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We are the network that unites the country

With its 158-year history, a network of more than 12,800 post offices, a workforce of approximately 130 thousand, total financial assets of €536 billion and 35 million customers. Poste Italiane is aware of its role of responsibility in supporting the country’s development The position of reference operator in the sectors in which it operates allows the Company to play a significant role, making a decisive contribution to the production chain and the national economy: investing and operating together with other operators in its value chain, generating positive results not only for its own business and its shareholders, but also for citizens and companies living and operating in the national territory.

We grow together with Italy

What we do

Mission Poste Italiane is now the largest logistics operator in Italy

In the mail and logistics services segment, we have successfully reinterpreted our original mission in a modern light, investing to keep our infrastructure abreast of the times, to meet the changing needs of our customers, and to develop innovative solutions. In particular, we are rolling out a new Joint Delivery Model designed to evolve our delivery services in line with developments in e-commerce. 


Mission Leader in Payments, Mobile and Digital sector

we have decided to bring together our experience and expertise in payment, mobile and digital services under a single, specialised unit to leverage our capacity to pursue growth objectives in the payments sector—a highly dynamic market segment in constant transformation—while at the same time stepping up our customer service model for households, enterprises and the public sector.


Mission Among the main operators for the provision of financial services

BancoPosta is one of Italy’s biggest financial service providers, a major player that is constantly expanding its range of services for households. As concerns asset management, BancoPosta Fondi SGR manages open-ended mutual investment funds, delivering significant returns over the years. It is also specialised in the management of Eurozone sovereign bonds and corporate bonds. Asset management is a business we are targeting to drive our future growth.


Mission Major player in the insurance market

We operate in the insurance business through PosteVita, a leading life insurance company in Italy, now active in the casualty insurance segment. Poste Vita additionally offers investment and savings products, promoted through our distribution platform.



Network infrastructure and exclusive tech platforms.

Mission - Emergenza Sanitaria


The commitment of Poste Italiane during the Covid-19 emergency.

Mission - Our approach

Our approach

The 2019 Integrated Report has been drafted on the basis of the main international reporting standards

Delivering responsible growth together

Poste Italiane’s second Integrated Report provides a clear representation of the sustainability path undertaken by the Group with the aim of sharing with its stakeholders the evolution of the activities undertaken in support of value creation.  The Company is aware of its role of responsibility in supporting the country’s development and for this reason, it is committed to taking actions increasingly oriented to promote shared value in the short, medium and long term. 

Mission - Sostenibilità Integrity and transparency 

Ethics and transparency constitute the highest values of Poste Italiane’s corporate identity. These fundamental principles guide the way in which the Company implements its business activities, which is, by its nature, is based on trust, as well as the management of relations with all its stakeholders.
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Mission - Sostenibilità People development 

Poste Italiane is committed to taking on ever greater responsibility in safeguarding the well-being of the people who work in and for the Company, and those who collaborate with it or merely live in the communities where it operates,
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Mission - Sostenibilità Diversity and inclusion 

The Company values gender equality and the elimination of every stereotype, discrimination or prejudice to create the best conditions in which every individual can fully express themselves. 
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Mission - Sostenibilità Support for local communities and the Country as a whole 

Supporting the needs of the community is the foundation of the Group’s values and corporate mission. The Company has always accompanied the local communities where it is present on a daily basis towards modernisation and digitisation processes, thereby promoting the well-being of citizens and socio-economic development.
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Mission - Sostenibilità Customer experience

We are constantly committed to improving the quality of products and services offered to its customers, with the aim of fully meeting their expectations in an increasingly complex and connected world.
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Mission - Sostenibilità Innovation 

We contribute to the constant creation of positive externalities on society, through continuous technological evolution, promoting social inclusion, thanks to the definition of products and services accessible to all customers.
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Mission - Sostenibilità Decarbonisation of Real estate facilities and logistics  

The Group’s attention to the environmental impact of real estate and logistics represents a fundamental area for a correct consideration of climate change issues.
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Mission Sustainable finance 

The financial segment can help protect society, promote innovation and support economic growth, making an important contribution to the country’s sustainable development. For this reason, the Poste Italiane Group integrates ESG principles into its investment and insurance processes.
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All about our Sustainability

The integration of sustainability within the culture, strategy and business activities, it represents a fundamental driver at the center of decisions business.

Our 2019

Delivering responsible growth together.