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By becoming a signatory of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and PSI (Principles for Sustainable Insurance), PosteVita and BancoPosta Fondi SGR affirm their commitment to pursue a socially responsible management activity in line with the Group’s strategy.   

The incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into traditional investment processes forms one of the cornerstones of the Company’s sustainability policies. By implementing effective investment processes, the financial segment can help protect society, promote innovation and support economic growth, making an important contribution to the country’s sustainable development.
Development of insurance products with social and environmental value Promoting a sustainable corporate culture in investment services Poste Vita and BancoPosta Fondi SGR signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment since 2019
In January 2021, Morningstar ranked BancoPosta Fondi SGR among the top 50 European asset managers in the “small” category
Sustainable Finance
Objectives Timing Indicator (KPI) Target Implementation status 2020
Gradual inclusion of an ESG component in Poste Vita investment products By 2024 % of Poste Vita products with ESG elements 100% New
Increase BancoPosta Fondi SGR investments involving the integration of ESG criteria By 2022 % of total AUM of Funds in placement with:
• benchmark composed of ESG Indices for the Funds with benchmark;
• investment policies involving specific criteria for selection of financial instruments related to ESG factors for Funds without benchmark
50% 14.6%
Deadline for achieving the objective
Monitoring of the carbon footprint of investment portfolios By 2021 % of active management 100% New
New insurance protection/ coverage offer for green buildings By 2021 No. of insurance products for green buildings Product launch and dissemination on the market New
Promote the financial inclusion of the most vulnerable social categories (risk of non-self-sufficiency and Senior customers) By 2021 Development of offers for the most vulnerable social groups Product launch New
Promote the proposal of protection coverage on investment policies aimed at mitigating the risks to customers' health, reducing the socio-economic impact of such events By 2021 % of new Life products offered to mass and affluent customers that provide coverage for serious illness and permanent disability 100% New
Monitor the ESG ratings of the issuers present in directly managed portfolios By 2020 % of issuers under ESG monitoring 100% 100%
Objective achieved
Development of an offer dedicated to people with fragility By 2022 Development of offer for people with disabilities Development of the market offer New
Request third-party managers to adopt Poste Vita's Responsible Investment Policy By 2020 % of third-party managers involved 100% 100%
Objective achieved
Development of a new health offer dedicated to employees and retirees of Poste Italiane Group members of Poste Italiane Fund By 2020  No. of products defined Definition of a product Definition and sharing of the structure of a product
Objective achieved