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4.4 million digital e-wallet portfolios Enhancement of the technological capital +700 Start-ups analysed

Opening of the largest sorting centre
in the Country

Over 57 million Digital - Consumer

For Poste Italiane, innovation and digitisation represent the beating heart for the promotion of change and the key tool to accompany its customers in the process of digital transformation. As part of this path, the Company is committed to adopting a highly inclusive approach, aimed at promoting accessibility by all its customers.

In line with its values and the Group’s mission to support development and inclusion, Poste Italiane is committed to leading the country system towards progress and modernisation by defining processes that enable the development of increasingly innovative products and services


Objectives Timing Indicator (KPI) Target Implementation status 2019
Develop the digital services offered through the adoption of blockchain technology By 2019 Number of digital services offered Launch of 4 pilot projects based on blockchain technology

Started and finished 4 pilot projects

Objective achieved

Install SMART mailboxes By 2022 Number of SMART mailboxes 11,000 New
Increase digital transactions made via de app or the web By 2022 Number of digital transactions 100 million New
Increase the downloads of the Postepay and PosteMobile apps By 2022 Number of downloads +10% (baseline: 2019) New
Increase Postepay Wallets By 2022 Number of Postepay Wallets 6.5 million New
Increase merchants enabled to accept payments with Code By 2022 Number of merchants enabled 500,000 New
Reduce paper consumption due to the dematerialisation of sales operations By 2019 Number of pages consumed -30 million compared to 2018

- 30.5 million

Objective achieved

Provide Post Offices with dematerialised operating procedures By 2019 Percentage of Post Offices with dematerialised management 100% 100%