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With our over 160-year history, 12,755 post offices, approximately 120,000 employees, total financial assets of €562 billion and 35 million customers, the Group occupies a unique position in the country in terms of size, recognisability, reach and customer loyalty, making a major contribution to Italy’s economic, social and productive fabric.

Poste Italiane constitutes the largest service distribution network in Italy, covering activities that range from logistics, letter and parcel delivery and financial and insurance services to payment systems and telecommunications.

In 2022, the Poste Italiane Group generated impacts on the country in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) totalling €12.9 billion, as well as supporting around a total 181 thousand jobs and contributing to Public Administration revenues with around €2.1 billion in terms of tax revenue. In addition, it is possible to estimate that Poste Italiane has directly and indirectly contributed to the distribution of income to workers for a total of € 7 billion. The creation of value by Poste Italiane is based on the contribution that the Group’s individuals make through their work and daily commitment. In 2022, each individual at Poste Italiane contributed to the creation of economic impacts for the territory equal to € 107 thousand of GDP, € 58 thousand of income for families, € 11.6 thousand of tax contributions and the employment of 1.5 people.