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For us, talent is not a super-power and it is not elitist; each of us has talents that only emerge when we are really looking for them.
We strive to keep the engagement and motivation of our people high so that everyone feels valued in their own sphere and is able to express their full potential according to their abilities. 
Thanks to the variety of businesses that characterises our Group, we ensure that all talent can flourish in the right field and grow through a personalised path based on their needs and ambitions. 
It is in this spirit, for example, that the Blooming Programme was created, a programme designed to strengthen the leadership of the managers of tomorrow which each year involves a panel of talents who stand out thanks to their abilities, skills and performance. It is a set of tailor-made learning, relational and experiential initiatives that include mentoring, job shadowing, temporary job rotation, study tours, etc.
We have always set ourselves apart and continue to do so for our territorial coverage, diversification and wealth of professions, and you could become one of our talented employees!