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Poste Italiane Group Policy on Environmental Sustainability The commitment of Poste Italiane Group to the environment and climate.

On 28 February 2019, the Board of Directors of Poste Italiane approved the Group’s Environmental Sustainability Policy, which sets out the general principles, objectives and methods for managing the Group's environmental impact and reaffirms Poste Italiane's commitment to promote throughout its value chain, an efficient use of natural resources and a focus on the search for innovative solutions to protect the environment.
Poste Italiane is one of today’s most important companies in the logistics sector in Italy and is a leading player in the financial, insurance and mobile and digital payment sectors. In consideration of its size, the Company is aware that its direction can contribute to determining sustainable growth that also respects the natural environment.
The Policy, reinforcing what has already been stated in the Group's Code of Ethics, confirms Poste Italiane's commitment to promoting environmental protection throughout its value chain. Firstly, Poste Italiane commits to preventing, managing and, where possible, reducing the environmental impact generated directly by its operations, in particular, from the use of buildings and from logistics and transport activities, whether carried out directly or through suppliers and partners. Secondly, the Company has also integrated environmental sustainability principles into its investment and insurance activities, encouraging virtuous behaviour throughout Italy.

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