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Stages in the integrity and transparency process The journey towards integrity and transparency of Poste Italiane

The journey towards integrity and transparency started by the Group’s commitment in December 2018 to voluntarily adopt the ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management System certification, the first Italian company in the finance and communications sector to obtain the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Certification. 

With the aim of disseminating the Group's ethical principles, Poste Italiane invests in training and information activities for its employees, offering seminars and courses on transparency, integrity and anti-corruption, communicating its principles to stakeholders through the dissemination of the Code of Ethics, Policies and Guidelines. Training and communication constitute, in fact, a continuum of coordinated actions aimed at supporting the dissemination of the culture of compliance and legality in line with the roles, responsibilities and levels of risk exposure of each individual, including through adequate top management commitment.

In addition, Poste Italiane has set up a reporting system and an Ethics Committee with the task of managing reports and violations. In this regard, the Group has introduced the “Guideline on Whistleblowing”, a document aimed at regulating the system through which reports can be made by personnel and third parties, with reference to acts or facts referable to violations of internal and/ or external regulations, as well as illegal or fraudulent conduct that may determine, directly or indirectly, a financial or image damage for the Company. The Group has made a reference portal available to the recipients of the Guidelines, the management of which is entrusted to the Whistleblowing Committee, which also performs the functions of the Ethics Committee and is responsible for receiving, examining and evaluating the communications received. The Whistleblowing Committee envisages assigning to an external professional with high standards of professionalism, honourableness and independence and the permanent presence within the Committee of the Group Risk Management structure/Oversight 231, in order to ensure constant assessment of the relevance of the reports received.


Compliance with the UNI ISO 37001 standard, relating to anti-corruption management  systems, represents an opportunity for Poste Italiane to strengthen its commitment to fight corruption and contribute to consolidating the principle of legality, with obvious benefits for the protection of the company's reputation and assets. As far as Group companies are concerned, after Poste Vita, PostePay, BancoPosta Fondi SGR, SDA Express Courier head office and Poste Assicura obtained the certification (as of 2019), in 2022, EGI and Postel also obtained this certification, which was extended to the territorial areas of SDA Express Courier.