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Staff welfare and wellbeing As well as leading to better working and living conditions, increasing people’s wellbeing is a prerequisite for greater loyalty, which translates into increased productive value and self-efficacy at both individual and collective levels.

Employee well-being has always been a major consideration for Poste Italiane, which is why it periodically commits to improving the conditions of its People and their families. In 2021 the Company took on even more responsibility in supporting the well-being of its people, through actions intended to strengthen the welfare system and to spread an inclusive culture, with projects to support employees and their families and growing attention to aspects associated with personalisation of caring, conciliation, support and growth for younger generations, protecting fragile people and strengthening the sense of belonging and identification with the company. Due to the health emergency which continued in 2021, many of the activities continued to be provided online, further strengthening this method of interacting and involving personnel which has recently developed throughout the country.

Poste Italiane promotes a number of initiatives intended to improve the well-being of its employees, provide them with better living conditions and, consequently, support improved work performance. These activities fall within a process of strengthening employee engagement, as a basic condition for a positive business climate that guarantees social well-being and productivity levels in line with business objectives. The changes in the epidemiological situation during 2021 pushed the Group to further strengthen its communication channels with its employees, offering a simplification of services useful for the working and everyday life of its personnel. In a context characterised by social distancing, stimulating interpersonal relationships among employees was fundamental to maintaining a high sense of corporate belonging.

Work-life balance

As part of the Group’s welfare strategy, the Company works to improve the balance between work and private life, as a source of well-being for its employees. With this in mind, the Group has strengthened its focus on the social and family aspect of workers, in order to support the role of parents, with an integrated action that has provided guidance for young people and support for families.

In the context of the “relaunch”, there were many needs amplified by the pandemic: work-life balance, assistance services, entertainment and personal training spaces, costs for educating children. The welfare policies adopted by the company were mainly implemented through the Poste Mondo Welfare programme, which is now in its third edition, in line with the union agreement on the performance-related bonus. The wide array of offerings available to participants includes, for example, supplemental healthcare and complementary insurance, school and educational offerings, assistance, and cultural services. On a voluntary basis, employees could convert all or some of their performance-related bonus into welfare goods and services with specific social, educational, recreational and assistance purposes, accessing the tax advantages associated with current laws, as well as a company bonus. The launch of the initiative was preceded by a process of listening to colleagues to understand their individual and family needs with respect to the set of services available.

In particular, the pandemic made it necessary to implement an extraordinary acceleration of technological solutions and organizational flexibility and led the Company — through an integrated approach to the assessment and management of the risk connected to the emergency — to implement smart working across the board by reshaping work duties, reducing the presence of employees in service as much as possible and, therefore, reducing their numbers within the workplace.  
Furthermore, the Company and Trade Union Organisations have confirmed the value of agile work as a structural organisational model that allows for work-life balance and, at the same time, protects employees who are particularly vulnerable, in line with corporate productivity and with a view to a greater focus on goals and accountability for results, sharing the regulation of agile work in the Group companies which apply the National Collective Labour Agreement for non-executive staff of Poste Italiane S.p.A.
A programme was implemented to receive feedback from employees working remotely in order to outline the main factors that are useful for improving people's well-being and working efficiency, together with accompanying training plans dedicated to new ways of working.

Parenting support
In 2021, the corporate day-care service continued at Rome and Bologna offices, dedicated to the children of the Group employees and a number of third-party users from municipal entities.

The service is offered to over 90 families with children aged 3 to 36 months. For employees, the Company pays 55% of the monthly cost. The objective is to guarantee a flexible educational service, in relation to working rhythms, to combine professionalism and quality in respect of the values expressed by families.

Health and prevention

As in 2020, in 2021 Poste Italiane continued to carry out various awareness-raising initiatives with the aim of preventing illnesses, identifying the main risk factors and good practices for a healthy lifestyle, combining these projects with the provision of free specialist national services aimed at cancer prevention at the company’s premises or at external medical centres. However, the service carried out within company offices was reformatted as a function of developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Again in 2021, Poste Italiane pursued its goal of assisting people infected with Covid-19 as best as possible, minimising the social impacts of the epidemic. For this reason, the protective measures implemented in 2020 were extended through June 2021. Of these, we note the extension of the guarantees offered free of charge to subscribers of Poste Assicura healthcare policies and to Company employees who participate in the Group's healthcare fund plan. In particular, for nonexecutive personnel participating in the Poste Vita supplementary health care fund, an addition was made free of charge to healthcare services, offering specific coverage for those infected with Covid-19 (e.g. daily allowance for hospitalisation after testing positive). Additionally, to further support the population during a difficult time, Poste Assicura extended to 30 June 2021 the free of charge medical expenses and daily allowance guarantees offered for subscribers hospitalised for a disease containing the guarantees mentioned above and for subscribers of the the Poste Vivere Protetti product, who had acquired at least one of the daily allowance and disease and reimbursement of hospitalisation medical expenses coverages.

Culture and education

Poste Italiane has strengthened the corporate commitment to professional guidance programmes and to developing new skills to support younger generations.
As in 2020, Poste Italiane carried out the second edition of the STEAMcamp initiative, intended to offer in-depth learning about STEAM disciplines, intended for children of employees, aged 14-16, who are passionate about technology. The STEAMcamp courses are intended to promote innovation and distinctive skills for the jobs of the future, creating an atmosphere of learning and fun that pushes them to interact with new models, ranging from coding, to artificial intelligence, to gamification, robotics and much more, where the only limit is creativity.
To stimulate reflection about their own personal development plans and improve their ability to design their own educational and professional paths, two experimental editions of the Future Lab programme were held, to assist teens in selecting their future plans and help them approach the world of work with more knowledge, helping them to make choices in line with
their abilities and passions and understand the main market trends in terms of future professions. Additionally, with an eye to promoting intercultural exchange, 21 scholarships were assigned to employee children of merit, with the cost entirely borne by the Company.

Benefits provided to full-time employees 

Financial benefits 2019 2020 2021
  Permanent contracts Flexible contracts Permanent contracts Flexible contracts Permanent contracts Flexible contracts
  Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time
Life insurance   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)
Health Assistance YES (**) YES   YES (*) YES(**) YES   YES (*) YES (**) YES   YES (*)
Disability and invalidity insurance   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)   YES (*)
Parental leave YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES(**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**) YES (**)
Pension YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES YES (**) YES

* This refers to executives.
** This refers to non-executive personnel.