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Environmental protection is a priority for Poste Italiane which recognizes the importance of seeking innovative solutions by implementing prevention and environmental impacts reduction strategies.
The PLATOON Project is in this direction, financed with funds from the European Commission's H2020 Research and Development program, in which Poste Italiane participates together with other 19 partners - including research institutions, sector and technologies experts - from 9 European countries.
The objective of the project is the design and implementation of an innovative digital platform to increase the production of energy from renewable sources, manage the 'Smart' electricity networks, increase efficiency and optimize the management of energy resources through advanced analysis technologies of large quantities of data (Big-Data), working in a complex and heterogeneous environment.
The project, which will end in 2022, is born in response to the energy consumption rapid growth and the exponential increase expected in the coming decades, the causes of which are mainly to be found in the following factors:
• increase in the world population and increase in consumption in developing countries
• the need for greener energy sources to combat global warming
• introduction of new technologies such as electric transport and digital technologies
and the need to work on a large amount of information collected by new digital devices.

Despite the complexity, PLATOON will in fact manage the entire range of energy services affecting the whole chain of the energy domain - from providers to consumers, the platform will guarantee at the same time security, data privacy, scalability, interoperability and ease use by the experts in the energy sector and will explore new business models.
In this context, Poste Italiane, with its 5 million square meters of property area including mechanization and distribution centers for logistics, post and management offices, represents an ideal partner for PLATOON's objectives.
Of the 220 Poste Italiane buildings located in the area of the Municipality of Rome, 16 have been selected as “set” for the Platoon Project test. The cooling and heating systems installed in the premises will generate data for Platoon’s “smart” platform, which will suggest actions to decrease breakdown numbers and reduce maintenance costs. The same logic will concern the consumption related to the lighting of each building in order to plan optimisation actions and detect anomalies. 
Through the use case called "Advanced Energy Management System and Spatial Predictive Models in the Smart City" Poste Italiane will experiment new models of energy performance analysis and fault prediction that will allow the Company to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency while ensuring the buildings comfort.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 872592.