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Staff welfare and wellbeing As well as leading to better working and living conditions, increasing people’s wellbeing is a prerequisite for greater loyalty, which translates into increased productive value and self-efficacy at both individual and collective levels.

The Company considers the well-being of its employees to be essential and for this reason is constantly striving to improve their conditions and those of their loved ones. In 2023, the Company's commitment to the protection and well-being of its people continued, through initiatives aimed at strengthening the welfare system, with interventions in favour of employees and their families in a growing logic of proximity and personalisation of the caring. The relevant character of the path undertaken can be traced back to the integration of the initiatives promoted, which involved personal services, organisational behaviours and relations within the Company.

Poste Italiane is dedicated to promoting activities aimed at improving the well-being of its employees, facilitating more favourable living conditions and, at the same time, encouraging superior work performance. These initiatives are integrated into the process of enhancing staff commitment, which is considered essential to create a positive corporate climate that ensures social well-being and productivity levels in line with company objectives.

The adoption of the company welfare system is characterised by taking a comprehensive perspective on the individual, going beyond the work sphere. This approach is also able to consider the individual experience in social, family and territorial contexts, highlighting an increasing focus on listening and valuing individual contributions. This is all part of a logic of greater involvement towards common and shared goals.


Work-life balance

In the area of contractual welfare, the Poste Mondo Welfare programme was implemented for the fifth consecutive year, implementing the trade union agreement on the Results Bonus, which allows employees, on a voluntary basis, to convert all or part of their Results Bonus into welfare goods and services with specific social, educational, recreational and welfare purposes, accessing tax benefits linked to current legislation and additional company welfare credits for an ever greater appreciation of the opportunities linked to the programme and to support the increased purchasing power of employees and their families.

The launch of the initiative was preceded by a process of listening to colleagues to understand their individual and family needs for the development of services based on the prevailing needs. The 2023 programme achieved record results with participants tripling from last year to 28 thousand.

The success of the 2023 campaign was characterised by an improvement in the employee experience with new solutions available on the platform to encourage an informed choice of participation, by a capillary and multi-channel internal communication plan, by training briefs addressed to staff to increase their knowledge of all the opportunities of the programme, and by information workshops involving all company structures to ensure maximum erritorial proximity.

In particular, the 2023 edition saw the preparation and active involvement of more than 500 dedicated ambassadors, who also disseminated the programme on the basis of their personal experience, giving continuity to the coaching of colleagues, together with promotional stands in the most staff-intensive organisational structures, as well as an expansion of the network of goods and services offered. In addition, the opportunities arising from current tax legislation were exploited, especially with regard to employees with dependent children in the area of fringe benefits and reimbursement of bills.

All this led to a higher percentage of premium utilisation converted into welfare, averaging 88%, also higher than market trends and observers.
Finally, in order to celebrate its 160th anniversary, Poste Italiane promoted an initiative, called "Il NostroXcorso" (OurXcourse), which continued to develop in 2023, with the aim of keeping employees connected, sharing passions and creating a strong community. The initiative is accessible through a specially created application available on the NoidiPoste app and intranet and allows people to share travel experiences, alone or in company, made by using a green vehicle or simply walking. Connecting to the app allows to share and upload posts of trips and share with colleagues the roads, nature, views and places visited, enriching the description of the trip with phrases, kilometres travelled, type of green vehicle used.

Employee support programmes: Part-time work options

For many years, the Company has identified part-time work as a valid instrument of labour flexibility that enables it to meet the individual work-life balance interests of employees with the organisational needs of the company, and provides economic incentives for workers' requests to transform full-time employment into part-time work.
In addition, on the occasion of the renewal of the relevant CCNL, signed on 23 June 2021, regulations were introduced for the presentation of requests for the transformation from full-time to part-time by the workers concerned, providing for the possibility of formulating the request every six months and with reference to the specific time slots (so-called clusters) made known, from time to time, by the Company.

Agile Working

Agile Working is structurally regulated by the National Collective Labour Agreement, and the operating procedures are defined by a trade union agreement which provides for a maximum number of Agile Working days, differentiated based on the organisational structure to which the employee belongs and which can be increased based on specific personal and family situations requiring a greater commitment from the employee in terms of work-life balance.
Agile Work can be activated on a voluntary basis by signing a specific individual agreement which, in accordance with the law and the contract, regulates work performance during Agile Working days.
The ability to work under the Agile Working agreement is also available to personnel who do not have duties that can be done remotely in the event that they have to participate, via e-learning, in specific training activities identified by the Company.
In response to the growing need for flexibility and work-life balance, the Company, faced with specific personal or family needs of employees, favours access to teleworking or part-time work.


