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Subscription of the Women’s
Empowerment Principles
44.4% of the Board of Directors
of the Parent Company is
composed of women
46% of female incidence among
middle and senior women
managers in 2019
Participation of more than 500
employees in the MAAM project

The Company maintains a high level of attention to its own strategy for a correct valorisation of the different needs expressed by people. The exclusive promotion of diversity is an enabling factor for the involvement and engagement of people to achieve corporate objectives. In addition, increasing awareness in the management of diversity creates a competitive advantage for the Company and shared social value.

The Diversity and inclusion programmes carried out are therefore part of a broad context, in order to act simultaneously on culture and enhancement of individual differences and to reduce situations of individual fragility in support of balanced organisational models that enhance dialogue and the emergence of diversity.

Poste Italiane has subscribed to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, the initiative promoted by UN Women and the Global Compact in support of gender equality worldwide as further confirmation of its commitment to supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Diversity and inclusion

Objectives Timing Indicator (KPI) Target Implementation status 2019
Increase women's involvement in staff development plans 2022 % of women involved in staff development plans compared to the average achieved in the two-year period 2016-2018 +4%  


Deadline for achieving the objective has not yet expired

Adopt a specific strategy to ensure the strengthening of female representation in the coverage of middle management positions 2022 % of women in middle management positions +2% New
Investing in mentorship programs for the development of a new leadership style in line with gender - equality policies 2021 % of female mentors trained +50% New
Carry out training and cultural awareness interventions with the aim of improving awareness in men and women in the company of the value of gender diversity 2022 % of the company workforce 60%  New
Aim for a greater exchange between the different generations through training and change management interventions that encourage knowledge of the related issues and the concrete implementation of the company policies on the subject 2022  % of the company workforce 60%  New
Increase mentoring programs in order to encourage generational cooperation and the exchange of knowledge 2021 % of mentors to support the younger generations +15%  New
Implement structured listening programs through surveys and communities aimed at detecting the needs of the different generations 2022 no. of surveys conducted 2 New
Carry out training interventions with the aim of activating an increasingly responsible management on the issues of disability management 2022 % of the company workforce 60%  New
Strengthening caring measures towards colleagues with chronic diseases and/ or serious pathologies through corporate awareness plans and the availability of services aimed at inclusion 2022 % of the detected target reached by the caring measures identified 40%  New
Extend the subtitling service to all videos made and published on the intranet 2020 % of videos published on digital channels with subtitles 100%


Carry out training interventions that aim to foster relationships and collaboration between colleagues from different cultures and nationalities, and which support the development of cultural sensitivity also in the management of customers and partners 2022 % of the company workforce 60% New
Specific employer branding on Diversity and inclusion, in synergy with universities 2022 no. of universities involved 4 New
Define training and communication campaigns aimed at overcoming stereotypes and prejudices (unconscious bias) 2022 no. of communication and awareness plans implemented 2 New
Carry out training and awareness actions on the protection of human rights 2021 % of the company workforce 60% New
Define listening and communication campaigns to develop corporate awareness and culture on the issues of Diversity and inclusion 2021 no. of integrated communication campaigns (internal/external) no. of surveys carried out on the intranet  3 New