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Occupational health and safety Protecting our employees’ health and safety in the workplace is of utmost importance for Poste Italiane.

Protecting our employees’ health and safety in the workplace is of utmost importance for Poste Italiane. Therefore, in its activities the Group respects the highest international standards and the specific rules and regulations regarding the postal sector, via an approach based on continuous improvement.

Indeed, staff wellbeing is not only a moral principle, but also the key to successful individual and corporate performance. The Company deems the assessment and prevention occupational health and safety risks to be fundamental principles, which all employees should be inspired by in carrying out their daily activities.

Therefore, in accordance with corporate values, the Group is committed to:
  • ensuring continuous awareness and involvement regarding OHS by everyone working within the Group, especially the dissemination and strengthening of the safety culture at local operating centres (distribution centres and Post Offices) and the relative coordination structures;
  • reduce injuries, particularly in the logistics and delivery sector;
  • ensure the continuous improvement of Management Systems through the planning and implementation of initiatives in line with Group Policies, the constant monitoring of occupational health and safety performance and the periodic review for the definition of new objectives.
In 2019, with the aim of strengthening oversight of occupational health and safety, Poste Italiane SpA confirmed certification of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, in compliance with the BS OHSAS 18001 standard, currently ISO 45001, adopted by the “Strutture centrali e le loro dipendenze territoriali” (Central facilities and their local branches) production units. 
All Group companies with management systems provide for periodic assessments and audits to ensure compliance with the requirements of the relevant standards and that they are properly implemented and maintained. 
In this regard, in 2020 the percentage of Group companies with a BS OHSAS 18001 (now ISO 45001) certified Health and Safety Management System was 33.33%.

The emergency scenario presented in 2020 has led to the need to adopt even more precautionary prevention measures with a view to guaranteeing the health and safety of all People but at the same time ensuring the continuity of the obligations provided for by the regulations and international standards on the subject, such as compulsory training and health surveillance. With reference to health and safety training in the workplace, in view of the emergency, the need has arisen to redesign and adapt training packages in the form of distance learning (FAD) in order to ensure social distancing. In this regard, the Group has started to implement the distance learning method through the use of elearning training platforms for the courses envisaged by the State-Regions Conference Agreement, thus enabling the continuation of activities, except for the practical training of emergency teams.

In addition to compulsory training, the Company also deemed it important to continue planning and drafting vademecums for workers, supervisors and executives, implementing a massive communication campaign aimed at all employees on hygiene and prevention measures in relation to infection by Covid-19 made available through all internal channels (Intranet, mailings, company notice boards, flyers, etc.). The prevention and mitigation measures adopted made it possible, even in such an emergency scenario, to provide about 224,000 hours of occupational health and safety training. 

Type of injuries, severity of work-related injuries and deaths at work for the Poste Italiane Group - including Covid-19 cases. Reference should be made to  the dedicated document for data on the rate of absenteeism (inclusive of Covid-19 cases).


  2018 2019 2020
Injuries 8,349 8,006 7,398
Of which
 at work 6,816 6,623 6,510
 whilst travelling 1,533 1,383 888
 Fatalities  9  5  22
Of which
 at work 20
 whilst travelling 2
Occupational accidents with severe consequences 2,493 2,228 2,037
Of which      
At work 1,947 1,763 1,709
Whilst travelling 546 465 328