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Post Office Coverage

The Group has an integrated, multichannel distribution network, which serves the country’s entire population via a physical network of post offices and staff on the ground and a virtual infrastructure with state-of-the-art multimedia channels.

Percentage of Municipalities having Post Offices

The capillary nature of the network, having covera- ge percentages in Italian municipalities ranging from 93% to 100% in different geographic areas, allows Poste Italiane to offer its products to private parties, enterprises and several entities of the Public Administration by means of innovative, transparent services that are user-friendly and designed to improve the lives of citizens and competitiveness among companies.

Some data from our Territorial areas

ATM Cashpoints     ca.7,250
Consulting Rooms ca.6,500
Sales corners for Poste Mobile telephone products/services ca.340
Post Offices providing public administration services ca.5,700
Post Offices with a queue management system for booking financial and mail products/services (also by App or website) ca.3,000
Post Offices with WiFi ca.4,100
Post Offices with dedicated staff for foreign clients ca.27
Post Offices with mail collection points ca.12,300
Post Offices with parcel collection points ca.12,150
Post Offices with Amazon collection points ca.11,800
Post Offices providing philatelic services ca.500
Post Offices dedicated exclusively to the sale of philatelic products ca.10
Post Offices open in the afternoon (from Monday to Friday) ca.1,750

Macro Area Regions Main Area Office Size of Macro Area in km2* Number of communes within the Macro Area* Number of Branches Number of Post Offices Number of employees (FTE) at 31/12/2018
North West Lombardia,
Valle d'Aosta
Milan 57,928 3,021 37 3,773 14,164
 North East Friuli Venezia Giulia,
Trentino Alto Adige,
Venice 39,875 1,078 14 1,690 6,304
Centre North
Emilia Romagna,
Bologna 63,306 926 28 2,468 10,690
Centre Abruzzo,
Rome 56,625 1,196 19 1,872 10,310
South Basilicata,
Naples 58,507 1,343 22 2,234 13,514
Sicily Siciy Palermo 25,832 390 12 785 4,819
      302,073 7,954 132 12,812 59,801

* ISTAT data

Territorial areas for retail customers

The Post Office network covers the whole nation and is divided into 6 macro areas and 132 branches.

Territorial areas for business and Public Administration customers

The commercial structure dedicated to business customers and the Public Administration is divided into 5 territorial areas.

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