Parenting support

The company's commitment to support Active Parenthood continues in line with corporate policy, which has led to diversified initiatives aimed at fostering gender balance, including through measures accompanying a change in the cultural paradigm in the sharing of family responsibilities, as well as the introduction of measures and paths aimed at enhancing the skills acquired during parenthood, which are also essential for professional growth. The Company aims to generate a management alliance capable of overcoming dysfunctional cultural systems and biases to enhance inclusion and life balance in the family as well as at work.
In continuity with previous years, the company PosteBimbi crèche service remains active at the Rome and Bologna sites for the children of employees and a portion for users from municipal and third-party entities. The service is provided for the children and grandchildren of Group employees. The service is extended to more than 100 families with children from three to 36 months; an employee contribution from the company of 55% of the value of the monthly fee is provided. The objective is to guarantee a flexible educational service in relation to work pace, to combine professionalism and quality in respect of the values expressed by families. The distinctiveness of the educational programme is represented by an integrated relational approach on the part of all the players involved in the process, by attention to the values of environmental sustainability, by cross-culturalism (bilingualism) and by inclusion and educational alliance with families to foster dialogue through innovative communication methods. There is also a counselling service within the nurseries to support families in dealing with their children's developmental processes, together with the structuring of a cycle of dedicated seminar programmes.
The Company has set itself the objective of contributing to the strengthening of measures and pathways aimed at promoting active parenthood, also as levers to combat the phenomenon of denatality and to encourage an increasingly balanced distribution of care burdens. In this context, 4 parenting support seminars were held for all employees, innovative and structured parental involvement programmes with a kick-off and 6 webinars dedicated to raising awareness of dedicated projects such as the Lifeed Parents programme (about +33% compared to last year with a 40% representation of fathers), as well as the launch of gradual actions in relation to the return-to-work accompaniment paths provided for in the company Policy.

Health and prevention

As part of its welfare policies, the Poste Italiane Group pays particular attention to the issue of health, also with a view to prevention.
In line with previous years, in order to guarantee the health of staff and the protection of the environment, post officers have been provided with uniforms bearing the green OEKO - TEX Standard 100 certification, which ensures that the product is carefully checked for ecological and health aspects. In 2023, the distribution of the new uniforms, which combine sustainability, innovation, safety and the well-being of all employees who wear them every day, began for the staff of the production and delivery centres. The new uniforms, in fact, have greater elasticity, breathability and have been produced, with a view to the circular economy, through the use of recycled components. The design was made possible by incorporating direct input and experiences of employees gathered through an intranet-based survey of a sample of employees in the delivery centres and plants. With regard to the PDA given to post officers, on the other hand, over the years, Poste Italiane has developed a new feature that allows a voluntary request for help to be sent in the event of the need for medical intervention. In this way, the device used by post officers also becomes a tool to increase safety at work through certain functions, such as the SOS function that allows, in the event of an emergency, to activate a call to the so-called "Situation Room" where a team of operators is ready to respond to distress calls. In addition, before leaving for the delivery, a reminder function is activated on the smartphone reminding the post officer of the protective equipment he must always have, such as a jacket or high-visibility waistcoat. Finally, twice a month, a pop-up reminds the postman to check the maintenance status of the vehicle and to report any service requests.


Culture and education

Poste Italiane strengthens its corporate commitment to the development of new generations, actively contributing to the growth of young people through numerous initiatives including scholastic and professional orientation programmes, as well as activities aimed at developing soft skills and aimed at the children of employees and children also from vulnerable social realities.
The Group, in fact, has implemented, for the fourth consecutive year, the "Next Generation" project dedicated to the children of employees and children from secondary schools located in fragile territories. The programme aims to introduce young people to issues of innovation, diversity and social inclusion and to the professions of the future. In this regard, several training meetings and workshops were organised throughout the year, with lessons in virtual classrooms to explore topics of relevance for the development of new skills, which involved the collaboration of professionals from various sectors, with whom the students had the opportunity to exchange ideas and reflections useful for their professional orientation. This year, the project focused the children's attention on the value of the handwritten letter as a means of communication, an expression of freedom and a means of establishing contact with others. An important phase of the project was the Creathon week, a creative marathon in which the students, divided into six groups, tried to design a postage stamp, which ended with a final vote, and subsequent awarding, by a corporate jury. The course ended with participation in a summer camp, where participants came together for a week to realise the winning Creathon idea. They acquired new skills by learning to use graphics programmes, as well as a conscious use of artificial intelligence.
In addition to the two-year "School4Life 2.0" project, extensively covered in the previous chapters, STEAMcamp courses have been created which, dedicated to the children of employees and their families, promote innovation and the valorisation of the distinctive skills necessary to carry out future professions through a learning and gaming experience that stimulates comparison with new models ranging from coding, artificial intelligence, gamification, robotics and much more, whose only boundary is represented by creativity. Furthermore, in 2023, two awareness-raising proposals called "Social Media Lab" were created with the aim of bringing employees' children closer to understanding the evolution of identity on the internet and acquiring greater awareness of digital sociality.
Also for the children of employees, two new editions of the "Future Lab" programme were carried out, aimed at fostering their integration into the world of work, stimulating reflection on their personal development plan on the ability to design a study and career path. Specifically, the programme aims to bring young people closer to the world of work in a more conscious way, offering them support in their choices so that they can pursue paths in line with their skills and passions and learn about the main market trends related to the professions of the future.
Lastly, with a view to promoting intercultural exchange, 19 study abroad scholarships were awarded in 2023 reserved for deserving children of employees, supported entirely by the Company, with the aim of enabling young people to confront international realities socially and culturally different from their own.

Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employess

Financial benefits 2021 2022 2023
  Permanent contracts Flexible contracts Permanent contracts Flexible contracts Permanent contracts Flexible contracts
  Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time
Life insurance   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)
Health Assistance YES (**) YES   YES (*) YES(**) YES   YES (*) YES (**) YES   YES (*)
Disability and invalidity insurance   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)
Parental leave YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES(**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**)
Pension YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES

* This refers to executives.
** This refers to non-executive personnel.