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Collaboration Agreement between Poste Italiane and Anima in the Asset Management Business comes into effectThe partial spin-off of BancoPosta Fondi SGR’s asset management activities (underlying Poste Vita’s Class I insurance products) in favour of ANIMA SGR will become effective tomorrow, November 1st 2018, with ANIMA Holding remaining the sole shareholder of ANIMA SGR upon completion. The previously announced cooperation agreement between Poste Italiane and ANIMA in the asset management business is equally effective as of November 1st 2018 for the following 15 years

Roma, 31 Oct 2018 17:11

The partial spin-off of BancoPosta Fondi SGR’s asset management activities underlying Poste Vita Class I insurance products will become effective tomorrow, November 1st 2018, in favour of ANIMA SGR, with ANIMA Holding remaining its sole shareholder upon completion of all transaction’s steps (see press releases of March 6, 2018 and December 21, 2017).
Consequently, ANIMA SGR will manage approximately €70 billion Poste Vita Class I mandates from November 1st 2018.
In line with the signed agreements, starting from tomorrow, the cooperation between Poste Italiane and ANIMA in the asset management business will be equally effective. Therefore ANIMA SGR will continue to be a delegated manager of retail mutual funds originated by BancoPosta Fondi SGR and assets underlying Poste Vita Class III life insurance products sold by Poste Italiane for the next 15 years.

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ANIMA is a leading Italian independent asset management operator, with more than €103 billion of assets under management (as of September 2018). A synthesis of different complementary paths and specializations, ANIMA nowadays offers one of the largest range of products and services available on the market. ANIMA’s offering is composed of Italian collective investment schemes and foreign SICAVs. The company also offers institutional and private pension funds, as well as private wealth and institutional asset management services. For further information, please visit www.animaholding.it

Poste Italiane is Italy’s largest infrastructure network, providing postal, financial, insurance and payments, mobile & digital services to households, businesses and the public administration across the country. For over 150 years, with 12,800 Post Offices, over 135 thousand employees, € 510 billion total financial assets and more than 34 million customers, Poste Italiane is an integral part of the country’s social and productive fabric, unparalleled in Italy in terms of size, brand awareness, reach and trust.

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