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Occupational health and safety Protecting our employees’ health and safety in the workplace is of utmost importance for Poste Italiane.

Poste Italiane considers occupational health and safety to be a fundamental value, which all people must be inspired by in carrying out their daily activities. In this light, the Company has identified all of its organisational responsibilities and adopted specific policies, in line with regulations, collective bargaining and the national and international standards of reference (e.g. ILO), in order to ensure adequate supervision of all occupational health and safety aspects. These policies are implemented with reference to all Group operations, including activities related to partners and suppliers, and are addressed to all individuals operating on behalf of or under the supervision of Poste Italiane. Additionally, the Company is committed to taking all the necessary measures to reduce injuries, workplace injuries and occupational illnesses, promoting the psychophysical well-being of people through policies, prevention programmes, information and awareness campaigns.

Among the main goals pursued by the Group in 2021, the campaign to raise awareness and involvement with occupational health and safety issues for all those who work within the Group was of particular importance, in particular to disseminate and strengthen the safety culture within the local operating centres (distribution centres and post offices) and the relative coordination structures. Additionally, Poste Italiane also worked to reduce injuries, especially in the logistics and delivery sector (mail mechanisation centres and distribution centres) and to continuously improve the Management Systems by planning and carrying out initiatives to concretely implement the principles established in the Occupational Safety Policy.
Finally, the Company is also dedicated to constantly monitoring occupational health and safety performance and periodically reviewing the same to establish new objectives.

Therefore, in accordance with corporate values, the Group is committed to:
  • ensuring continuous awareness and involvement regarding OHS by everyone working within the Group, especially the dissemination and strengthening of the safety culture at local operating centres (distribution centres and Post Offices) and the relative coordination structures;
  • reduce injuries, particularly in the logistics and delivery sector;
  • ensure the continuous improvement of Management Systems through the planning and implementation of initiatives in line with Group Policies, the constant monitoring of occupational health and safety performance and the periodic review for the definition of new objectives.
Each Poste Italiane S.p.A. production unit adopts the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (designed in accordance with UNI ISO 45001) to govern OHS issues.
During 2021, all OHS Management Systems were migrated from OHSAS 18001 to UNI ISO 45001. All production units renewed or maintained their certificates, meaning the parent company is entirely certified under ISO 45001.

The emergency scenario which arose in 2020 and continued throughout 2021 led to the need to adopt even more precautionary prevention measures with a view to guaranteeing the health and safety of all People but at the same time ensuring the continuity of the obligations provided for by the regulations and international standards on the subject, such as compulsory training and health surveillance. With reference to occupational health and safety training deriving from article 37 of Legislative Decree 81/08 - “Worker training and worker representative training”, in consideration of the emergency the courses called for in the State/Regions Conference Agreement were provided by using up to date digital communication technology. Specifically, Poste Italiane guaranteed that the content was provided through webinars and specialised teaching, in place of classroom training. Additionally, further information on biological risks was added to the training packages, with a focus on the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
With reference to health and safety training in the workplace, in view of the emergency, the need has arisen to redesign and adapt training packages in the form of distance learning (FAD) in order to ensure social distancing. In this regard, the Group has started to implement the distance learning method through the use of elearning training platforms for the courses envisaged by the State-Regions Conference Agreement, thus enabling the continuation of activities, except for the practical training of emergency teams.

The spread of the SARS-CoV2 virus and its variants required efforts which were increasingly focussed on the adoption of precautionary measures to limit pandemic risk, above all for situations which involve the simultaneous presence of multiple people, creating a higher risk of contagion. In this sense, monitoring activities and compliance with the behavioural rules
and recommendations within work locations was fundamental in containing the spread of the virus. In this light, the compilation of occupational health and safety guidelines for Poste Italiane made available to all employees in April 2021, includes a section on precautionary measures in line with the pandemic in progress.

Type of injuries, severity of work-related injuries and deaths at work for the Poste Italiane Group - including Covid-19 cases. Reference should be made to  the dedicated document for data on the rate of absenteeism (inclusive of Covid-19 cases).


  2018 2019 2020 2021
Injuries 8,349 8,006 7,398 12.212
Of which  
 at work 6,816 6,623 6,510 11.214
 whilst travelling 1,533 1,383 888 998
 Fatalities  9  5  22 10
Of which  
 at work 20 8
 whilst travelling 2 2
Occupational accidents with severe consequences 2,493 2,228 2,037 2.289
Of which        
At work 1,947 1,763 1,709 1.964
Whilst travelling 546 465 328 325