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We live in an era of hypervisibility. Communication and information-sharing technologies tend to place us all in a snow globe, with the rest of the world outside looking in. Sharing credible information and gaining public trust for the ethical leadership of businesses and governments is more important than ever.
That is why the United Nations has placed the principles of integrity and transparency at the heart of its Sustainable Development Goals, embedding them in the 10th goal – Reduced inequalities – and the 16th, which focuses on peace, justice, and strong institutions.
Ethical integrity and transparency in corporate and individual conduct are thus increasingly recognized as cornerstones for building sound businesses that are economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible.

Poste Italiane's commitment

Poste Italiane is a signatory to the sustainable development goals and a member of the Global Compact. We are thus committed to applying the spirit of the principles of integrity and transparency in our work.

In practical terms, not only does our Group report on everything it does in a timely fashion, including through its in-house news outlet - TG Poste - but that it also goes beyond mere regulatory compliance. Poste Italiane gives everyone the opportunity to easily assess its progress on targets in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas of sustainability.

This goes beyond talking about what we do. It’s about doing: creating sustainable value and spreading a culture of integrity, honesty, and trust toward all stakeholders.

Therefore, we have set the following goals:

  • Qualifying 100% of suppliers according to ESG parameters by 2022.
  • Carrying out sustainability audits of 100% of qualified suppliers by 2022.
  • Implementing our new Integrated Anti-Fraud Platform (PIAF) by 2024.

Areas of Impact

Our commitment goes back over the years and can be seen through multiple initiatives.
In addition to our tax transparency policies, we have confirmed the 2017 agreement with the Guardia di Finanza, Italy’s tax enforcement service, which covers all our contracts to combat tax evasion, avoidance and fraud; public spending malfeasance; economic and financial crime; money laundering; forgery and payment system fraud.

Also on the anti-fraud front but from a customer perspective, we carry out periodic awareness and information campaigns on how individuals and families can protect themselves from fraud. We aim to increase our positive impact through the activation of an Integrated Anti-Fraud Platform (PIAF) by 2024 to prevent fraud and improve customer satisfaction.

We have implemented an integrated certification management system, based on a transparent process, which made us in February 2022 the first company in Italy to be certified with an Integrated Compliance Management System. We have also been certified for a few years now for our management system for the prevention of corruption.

We are now working to verify ESG requirements for the qualification of all suppliers, which we will complete in 2022, extending our sustainability and transparency strategy to the entire supply chain.

This same detailed attention applies to logistics. In addition to aiming for a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our vehicles by 2025, we have started consulting with our suppliers to better understand their needs in upgrading their fleets and guide them through their energy transition, to reduce our Scope 3 emissions.

Suppliers, a strategic incentive for success and sustainability

Selezione dei fornitori
Suppliers are an essential and active component of our stakeholders – in the last edition of Poste Italiane's Multistakeholder Forum, suppliers accounted for 80% of the 500 participants.

They are at the heart of our commitment to integrity and transparency in areas such as supply chain, transportation, and logistics. That’s why it’s vital for us to involve them as much as possible in discussions on how to keep ESG issues open, creating shared value, and develop new sustainability projects.

Customers and employees: two anti-fraud fronts

Consumer protection and the security of operations and transactions are a priority shared by two key stakeholders: our customers and employees. On the one hand, Poste Italiane recently presented an anti-fraud instruction booklet  with a few simple, key and easy-to-remember rules customers can follow to avoid running into possible security problems, in person and online.

We also strive to increase the culture of cyber security among our employees through accessible and user-friendly initiatives, such as a 12-episode TV mini-thriller based on real cases, some of which involved students who played the role of investigative assistants.
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Poste Italiane's Integrity and Transparency

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