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Around 98% of the Group’s electricity requirements come from 100% renewable sources, with certified Guarantees of Origin for the Group in 2025 43,761 tonnes of carbon dioxide saved for the rolling fleet Around € 17 million Invested in projects to reduce environmental impacts Innovative solutions to promote the transition to a low-carbon economy
For Poste Italiane, environmental protection is a non-negotiable aspect when creating sustainable value. With this perspective, the Group follows this commitment in the communities in which it works, as governed in the Group’s Code of Ethics, through knowledgeable use of resources and innovative solutions that allow it to minimise negative environmental impacts.
The Company’s objective is to spread an environmental protection culture, whilst systematically drawing up sectoral action plans regarding the efficient management of energy resources, water resources and waste, from a circular economy perspective, in order to reduce its ecological footprint.

2021 Environmental Data Overview 
  • Internal Group energy consumption. The total energy consumption of the Group was 4,157,939 GJ, of which 1,588,317 GJ from renewable sources. 
  • Total Direct GHG emissions – Scope 1. In 2021 Poste Italiane generated 165,508 tCO2e of direct GHG emissions.
  • Total Indirect GHG emissions - Scope 2. Total indirect GHG emissions have been reduced by about 45% over the past three years. Specifically, the Group in 2021 generated indirect GHG emissions of 5,709 tCO2e (market-based methodology | compared to an established target of 6,500 tCO2e); these emissions, calculated through the location-based methodology, were 142,966 tCO2e (compared to an established target of 145,500 tCO2e).
  • Total other indirect GHG emissions – Scope 3. This category reflects the total other indirect emissions generated by the Group's value chain. In this regard, 178,737 tCO2e were generated in 2021. Specifically, with reference to business travel, total emissions were 8,700 tCO2e (compared to a target set for 2021 of 9,200 tCO2e).
  • Total waste produced. In 2021, the quantity of total waste produced by Poste Italiane is 34,471.7 t, of which 1,269.5 t were disposed of.
  • Scope 3 financed emissions. In 2021, through the support of Moody's rating agency, Poste Italiane calculated its absolute Scope 3 financed emissions of 6,641,823.42 tCO2e and Weighted Average Carbon Intensity (WACI) of 153.41 tCO2e/€ mln revenues. Detailed information, also with reference to the breakdowns of the above data, can be found in  the attached document
Decarbonisation of Real estate facilities and logistics



Green transition

Objectives Indicator (KPI) Target Baseline 2021
Reduce the Group's total emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement targets and contribute to limiting global warming to 1.5°C
  • tCO2 e
  • -30% by 2025
  • -5%
Achieve Carbon Neutrality
  • Net tCO2 e
  • 0% by 2030
  • Defined the “Green Challenge”, a Group emissions offsetting programme
Decrease the Group’s direct GHG emissions (Scope 1) deriving from real estate facilities
  • tCO2 e
  • -7,000 by 2024
2020 New
Decrease the Group’s direct GHG emissions
(Scope 2) deriving from real estate facilities
  • tCO2 e
  • -5,000 by 2024
2020 New
Reduce emissions from the postal delivery fleet
  • % of emissions produced
  • -40% by 2022
  • -9%
Increase the share of environmentally friendly vehicles (electric, hybrid, low emission) of Nexive, SDA, Milkman
  • tCO2 e
  • -15% by 2025
  • Analysis of the instrumental activities for achieving the target
Increase the share of environmentally friendly vehicles (electric, hybrid, low emission) of sennder
  • tCO2 e
  • -8% by 2025
  • Analysis of the instrumental activities for achieving the target
Use of electricity from renewable sources
  • % of emissions produced
  • ≥ 98% by 2024
  • >98%
Replace the company fleet with vehicles with
reduced environmental impact
  • No. of company vehicles with reduced environmental impact introduced
  • 27,800 by 2024
  • 5, 102
Decrease the Group’s water consumption by
adopting a dry cleaning system for the fleet
  • No. of litres of water saved
  • -12 million by 2022
2021 New
Introduce Smart Building solutions on the
Group’s real estate assets
  • GWh of energy consumed
  • -8GWh by 2024
Objective achieved
  • -0.7
Reduce the number of offices with diesel fuel
and LPG tanks
  • No. of offices
  • -220 by 2024
2020 New
Increase the production of GWh of renewable
energy that can be used for self-consumption
  • GWh of renewable energy produced
  • +20GWh by 2024
  • +0.25
Make a large building Carbon Neutral
  • Carbon Neutral Buildings
  • 0 net tCO2e of a CS by 2023
  • Carried out a feasibility study on a set of large buildings
Sell electricity entirely produced from renewable
sources and offset emissions deriving from
the consumption of natural gas sold by the
Group, through the use of emission offsetting
instruments (e.g. voluntary CO2 offsetting credits)
  • % of energy sold 100% produced from renewable sources
  • Offsetting instruments used
  • 100% by 2023
  • Offsetting instruments used by 2023
2021 New
Maintenance of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001
  • Corporate processes ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified
  • 100% by 2021
Every year New
Implementation of Environmental Management
  • % of Group sites with number of employees >300 equipped with an Environmental Management System
  • 100% by 2024
2021 New