safety policy define the key elements of the occupational health and safety management systems adopted, including:

  • continuous assessment of risks and definition/update of related rules and procedures;
  • ensuring that innovations and changes in work processes are always accompanied by occupational health and safety objectives;
  • timely adaptation to all regulatory changes and updates;
  • identification of roles and responsibilities within the organisation and allocation of the necessary resources for planning and implementing the programmes aimed at achieving the objectives;
  • effective and transparent communication that ensures dissemination of any information that might be useful for prevention purposes, including cooperation and coordination measures with contractors;
  • periodic review of the management system by top management to assess its correctness and effectiveness with a view to achieving constant improvement;
  • the prioritisation of the actions to be implemented in order to manage the risks related to health and safety at work, identified during the assessment phase, and the consequent integration of the action plans with quantitative objectives to address the above risks.

Occupational health and safety issues are a priority for the Group. In this regard, Poste Italiane has defined quantifiable targets for Business Unit managers, which are evaluated on an accident reduction target. The company has also set up dedicated teams with the specific task of monitoring the data relevant to the defined quantitative targets on a daily basis. Among the main objectives pursued by Poste Italiane, the continuous awareness and involvement on the subject of Health and Safety at Work of all those who work within the Group is fundamental and a priority. Of particular importance is the dissemination and enhancement of the safety culture within the territorial operational centres (distribution centres and post offices) and their coordination structures. In addition, the Company is committed to the continuous improvement of its Management Systems, through the planning and execution of initiatives aimed at implementing the principles set out in the Occupational Safety Policy, and in the periodic review for the definition of new challenging objectives.



Each Poste Italiane S.p.A. production unit adopts the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (designed in accordance with UNI ISO 45001) to govern OHS issues.
As of 2022, the main Group companies certified according to the UNI ISO 45001 standard are: EGI S.p.A., PosteVita S.p.A., PosteAssicura S.p.A., SDA S.p.A., Postel S.p.A., Poste Air Cargo S.r.l., Bancoposta Fondi S.p.A., Postepay S.p.A. Poste Italiane's goal is to maintain this certification in all of the production units of Poste Italiane S.p.A. and of Group Companies.

It should be noted that with the end of the state of health emergency on 31 March 2022 and the improvement in the epidemiological development, mainly linked to the considerable reduction in the expected damage in the event of contagion, a reshaping of the anti-contagion measures was implemented during 2022. Specifically, the protective measures adopted according to the actual level of risk, the regulatory framework in force from time to time and the indications of the Health Authority, were as follows:

  • information to external personnel (maintenance staff, consultants, customers, etc.) and employees about the risk containment measures adopted by the company and the relevant rules of conduct;
  • distribution, at such intervals as to ensure their availability at all times, of respiratory protective masks for all workers;
  • publication of safety procedures and operating instructions for the management of symptomatic cases and Covid- 19 cases in the company;
  • communication campaigns aimed at continuously raising staff awareness on the adoption of correct behaviour aimed at preventing the risk of infection.


In any case, the Committee for monitoring the implementation of the described protection measures, established by specific agreement within the National Joint Observatory, remains active.

Type of accidents, severity of accidents at work, and deaths at work of the Poste Italiane Group - which include Covid-19 cases. Please refer to the dedicated document for data on the absenteeism rate (including Covid-19 cases).

 Occupational accidents








 Of which:


 at work




 whilst travelling









Of which:


 at work




 whilst travelling





Occupational accidents with severe consequences




Of which:




At work




Whilst travelling