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500 thousand subscriptions of "Poste Energia" offer
Signed strategic agreement with Deutsche Post DHL Group related to purchases from e-commerce +15% downloads of the PosteID App compared to 2022 +16% downloads of the Postepay App compared to 2022

For Poste Italiane, innovation and digitalisation are two central drivers of strategic progress and enable it to guarantee its customers innovative technological solutions, also through the integration of its own products and services with those of third parties. Through these drivers, the Company not only guarantees the accessibility and efficiency of its offer to all citizens, but also promotes the connection with the Public Administration and the Italian entrepreneurial world, setting itself as a reference point on the path towards innovation and digitalisation of the country.

Poste Italiane contributes to the creation of value for society, through continuous technological evolution, capable of influencing the reduction of environmental impacts and promoting social inclusion, through products and services accessible to all customers. 

In particular, in 2023, the Group worked to strengthen the digital sales channel by expanding the available functions, extending the range of products and services that can be purchased directly through the Group's digital properties (Group’s websites and APPs), optimising the PosteBusiness infrastructure, and investing across the board in cloud-driven technology infrastructure, data-driven companies and advanced AI-supported assistance. 

The constant commitment to the search for innovative digital solutions and the ability to integrate new business models has enabled the Group to achieve important results for the development of its business and for the creation, through the review of its products and services, of shared value for society and the country. The Group has implemented a programme of "digital transformation" of all its service and offer models in order to guarantee its customers full digital contact experiences. This programme, which was significantly accelerated in 2021, in view of the effects of the health emergency, made the Group's products available to customers in conditions of absolute safety.

In 2023, collaboration continued between Poste Italiane and a number of institutions (Compass Banca, Deutsche Bank Findomestic Banca and Santander Consumer Bank) for the disbursement and placement of the BancoPosta loan, in all its distinct options, including those for home and car renovation. 

The omnichannel strategy

The Group's omnichannel strategy is aimed at creating an "ecosystem" and multichannel platform model which, thanks to cutting-edge physical and digital channels and simplified processes to serve its customers, aims to guarantee an excellent customer experience on all points of contact, through the proprietary physical network, the digital infrastructure and remote contact points and the physical network of third parties.

The omnichannel strategy has transformed Poste Italiane into a Platform Company, already resilient to the pandemic and the financial upheavals produced by the war in Ukraine, and prepared to manage any new critical issues arising from the current context. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the Company achieved a 9.4% year-on-year increase in operating profit, reaching at 2.62 billion a level more than double that of 2017.

Important initiatives such as the Polis project, SPID, the launch of fibre connection services and the entry into the energy market show how Poste Italiane is a facilitator of the country's technological transformation.    

Poste Italiane considers human capital a resource of central importance for innovation. For this reason, in addition to continuing its policy of open innovation and inorganic growth with the acquisition or majority shareholding in some of the most innovative companies and start-ups, it also continues its "reshoring" policy, hiring young resources, emigrated abroad. In this way, the company contributes to the digitalisation and modernisation of the country and combines the virtualisation of services with a constant and qualified presence on the territory.

During 2023, Poste Italiane achieved important results in terms of development and value creation for the country and the community, and thanks to its constant commitment to the search for cutting-edge digital solutions and the integration of new business models, it was able to revisit its range of products and services and on opening further communication channels with its customers.

Innovation 2023 Data Overview

Objectives Indicator (KPI) Target Baseline Implementation status 2023
Increase digital transactions for the various products of the Poste Italiane Group  • Number of digital transactions in financial, insurance and payment services  • +50% by 2024  2020 • +103%
Increase contactless transactions  • Number of transactions  • 1.2 billion by 2024  2022 • 1.3 billion 
Full Digital POs   • No. pilot POs  • One pilot PO by 2023  2022 • Inaugurated on 8 November the PO in Florence  
Development and deployment of digital and paperless services in energy supply  • % of paperless contracts 
• % of customers acquired via digital channels 
• % of digital bills and/or digital payments 
• >95% by 2025 
• 10% by 2025 
• >40% by 2025 
2021 • 98% 
• 9% 
• 57% /52% 
Install SMART mailboxes 
• Number of SMART mailboxes  • 10,500 by 2026  2022 • 707 
Increasing the number of cards made of environmentally sustainable material  • Number of environmentally sustainable cards • 20 million by 2026
2020 • 10.6 million
Replacement of all PCL operating personnel uniforms  • Number of PCL operating personnel uniforms replaced 
• 40,000 (all staff) by 2025  2021 • 6,400
Increase the level of automation of back-office processes 
• % of back-office resources supported by automated digital processes 
• 75% by 2024
2020 • 65%
Development of pre-sale and sale channels of products and services in multi-channel 
• % of new funnels created in multi-channel  • 75% by 2024
2020 • 70%
RDS-Digital Service Request Project 
• Preparation on digital channels of data for in-branch transactions  • Preparation on digital channels for data for in-branch transactions by 2024  2020 • Release on the APP Poste Italiane for products 
FAQ creation for Dynamic Assistance Design porting solution 
• Financial Products on site 
Digitisation of Customer Receipt – Phase 1  • Digitisation customer receipt
• Digitisation paper receipt by 2024  2020 • Issuing of dematerialised customerreceipts to transactions related to Moneygram, Vaglia and Pago PA products
Increasing the level of automation of back office processes, with progressive introduction of advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions • % of back office resources supported by automated digital processes • % of back office resources supported by automated digital processes 2023 NEW
Increase digital transactions for the various products of the Poste Italiane Group   • % of digital transactions in financial, insurance and payment services compared to 2020 • +115% by 2024  2023 NEW
Increase contactless transactions  • Number of transactions  • 1.7 billion by 2026  2023 NEW
Development of an ethics-driven framework to support Artificial Intelligence  • N° survey on ethics perception 
• Company Policy and monitoring tools 
• 2 by 2025 
• Implementation of the Policy and identification of tools for overseeing the ethics-driven approach in AI processes by 2026 
2023 NEW
On-line current account openings  • % number of current accounts opened online out of total openings • 8% by 2024  2023 NEW
Supporting the internal digitisation process through training for the adoption of new digital solutions  • N° of training initiatives to support Sales  
• N° of training initiatives to support post-Sales 
• 1 training initiative by 2024 
• 1 training initiative by 2024 
2023 NEW
Experimenting with digital learning solutions to improve the learning experience and participant engagement • N° immersive reality experiments  
• N° of microlearning experiments  
• 1 immersive reality experimentation in the induction pathway of new hires by 2024 
• 1 experimentation with text-based microlearning in the follow-up of training courses by 2024 
2023 NEW
Generating a widespread culture of innovation through the understanding and dissemination of a common mindset, the acquisition of new skills related to the adoption of AI technologies • N° of courses issued • Release of two courses by 2024:  
   1. AI verticals course 
   2. AI Literacy course 
2023 NEW