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Relations with social partners Promoting constant dialogue with workers’ representatives is an important aspect for the Group, which is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its workers and protection of their rights, both under normal operating conditions and in the events of significant organisational changes.

In compliance with current legislation, the Group is committed to ensuring the well-being and protection of the rights of its workers and their freedom of association and collective bargaining, and, as enshrined in Poste Italiane’s Code of Ethics, it ensures impartiality and independence in promoting its relations with Labour Unions (OO.SS.).
In the event of significant organisational changes (reorganisation and/or restructuring and/or corporate transformation processes) that have social consequences with repercussions on working conditions, the Group refers to national collective bargaining, which provides a specific procedure for dialogue between the Company and the national Labour Unions signing the National Collective Labour Contract. In particular, the Company is required to provide the national Labour Unions that are signatories to the National Collective Labour Contract with prior information, indicating at the same time the date of the start of the discussion, which is aimed at seeking possible solutions to govern the social effects.
In this regard, on June 23, 2021, Poste Italiane renewed the National Collective Labour Contract (so called CCNL), which introduces important improvements not only in the economic sphere but also in the organization's regulatory framework. As a time when the labour market is undergoing significant transformation, Poste Italiane has linked the evolution of the way labour is utilised structurally with the enhancement of the continuous and constant contribution made by the human resources available to the Group. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is the basic principle that inspires the linking of Group development objectives and economic results with respect for social and environmental values.
For more information with respect to the main provisions of the new Agreement, the rights of the Group's workers and the planned employee support programs, please refer to the  in-depth document .

Health emergency from Covid-19

During 2021, in consideration of the continuation of the Covid-19 emergency, the Company and the Trade Unions continued their discussions within the OPN Committee (National Joint Committee for Health and Safety in the Workplace) aimed at ensuring, through the adoption of preventive measures, the safety of people and the containment of the virus.
  • On 10 June 2021 an agreement was signed which defined the overall destination of the money collected on the basis of the union agreements of 14 April and 30 December 2020, signed with Assidipost-Federmanager, through which executives, on a voluntary basis, decided to donate part of their gross salary and vacation days to support colleagues and their families affected by Covid-19.
  • On 24 March 2021, it was agreed with the Trade Unions to initiate an extraordinary manoeuvre, additional to that defined in the Understanding of 14 January 2021, which aims to ensure the necessary support for the operation of the Post Office network front end. The Agreement, without prejudice to the framework of Active Policies that will be defined by the Parties for the next three years, identifies the management levers, to be included in consideration of the territorial peculiarities, such as part-time recruitment from the external market, counters, conversions from part time to full time and recruitment of specialists from the external market.
  • Consistent with the most recent legislative updates introduced by the government at the beginning of the year, the method used to verify the Base Green Pass were illustrated to the unions, a document which is obligatory for all clients accessing Post Offices from 1 February 2022 on. In particular, in Post Offices with a queue management machine, this check will be done preventively by presenting the green pass to the totem while, for smaller offices which lack the queue machine, the check will be done at the desk by the operator, using a specific digital procedure.