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Relations with social partners Promoting constant dialogue with workers’ representatives is an important aspect for the Group, which is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its workers and protection of their rights, both under normal operating conditions and in the events of significant organisational changes.

Poste Italiane is committed to ensuring the welfare and protection of the rights of its workers and their freedom of association and collective bargaining, in accordance with current legislation. In its Code of Ethics, the Group sets out the reference principles of fairness, impartiality and independence for the promotion of our relations with the labour unions. 
The Group envisages the sharing and signing of specific agreements with the labour unions, regarding matters expressly provided for in the National Collective Labour Contract, as well as other matters relating to the achievement of objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan that have repercussions for staff in terms of legislation and/or organisational changes.

Health emergency from Covid-19

In March 2020, following the spread of the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency, the Company and the Labour Unions signed some agreements aimed at ensuring, through the adoption of preventive measures, the safety of people and the containment of the virus. Among the most important initiatives undertaken in 2020:
  • On 23 March 2020, in order to monitor the evolution of the situation and adopt extraordinary measures to implement the measures taken from time to time by the competent Authorities, an OPN Committee (Joint National Body for Health and Safety at Work) was established at national level with the task of applying and verifying the rules identified in the "Shared protocol for the regulation of measures to combat and contain the Covid-19 virus in the workplace" signed by the Government and Social Parties on 14 March 2020.
  • On 29 July 2020, the levers of active policies and related numbers valid for the year 2020 were defined in an agreement with all Labour Unions. The agreement provides, for the Post Office Network, for 500 part-time counter operators (250 FTEs), 440 proposed conversions from part-time to full-time (220 FTEs), 220 proposed national voluntary redundancies, 480 new counters and 650 new hires of specialists. With regard to Mail, Communication and Logistics, 1,000 proposals for conversion from part-time to full-time (500 FTEs), 700 proposals for national voluntary mobility and a number of stabilisations of fixed-term contracts that will be defined on the basis of the posts (part-time/full-time) that will not be filled or that will be discovered as a result of the conversion and mobility processes.
  • On 30 December 2020, an agreement was signed with Assidipost-Federmanager whereby, in anticipation of the final allocation of the sums collected as a result of the aforementioned April agreement, an amount of €40,000 will be donated by the end of the first half of 2021 to each family of colleagues who died as a result of Covid-19.