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Mission The contribution of Poste Italiane to Italy’s economic development.

Poste Italiane is now the largest logistics operator in Italy, and is a leading player in the financial, insurance and payment services. The Company plays a vital role in Italy, and makes a substantial contribution to the production chain and the national economy. By investing and operating with the actors in its value chain, Poste Italiane produces wealth and employment through its own businesses, and also generates externalities by activating a local supply chain.

In order to fully present how the Company, through its strategy and business model, creates shared value for the community and its stakeholders, by responding to their needs and contributing to the social and environmental development of the country, Poste Italiane has drawn up a model that estimates the economic impacts generated on the community, by adding “direct” impacts (those closely linked to the Company’s economic activities), “indirect” impacts (those deriving from the purchase of intermediate goods from Italian suppliers) and “induced” impacts (those deriving from the purchase of intermediate goods from Italian suppliers). In particular:
  • GDP has been estimated as the difference between the value of production and the intermediate costs of production;
  • employment corresponds with jobs supported by Poste Italiane’s economic activity;
  • earned income is based on the salaries and wages paid to workers employed in the economy thanks to the activities carried out by Poste Italiane in the country;
  • the tax contribution takes into account the total taxes paid to national and local Public Administrations.
To estimate the results of the Company’s economic activity, an “Input-Output” analysis was conducted using multipliers based on statistics and data made available by ISTAT (Italy’s Office for National Statistics) and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. The multipliers show the effects on GDP, taxation, employment and earned income resulting from changes in spending on goods and services in a specific industrial sectors. These effects are the result of intersectoral dependencies present in an economic system, due to which changes in the conditions in one sector of the economy lead to further impacts on related sectors and on the economic system and society as a whole. The multipliers were applied to the “basic” figures obtained internally by the Group. Within cautionary approach, the model does not include the impacts generated by investing activities. A future goal is to be able to also estimate the impact of this activity, creating a specific model for this purpose.

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