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Project INSIEME 24 SI first place at the AiFin Italian Award 2022 +127% of participation to the Poste Mondo Welfare programme 6 million hours of training provided 2022 performance bonus: 5% increase in contrast to the inflationary phenomenon

A company like Poste Italiane, which plays a key role in Italy, operates across a value chain that involves a significant number of actors, which includes individuals, organisations, authorities and businesses. Consequently, in addition to complying with the regulations it is subject to, Poste Italiane is committed to taking on ever greater responsibility in safeguarding the wellbeing of the people who work in and for the Company, and those who collaborate with it or merely live in the communities where it operates, in order to foster the development of a “corporate culture” and a response to new challenges and market opportunities.

2022 Data Overview 
People development

Objectives Indicator (KPI) Target Baseline Implementation status 2022
Provide continuous training to all Group employees  
  • Hours of training provided
  • 25 million by 2024
  • 17.9 million hours
Increase the quota of middle managers and white-collar staff involved in the MLAB development plans (Managerial LAB for the development of middle managers who have further growth potential) and POP (Professional Orientation programme that identifies and develops talented young people
  • % of middle managers involved in development plans
  • % of employees involved in development plans
  • 20% by 2022
  • 25% by 2022
  • 21.5%
  • 40%
Increase the ability to intercept
the potential of the Group’s
people, including with a view to intergenerational inclusion, in order to promote better integration between talent and organisation
  • % of people involved in the potential detection processes
  • +200% by 2022
  • 397%
Implementation of a mix of initiatives aimed at reinforcing the development, motivation and professional growth of employees through Poste Italiane Group people development
  • % of initiatives
  • +5% by 2024
  • +2.3%
Fostering the development of talent identified in the “People Review” process through the extension of professional growth opportunities
(professional diversification, increase in responsibilities, participation in skills development programmes, etc.)
  • % of talent (identified in People Review) involved in growth opportunities
  • +25% by 2024
  • 28%
Strengthening and the corporate welfare initiative for the conversion of the performance-related bonus into goods and services by extending the use of the dedicated platform and improving the offer and the user experience
  • % enrolment
  • +50% by 2024
  • 127% enrolment compared to 2021 edition
Strenghten communication and
listening with the community of Group employees, which is wide and varies by geographic origin, age, professional role, providing prompt responses in order to improve the continuous dialogue between company and employees
  • No. of thematic communities promoted with engagement strategy, moderation and responding to comments, qualiquantitative reporting
  • 1 by 2024
  • Framework defined for launch of a thematic community for the purpose of its configuration and development
Reduce the number of Group employees' occupational injuries
  • Number of injuries
  • -740 events in the PCL area by 2024
  • -956
Reduce the occupational injury
frequency rate for Group employees
  • Injury frequency rate 
  • -8% by 2024
  • -13.89%
Maintenance of Occupational Health
and Safety Management Systems
and related ISO 45001 certifications
at Poste Italiane and the main Group
  • % of Poste Italiane Group units with a certified OHSMS
  • 100% by 2022
Every year
  • New
Environmental monitoring for the determination of the annual average concentration of radon gas in the air, aimed at assessing the risk of exposure to ionised radiation, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 101/2020
  • % of Poste Italiane buildings monitored
  • 100% by 2024
  • 34%
Implementation of a new corporate welfare model: development of screening programmes for the prevention of illnesses and corporate welfare programmes to protect the health and safety of Poste Italiane's personnel and aimed at improving their welfare and well-being
  • % employees involved
  • % of progress of instrumental initiatives
  • 100% by 2024
  • 100% by 2024
  • 100%
  • 50%
Inform and raise awareness of employee care, wellbeing and prevention activities with dedicated, integrated communications (interviews, TG Poste reports, intranet news, multimedia material)
  • No. of continuous intranet editorial plans on employee health and wellbeing topics on different initiatives (target of 50 news items
  • 1 by 2023
  • New
Release of new NoidiPoste app and intranet version on Sharepoint platform with the aim of making content and services more accessible to employees of Poste and the Group companies concerned
  • % average daily users compared to average for previous years
  • +5% by 2023
  • New
Implement the upskilling and reskilling process targeting supervisors, consistent with the updates introduced by Law 215/2021, to improve their level of role awareness, performance and positive impact on the overall workplace safety system
  • No. of supervisors to whom informational materials were distributed, in view of more effective exercise of the role and maintaining and developing skills
  • 14,000 by 2023
  • New