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LIS Holding SpA acquisition
+20% incidence of digital operations +25% download of the PosteID App compared to 2021 +18% download of the Postepay App compared to 2021

For Poste Italiane, innovation and digitisation represent the beating heart for the promotion of change and the key tool to accompany its customers in the process of digital transformation. As part of this path, the Company is committed to adopting a highly inclusive approach, aimed at promoting accessibility by all its customers.

In line with its values and the Group’s mission to support development and inclusion, Poste Italiane is committed to leading the country system towards progress and modernisation by defining processes that enable the development of increasingly innovative products and services.

During 2022, Poste Italiane achieved important results in terms of development and value creation for the country and the community, and thanks to its constant commitment to the search for cutting-edge digital solutions and the integration of new business models, it was able to revisit its range of products and services.

In order to respond to drastic changes in international markets, with increased focus on sustainable success, companies have been forced to redesign their products, services and processes. For Poste Italiane, innovation and digitisation are two fundamental drivers for strategic success. In order to offer state-of-the-art technical solutions, the Company is committed to integrating its own products and services with third-party providers.

In 2022, the collaboration between Poste Italiane and Santander Consumer Bank continued for the development and release of the Prestito Personale BancoPosta product.
During the year, the Group encouraged the use of ATMs and digital channels and apps to perform various transactions, as an alternative to the counter for cash withdrawals.

The omnichannel strategy

Poste Italiane, through its subsidiary PostePay S.p.A., in September 2022, also completed the acquisition of LIS Holding S.p.A. (LIS). It represents the largest M&A transaction in Poste Italiane's history and strengthens PostePay's position as a leading paytech company, contributing to the further enrichment of the Group's omnichannel strategy.

Through these drivers, the Group acts as a leader in innovation and digitisation in Italy, ensuring the accessibility and functionality of its offer to all citizens and promoting the connection with business communities and Public Administration. Moreover, the Group has been expanding its diversified palette of services with its entry into the energy sector, leveraging a 100% green approach. This project combines aspects relating to the green transition with the innovation and digitisation objectives pursued by the Company, constituting a major opportunity for sustainable development in Italy.

The omnichannel strategy transformed Poste Italiane into a platform company, resilient to the pandemic and the financial upheavals produced by the war in Ukraine. In the third quarter of 2022, the company achieved a 17% increase in operating profit compared to the third quarter of the previous year, reaching, at €2.1 billion, the highest first nine-month result ever.

The Group has identified human capital as a vital resource for innovation. This is why, in addition to continuing its policy of open innovation and inorganic growth by acquiring or taking majority stakes in some of the most innovative companies and start-ups, it is also implementing a policy of "reshoring", hiring and bringing back home several "brains" that had emigrated for work. In this way, the company contributes to the digitalisation and modernisation of the country and combines the virtualisation of services with a constant and qualified presence on the territory.
Objectives Indicator (KPI) Target Baseline Implementation Status 2022
Development and deployment of digital and paperless services in energy supply • % of paperless contracts
• % of customers acquired via digital channels
• % of digital bills and/or digital payments
• 50% by 2025
• 15% by 2025
• 30% by 2025
2021 • 94%
• 8%
• 75% / 60%
Install SMART mailboxes • Number of SMART mailboxes • 10,500 by 2026 2022 • 156
Increase the number of
biodegradable cards
• Number of biodegradable cards • 16 million by 2024 2020 • 8.1 million
Increase digital transactions for the various products of the Poste Italiane Group • Number of digital transactions in financial, insurance and payment services • +50% by 2024 2020 • +67%
Increase contactless transactions
• Number of transactions • 1.2 billion by 2024 2022 NEW
Replacement of all PCL operating
personnel uniforms
• Number of PCL operating
personnel uniforms replaced
• 40,000 (all staff)
by 2025
2021 • Tender
awarded in
• Roll-out plan
defined to
complete supply
Increase the level of automation
of back-office processes
• % of back-office resources supported by automated digital
• 75% by 2024 2020 • 56%
RDS-Digital Service Request
• Preparation on digital
channels of data for in-branch transactions
• Preparation on digital channels
for data for
transactions by
2020 •Implementation
of the solution
in app PT
• Analysis for porting to One app
Digitisation of Customer Receipt
– Phase 1
• Digitisation customer receipt • Digitisation paper receipt by 2024
2020 • Release on
throughout the PO network
(credit transfer,
phone top-up and Postepay)
Elimination of the paper list
used for products destined for
Distribution Centres
• No. of A4 paper sheets saved • 8 million by 2022 2021 • 8 million
Development of pre-sale and
sale channels of products and services in multi-channel
• % of new funnels created in multi-channel
• 75% by 2024 2020 • 68%
Full Digital POs • No. pilot POs • One pilot PO by 2023 2022 NEW