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Relations with social partners Promoting constant dialogue with workers’ representatives is an important aspect for the Group, which is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its workers and protection of their rights, both under normal operating conditions and in the events of significant organisational changes.

Poste Italiane, through periodic meetings with the Trade Unions (OO.SS.), maintains constant dialogue with workers' representatives, not only with regard to ordinary management but also in the event of major organisational changes, with the aim of placing the well-being and protection of workers' rights at the centre. Therefore, it concludes agreements governed by the National Collective Labour Agreement (CCNL) and the Consolidated Text on Representation to facilitate the creation of a positive corporate climate and ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. The Group implements every activity envisaged by the Industrial Relations System, described in Chapter I of the CCNL of Poste Italiane S.p.A. (Information, Consultation, Participation, Bargaining), also in order to accompany the actions envisaged in the Company and Group Strategic Plan. In this way, the Company ensures appropriate and fair solutions on issues that can have significant impacts not only on the organisation and the business, but also and above all on human capital, which is considered a fundamental asset.
Consistently with the requirements of current legislation, Poste Italiane ensures impartiality and independence in its relations with trade unions, as set out in the Group's Code of Ethics, and at the same time, undertakes to ensure the well- being and protection of the rights of its workers and their freedom of association and collective bargaining. Poste Italiane refers to the national collective bargaining, which provides for a specific procedure of discussion between the Company and the national trade unions stipulating the CCNL in the event that significant organisational changes (such as company reorganisation and/or restructuring and/or transformation processes) entail social consequences, with repercussions on working conditions.

For more information with respect to the main provisions of the new Agreement, the rights of the Group's workers and the planned employee support programs, please refer to the  in-depth document .