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The wellbeing of our employees is one of our ethical values. Each day, we make sure we provide a work environment that’s free of prejudices, and respects the dignity and character of each and every one of our staff. Therefore, Poste Italiane:
  • works to encourage diversity, with a view to sustainable and inclusive company growth;
  • promotes respect for rights and individual freedoms by guaranteeing equal treatment and preventing and combatting any and all types of discrimination;
  • tTrains its employees to take on new challenges, enhancing their professional growth and development;
  • is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace;
  • supports an ongoing relationship of dialogue and consultation with trade union organizations.

Over half (53%) of our 136,555 employees are women, which qualifies gender diversity as a characterising element and as strong point of the company.

It is precisely the strong female component of our staff that has, for some time, given rise to the need for a strategic approach to the effective realisation of equal opportunities in the company, carried out by positive actions and remuneration and development policies based on equality and performance.
Not only 53% of our employees are women, but 46% of middle management is female as well. At the top of the company, 44% of board members are women, and women account for 21% of top management.
The Group adheres to the Charter for equal opportunities, a declaration of intent, voluntarily signed by enterprises of all sizes, as well as promoting the active participation of women in career advancement through training and seminars. These can involve active mentorship to prepare women for managerial roles as well as management training and skill building courses.
Created in early 2015, Poste Italiane’s Corporate University is aimed at assuring governance at Group level of all the processes and services for education, in order to guarantee a constant adaptation, consolidation and development of professional and managerial skills.
The annual Training Plan is comprised of three components:
  • management training (1% of total hours in 2017);
  • technical-specialist training (38%);
  • mandatory and compliance training (61%).
The Training Plan is organised into 24 topic areas and 7 normative contexts, and offers about 1,000 courses. In 2017, it carried out a total of 3.8 million hours of in-classroom and e-learning training.
Poste Italiane offers maternity and paternity benefits that exceed those guaranteed by law. In 2017, around 9,100 employees of which over 6,300 women (equal to 70%) were able to take advantage of these benefits. Among our many programmes that support parental leave, “Maam U – Maternity as a Master” (with 370 people registered on the platform) transforms the experience of maternity leave into a moment of growth, also professional, for women.
Remote working is another important way of solving a need for flexibility. Our “Social Inclusion” programme has been in place for several years, offering people with objective needs for care per se (e.g. mothers ante and post-partum, employees resuming service after a long illness, injury or leave, the disabled, etc.) or for their relatives (e.g. employees needing to help elderly parents or children in a certain period of time) who can choose to work from home. In 2017, 290 staff had selected this option.
Poste Italiane promotes the psychophysical wellbeing of its staff by means of policies and programmes of prevention, information and awareness, and adopts all the necessary measures to reduce accidents, injuries at work and professional illnesses.
In 2017, the number of injuries fell by 203 (-2.84%). The frequency indicator fell by 0.31% compared to the previous year, and the severity indicator fell from 1.20 to 1.18.
The sector most subject to accidents is letter and package delivery which, alone, represents 72.1% of the total accident events. Delivery by motorised means is the activity at greatest risk of accidents at 38.2%. Delivery by foot accounts for 21.9% of total accidents.

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